Sunday, May 22, 2011


Because I am hot.

Because I am thirsty.

Because things are looking up.

I've tried Bleezer and ScribeFire since we parted. The picture problem is always the sticking point, and if I can't add a photo from my computer, I may as well post from Apple Mail. They were free, but Blogo will cost me like love always has. I'll guard my heart until I see this show up online.

We're cruising down I-75, just discovering our dash A/C. Here you go, ladies - your Slow Learner's Permit!

I talked to Bruno back home this morning. She is just about ready to pack away the long underwear in her bureau (the drawer drawer). In NYS, we never really "put away" our winter clothes, we just give them a conditional rest. I think resting the longjohns before Memorial Day is foolhardy, but that's just the way she rolls.

We were planning to leave Georgia this morning, but horses happened. We could have muscled the dolly around and backed out, then done our prep in the "main" driveway instead of pulling out frontways, nice and easy, where the horse trailers were parked; instead we drank more coffee and narrated the horse dance, Mystery Science Theater-style:

Hi! I'm a horse! Just one horse! STOMP!

From what I see in the bottom of the trailer, you must be more than one horse.

Nope! Just one! NAY! ONE! I pooped ONE [stomp] TWO [stomp] THREE times!

I know, right!? Hilarious. Then we narrated the dogs:

Hi! I'm a dog! A shepherd! Nip! Stay inside the perimeter, please! Hey, you're another dog! [Aside to horse: Here, guard yourself while I take care of something.] HUMP! INAPPROPRIATE HUMP! EXCESSIVE HUMPING! ENOUGH HUMPING THAT SOME HUMAN SHOULD STOP ME! I'M OUT OF CONTROL!! [Other dog: bite] Okay, I'm under the trailer.

So, the point is that we waited while the horse people did what they do, and used the time to spruce up the place. Carrot used the time to pee over the side of the box more than usual, and the horses used the time to try to kick the dogs. It was time well spent for everyone, which is more than I can say for the time you've spent reading this.

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Judy and Emma said...

Horse apples to that! :)

Soaring Sun said...

Yeah, but I was too tired to do anything else, anyway.

pidge said...

Love the little creek.

Kimbopolo said...

Love MST!