Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This post about bloodsucking brought to you by C&M Tobacco.

[I'm sucking the life out of their signal.]

This is our third day at the Dick Cross Wildlife Management Area on the Virginia/North Carolina border, where the official animal is the tick.  The CDC tell us that doxycycline is good for what ails, when you're on the tick trails.  The cats are inside for the duration, even though they're Frontlined out the wazoo.  What?  Between the shoulder blades?  You Frontline your cats your way, I'll Frontline mine.


Roanoke River   








As Heard At Our House™:

Duck 1:  I prefer the Lone Star tick to these little deer ticks.

Duck 2:  Now we're choosing our favorite tick.

Nature is brutal.  It's tick or be ticked.  It's a tick-suck-tick world.

Our first couple of days out we were feeling rushed and harried.  Walmart at night is fine, but it's really not what we were after.  The Northeast is tough for finding boondocking sites that are pleasant and scenic and not just Save Money, Live Better.  A little research and we found this spot, almost devoid of people (the others had been drained of their blood and dragged off for compost).  I feel like this is what we were looking for (A pint of A+ for me, and one for the lady!).

Gratuitous photos from the road:






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Cruzin2some said...

Looks like the cats are really stressed to the max!! LOL

Travel Safe
Dawn and Denise

Maria B said...

Heaven, you're in heaven. This is what you rearranged your whole lives for... Heaven, you're in heaven, you can tell the cats see heaven just outdoors!

Brenda A. said...

The kitties look most content! I can't wait to see how ours adjust to life on the road.

Marianne said...

Mineral oil flushing...who knew???? It sure looks beautiful there...we have a Tornado Watch until 10pm tonight. Ciao!

Carolyn said...

Can't you Frontline yourselves? Though I wouldn't suggest the wazoo method.

Thank goodness for the new laminate floor - perfect for cooling one's fur.

dirtyduck said...

i have a personal vendetta against ticks. when we first moved to NJ my brother and i were playing outside (just like we would in sand diego) in the middle of high tick season (most of the year) outr neighbors were the ones to breakl the news ot us about ticks... then later than night i found one on me and gouged out a chunk of skin (along with the tick) with the blunt end of a razor. those things are nasty!!

Tesaje said...

Did you know that Frontline is exactly the same for dogs as it is for cats - only the dosage is different. You can get the giant dog kind, pour it out into a vial and use a measured dropper to take out .5 ml for each cat. Ok, with 6 cats, you might not need the vial. Save a ton of money that way.

They don't look too upset with the new scenery.

¡Vizcacha! said...

D&D, it's a cat's life!

Maria: wait a minute, I rearranged for TICKS? I was insane. And, yes, this is exactly what we bargained for. It's great.

Marianne, you guys stay safe and in Kansas! I did not know about mineral oil flushing, and must know more.

Carolyn, I wish we could! Although, it doesn't repel the ticks, it just interrupts their life cycle. That would be cold comfort for me. Also, the laminate works for people, too! :D

Duck, I can tell you've been traumatized by the nasty things! Before this place, I had never even had a tick stroll on me, nevermind snack on me. Disgusting!

Tesaje, our vet told us EXACTLY what you just said. She gave us a little syringe, and we buy Frontline for big dogs! She was careful to stress that that's not true for other kinds of flea meds.

When the engine starts, five of them run under the couch.

heyduke50 said...

i may have to check out that spot as I journey North in mod May...

Merikay said...

We live in Tick Land West! The Santa Cruz Mountains CA.

If you find you have been bitten by a tick and it is not buried really deep yet, put a glob of Vaseline or even better Vicks vapor rub on it and in an hour or so it will pull itself back out. It requires some patience, but it is better than trying to pull the tick out with a tweezers and laving part of the mouth in the bite. They can get infected.

I've had ticks in the most unmentionable places.

Great picture of the duck pulling the Prius.

pidge said...

I got loads of the little buggers on me in Florida. They looked like turkey ticks, which I think are actually lice, but called ticks. The vicks really does work, and keeps down the possibility of infections from them. Your posts are such a hoot!! I look forward to reading each one of them. Love the picture with the road, grass, and clouds. Would make a good background for a desktop.

Tesaje said...

Ok, how did you guys weather the storms last night?

Annie said...

Thanks, Pidge. If you want, I can send you the large version one of these days when my real computer gets a signal.

Tesaje, no storms here! We thought we were in for it, but they passed around us.

Pat said...

I'm catching up to you. Nice to see you guys are on the road. Loved the picture of the Duck. You should think about painting it yellow.

¡Vizcacha! said...

Ha! Pat, that would be great. Annie wanted to paint it orange so we could call it duck a l'orange. That would just make me hungry, and there is no soy duck.