Sunday, April 10, 2011

Daylight Losing Time

Mom is doing very well.  The cardiologist told her (me) to put away the rocking chair and get back to life.  She has no medical restrictions on her activities, except the ones fatigue imposes.  She's got 50% cardiac function - anyone with half a heart knows what that means - and exercise and medication may improve that a little.

Today she and her husband are back at their religious meeting for the first time in two weeks, so she should be a minor celebrity there.  Me, I'll be a celebrity here if anyone stops by to find me washing every garment I have.  Oh, put away the Emetrol and stop overreacting.  I'm wearing a towel.  I said stop it!  It's a really, REALLY big towel.

Last time I wrote, I was whining appropriately upset about poor connectivity.  After a couple of calls to AT&T, the technician came out, but his job was complicated by the electrical wire that draped gracefully across the driveway and kept us without electricity.  WHAT IS THIS PLACE.  Now we have screaming-fast dial-up, power, and a clear phone line, and what in the world do you Yankees want, anyways?  It doesn't matter.  I drank the diazepam water days ago, and only notice the tweeting birds, and is the pool ready yet?  It's very peaceful here.  

About light, sunshine and emotional well-being:  yes.  I've been noticing that the sun seems high in the sky at noon.  Is that normal?  I'm flying back to NYS tomorrow, where the sun skulks around the horizon as nature intended.  Then listen for our engines rumbling in about 10 days.

I also noticed that there are more followers now that I haven't been writing.  Hi y'all!  If I stop writing altogether this blog could reach Dooce-ic proportions.

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Kimbopolo said...

Happy to learn that a) your mom is recovering nicely and b) you are on your way home tomorrow. Good news indeed!

Tesaje said...

LOL. Glad your mom is doing better.

Helen big queen of it all. said...

get going girl/s I need to have my vacation thru younz

dirtyduck said...

did a quick search for what Emetrol is...slightly disappointed it isnt a more fun class of drug:(

im so glad you mom is bettr:) thats so funny, a minor celeb at church,hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Is it mid-April yet? I can't wait until we can get going! LG61820

pidge said...

Glad your Mom is doing alright and is able to get back to life. Also glad you are able to get back to your plans. Stay safe..

Levonne said...

Love that title!!!