Sunday, March 27, 2011

La Tour CN, La Tour Eiffel, La Tour Canard ("The Duck Tower")

Thank you for your input on full-timer's insurance.  We're checking on a few options now.

Our friends Alphonse and Bruno (you know them as Carolyn and Annie K.), and Melissa (you know her as Melissa) threw us a wonderful party, and now I can't imagine that we're thinking of leaving.  But, once you have the party, you gots to go!  We really do - we signed a contract, to wit:  Once the party is complete, you must vacate the county within 21 days or forfeit your cool gifts.  And you KNOW I am NOT giving back the WD-40 pen, John - I love that stuff.  I'll post pictures and droll commentary as soon as I can do it without violins.

Alarming True Fact:  If we break down on the road and settle in Elmira, NY, our friends will not visit.  There's a reason Mark Twain died there.

Now, relax while your lovely docent, Annie, leads you on a 3 minute review of The Duck.  

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Donna K said...

Thanks for the tour. I like what you did with the table...those dinettes are just space hogs and not that comfortable either. Great cats!!

Kimbopolo said...

Thanks for the tour, Annie - the rig looks just fabulous! It seems after a good deal of hard work and patient waiting, everything is in place for this next stage of your lives.

I tell you, I cannot WAIT until you 2 hit the road! I predict great adventure, great joy, and much hilarity!

Steve said...

Thank yous ... I really loved the tour, oh look another cat, of your RV!


dirtyduck said...

"and theres another cat, we have lots of them"


did you do a post on your fold up table? id like to know how you did that.

"But, once you have the party, you gots to go!" hahah yea, thats the way of it:)

Tesaje said...

Great tour. How will you keep the chairs from sliding around when in transit at the table? You guys have a lot of shoes!

Merikay said...

I have never been in a Bounder, but I'm certainly going to look at some of their floor plans. I like the large counter in the kitchen and the fact that it has a second door. The second door is a very appealing feature to me because I sometimes feel a bit claustrophobic and don't like the fact that most RV's have only one door, way far away from the sleeping area.

Pretty cats. will the be confined when you are on the move?

¡Vizcacha! said...

Thanks, Donna, they ARE great cats. Want one? I was skeptical when we took out the dinette, but I like this much better.

Kimbo: thanks for that. I've been feeling a little boo-hooish today, and I appreciate the morale boosting.

Steve - ha! I L-edOL.

Ducky, we did a mini-post on it, just that it was a piece of plywood that I sanded and finished, and Annie hanged it with "I don't know, drop-down things - I got them at Millspaugh's" hinges. And there was swearing, and a drill. She should write that post, I'm thinking.

Tesaje, they fold up, too, and we will bungie/velcro them to the wall in their folded conformation. And, yes. Someone has a lot of shoes. And she looks so butch!

Maria B said...

That's a great video tour - I love, love, love the orange cat on the counter. What was her name, Carrot, was it? I also really love the Allure flooring! I think that rig looks ready to go! :-)/)-: I'm conflicted, can you tell?

¡Vizcacha! said...

Maria, Carrot has similar affection for you. She saw your picture and shouted "Damn you, Stanley!"

Merikay, we like the idea of the door, too. The floor plan really sold us - it feels quite open and roomy.

giantspeckledchihuahua said...

Great tour! Thanks! I'm looking forward to your tails (and tales) on the road!

Four Windows with a View said...

When I lived in my fifth wheel (back in the 90s) the dinette was in the back and I can't stand them. I ended up taking one seat out to give my son and I more floor space and it helped. From that point on if an RV had dinette, I wasn't interested. It sounds like you're taking off shortly. Happy travels.

Sherry said...

Great post and terrific tour. My blog isn't nearly so cool. Are you going to give blogging lessons on the road?????? Where can I meet you and sign up?

We really liked a Bounder and almost bought it but when we saw Winnona the Brave and she stole our hearts. But I sure like what you've done with this.


Rose said...

Looks like your all set! The cats certainly look at home. Do you just have one litter box for all those kitties? That'll be a busy box. lol. Anyway, looks cozy and comfy, best wishes on your upcoming adventures.

Sue and Doug said...

great tour of your rig!..nice kitties you have!!

Judy and Emma said...

Egads! That's a lot of cats. Emma would like to come over to play. :)