Sunday, May 1, 2011

More of what we got into without supervision.

Kerr Reservoir.

Off-grid laundry is faking a curtain call.  We like this Wonder Washer a lot (thanks, Maggie!).  I believe the instructions begged us to use warm water;  our hearts were as cold as the water we washed in.

The wringer we bought from

Our solar dryer.

South Hill, Virginia, treated us pretty well.  They don't seem set up for RVers in general, but we ran into some very accommodating people.  Some things you might like to know, if you come here:

 Free wifi:

  • public library (inside and out)
  • Chamber of Commerce, outside the building in the 2 hour free parking 
  • Food Lion parking lot (just outside C&M Tobacco the signal is awesome)
  • Denny's 

We logged into all of these easily with our booster.  CoC and library signal was so strong we probably didn't need it.

Public library had some books set out for sale.  Not sure if it was a Friends of the Library situation, or something they do all the time.

Tom and Aubrey at Advance Auto Parts were very helpful.  They gave Annie a discount because she was patient, let us fill our fresh water tank from their city water spigot, and let us park in their lot while we walked around town.  I'm not saying they do this all the time, but if you're in need, I'd say go ahead and ask.

Propane at Parker Propane on 58 between Boydton and South Hill.

Public dumpsters off Rte. 4 at the corner of China Grove and Buggs Island (Rte 4) Roads, just outside the WMA entrance.  Next to Buggs Island Boat Co.

We didn't find a Super WalMart in South Hill, but we did find this:

We went in, because how could we not?  I wanted to take inside pictures really hard.  Miscellaneous grocery items were heaped up on tables.  One item would be recognizable to people who speak Spanish, but none of them was me so I don't know what they were.  My guess is tiny whole pears, but that's always my guess.  Piles of damaged cereal boxes.  Soda, dented cans of vegetables, noodles, big bags of rice.  We chose a canned ice tea and a tomato, and when we checked out, the cashier told us we could have this other tomato with a spot on it.  Where do I sign?  Because, seriously.  How can we talk the frugal talk, then turn down a free 98%-good tomato?  

If you're here in South Hill, face it:  there's not a lot on your agenda.  So, while you're walking around town, I implore you to visit the Tobacco Museum on W. Main Street.  I can't even imagine how lonely that curator's job is.  You'll see a 15-minute video produced by Philip Morris, but you will learn stuff, I swear it.  You'll hear phrases like "supplemental contract workers."  You'll hear the difference between Bright and Burley tobaccos.  Afterwards, the curator will guide you around the museum to show you turn-of-the (20th)-century tobacco farming equipment.  He let us try the metal dowsing rods.  Upstairs there was a small daily-life museum from the era.  At the end of the tour, you'll feel obliged to donate a couple of dollars, but you would just have spent that money on cigarettes anyway.

Afterwards we had a weird craving to smoke.

We'll leave today.  The Dick Cross WMA gets 4.75 stars, dinged for ticks.  This is a largely deciduous forest, so I imagine it would be beautiful in Autumn, and the plus side is that major tick season ends in September.  See ya later, forest!


I complained to my friend, David B., about all the diseases I could contract from tick bites.  He wrote me a song - catch it next time!

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Anonymous said...

So glad it's working! Thanks for updates and beautiful pics...

Kimbopolo said...

Wow you 2 really did the town of South Hill! LOL!

Merikay said...

I've been watching for a post from you two. Looks like all the stormy weather didn't get anywhere near you.

I.M. Vayne said...

What ya got into without supervision? What somebodys can get got into without a brain are more like it. After reedin' yer post I.M. are so confusioned, I.M. don't even know what to be confusioned about.

¡Vizcacha! said...

O, I.M., U.R. funny! I'll write some more so you can keep the confusioning fresh.

Merikay, we had really great weather. I was shocked to hear how badly some places had been hit.

Kim, that's right, and just mention our name around town for crazy discounts and free tomatoes.

Maggie, it works great! It's much wieldier than our bucket, too.

Carolyn said...

"supplemental contract workers" :-) I had an urge to sign up until the other part of my brain said "Hey! Wait a minute..."

BTW, Bruno takes pictures of food shop shelves in foreign countries regularly. This is like a foreign country right? Go for it.

dirtyduck said...

this sounds like fun! i love food deals, and a tomato wih a spot on it for free..that was really funny:) now that i know where the public dumpsters are, i can go to sleep peacefully:)

¡Vizcacha! said...

Carolyn: yeah, exactly. Tobacco, field work, and below-minimum wage. Such are the jobs "supplemental contract workers" are taking from us. I guess you're right about taking pictures - I should just go for it.

DDuck, now you are fully-equipped to live the frugal life in South Hill, Va. It's all fun and games until you don't know what to do with your garbage.