Saturday, May 28, 2011

Free US Forest Service days, plus bonus content.

Check it out, and go hug a tree.  Most national forests are always fee-free;  a few are not.

Still no rain in these parts.  Pidge, I'm on my way to see if there are any falls at Falling Creek.  I peered over the bridge at the creek, and saw only -bed.

We sleep about 11 hours a night, and that does not seem right.  It feels great, and that just raises my suspicions higher.  I took my blood pressure at one of those pharmacy booths, and it said OMG stop taking your meds!  but I don't take any.

Tomorrow we'll travel into Jacksonville Beach, Home of the Ocean.  Also home of my oldest (high school!) friend, Tammy, who will get me to stop taking myself so seriously.

St. Augustine, 2010, not on vacation
Me:  Is it hot?
Tammy:  [odd look]  Roxi,  ARE YOU HOT?

Nicole emailed yesterday and congratulated us on "much needed" relaxation.  She even used the quotation marks.  I think she and Darlene need to plan a trip to the Panhandle so we can all soak up some Gulf water and pretend BP never existed, for a while.  

As Heard in Our Pool:

So, you believe in the Chupacabra?

I didn't say I believe in it.  Just that it's plausible that there are still undocumented species.

So, you believe in Atlantis?

That's just stupid.

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Steve said...

I only believe in the Atlantis Stargate.

Steve said...

Oh and I'm still undecided on the chupa-thingy.

The Good Luck Duck said...

I believe in Patrick Duffy, and Taco Bell's chalupa.