Monday, April 11, 2011

Party time (two weeks later).

Annie and I had a great time.  It felt like luxury having so many of our friends in one place at the same time.  It must be how the triplets' moms feel about having all their kids' birthdays on the same day.  These are the cards the triplets made for us, even though it was not our birthday.

Violet chose a lovely violet-lavender background for hers.  You see that my hair is quite long compared to Annie's, which is entirely accurate.  Please also note my very fashionable high heels and red dress (red is my color).  Annie claims she is not wearing a dress, but rather, a long shirt.


Alex chose a neutral background with the Duck at Machu Pichu.  Annie has climbed to the top of a ruin, and I am shouting moral support from the base while enjoying a cold beverage (not shown).  I am extrapolating from Alex's fine Minimalist style;  I regret not asking the artist herself what she was saying here.


Mason did grant a brief interview about this piece.  The cover is self-explanatory:


He expands:  'these are two places the Duck shouldn't go:  the sea ... '


'... and outer space.'

"and outer space"

Thanks, Mason, Alex, and Violet, for your original artwork!

I'm back home.  Whew.  We'll be here another week, then back south again.

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Maria B said...

I'm solo this weekend - the wife has family obligations in VA... is there ANY way for us to meet up, like for lunch in Cortland or something on Saturday or Sunday?

dirtyduck said...

so sweet!! i love how the first duck one is in actual duck colors, very creative.but the purple duck is also very well done. and all that writing on the third!! that must have taken a long time!!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Maria: yes! There is definitely ANY way we can do that.

Michelle Duck: I know - aren't they great? They're fun kids, and such individuals.

pidge said...


Steve said...

I have to concur with Mason's outer space assessment. The whole keeping oxygen inside the cabin is problematic when you can just open a window anywhere in the RV. I'm just saying.

¡Vizcacha! said...

You and Mason make a compelling argument for land travel.

Soaring Sun said...

What?! RV's can't go into outer space? Darn.

¡Vizcacha! said...

This project is FULL of disappointments.

brad said...

LOL. Agreed the Duck does not look "spaceworthy," but that is Art from the Heart!