Monday, May 30, 2011

Early-bird special

Kath asked me if it has sunk in that we're not on vacation. Kath: I think we are on vacation. Florida speeds up the retirement process. Phil called us this morning to tell us our AARP cards had arrived. It's good he used the Ameche, because I've lost 82% of my cyber-literacy. If I eat supper after 5 pm my GERD acts up when I go to bed.
Jax Beach and Tammy were equally dazzling. Both require sunglasses and SPF. It was a sparkling day, and I was so tuckered out that I fell asleep on the way home. That let Annie slip onto the interstate without having to ignore The Whiny Voice. I'm so cute when I'm sleeping.

There is an actual medicinal quality to the beach; it has salutary effects, from the Greek sal ("salt"), and the Latin utary ("the ocean is full of"). As much as I know about language, I know EVEN MORE about the beach, and I can tell you it makes you feel good even after you've left. Hey, that's true of Tammy, too.
This is Falling Creek Falls. Don't laugh. Someday your falls might not, either.


When its get-up-and-go still got up.
A cute farmer's market in town, with music. I'm not sure it's always this big. This was Memorial Day weekend.

I'm holding Annie up from a trip into town for soy milk and a new toothbrush. I might get myself something nice, too.

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The Good Luck Duck said...

I've reformatted the comment page to this pop-up. I don't know if that's really better, but it's definitely better than ::crickets::

Sorry for the hassle. Let me know if you have strong feelings about this little page.


dirtyduck said...

hey!! my parents have been here so ive been slow on posting. great pics, loved the farmers market:) hahaha

¡Vizcacha! said...

Ha! I wasn't taking it personally - I was blaming Blogger the whole way. You always have fun with your parents these days, right?

I guess I made it look like there was no one at the farmer's market! There were a few people, and maybe 20 people on the bleachers listening to the music. That's okay. My standards of entertainment have plummeted. My son called this morning, and I begged him to tell me a joke.

O. B. Sirius said...

After I went full time, it took me a long, long time to realize that I wasn't on vacation, too. What a great life!

The Good Luck Duck said...

I hear you, Zoe. So far, so great.


pidge said...

Hey, this new comment box is actually working, but I still have to sign in each time I leave a comment, no matter if it pops up or embedded. The last picture of the falls is how we saw it too. Love the little park, but wish they would lighten up on doggy rules.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Pidge, is this problem unique to our blog, or is it Blogger-wide? I reported that I couldn't even leave a comment here. The only fix I could find was to have this box.

I can't see why dogs would hurt a thing here. Especially a dog on a leash. Seems like a pointless prohibition.

pidge said...

It is several of the blogs. There doesn't seem to be a reason why some work fine, and others you need to sign in before you can leave a comment.