Friday, May 20, 2011

We've moved on again

about 200 yards.  Weather people - those pranksters - predict high-90's by Saturday, and I know you have not forgotten the citywide yard sale that we must stay for.  Our old site was quiet, but very sunny for several hours each day.  Our new place is tree-ish (piney), but has cicadas just like the old place.  
 Oconee NF 051911
 I think that horsey people like our new spot, and I don't expect to be as secluded as we were this morning, where we were unexpectedly chatting with three hunter gentlemen and their dogs while we washed and hung out our panties.  The men were pleasant and charming and talked about sun tea, cicadas, beagles and NOT our flashy summer short johns. We pretended they were not the showiest things they had seen since Mabel Louise got drunk on the turned apple cider at the church picnic and showed her foundation garments to God and neighbor. 
 [Picture in your own mind]

Once you get started on a chore, you can’t stop for every camouflagioed visitor who wanders by with a dog.
You also can’t go through today without me telling you that I turned 50 this morning during my second cup of coffee.  I should have stopped at one.  Fifty is the jewel-encrusted netbook birthday.
Marianne, from Frugal RV Travel, has added us to her blog roll.  This is an honor, because it was her blog that I found early on in our planning and realized we could stay in beautiful places for free.  That's what made us think about making the Duck a bona fide boondocking rig.  Her site is a wonderful combination of tips, ideas, and resources for making this lifestyle work without a huge income;  you should go look around.  Marianne has also written a series of guides to lesser-known beautiful boondocking sites in the Southwest.  If you forget her link, it's listed here under "Boondocking Resources."
We've been in this area for nine days, and we've fired up the generator once, for no particular reason.  We use battery power for lights, water pump, fans, and iPad charging. I don't think we had a real grasp on how far our power would go, because it always went.  This seems to mean that 80+% of our power was going to letting the LP detector blink and keeping the solenoid open.
Getting, using, and keeping connectivity is the trickiest part of my world.  I can write a blog post on iPad ... sort of ... and upload it anywhere we have 3G, which is a lot of places.  I can't add pictures that way.  Or, if my computer has a charge, I can write it in email and queue it up until I get my next wifi fix, but I can't add pictures that way, either. It's only with my trusty laptop connected to some good old wifi, or tethered to Annie's phone, that I can compose a post with visual aids.  Tethering drains my computer fairly fast, so if I've got something to say, I'd better make it snappy.

Today I'm loitering in the public library which offers:

  • free wifi
  • free charging
  • quiet
  • air conditioning
  • bathrooms
  • drinking fountains
  • open bar
You'd think more people would be living here.  I'm thinking if I mention my birthday they'll bring me cake.

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Maria B said...

This looks like a very peaceful spot...

You know, if you get an iPhone 4 from Verizon, you can make it a hot spot, then you will always have wifi wherever you have a Verizon signal, which is pretty much everywhere. Then, you could also do facetime with other iPhone people who are on wifi, like... I don't know... there's someone I was thinking of a min..ute ago... oh, us! :-)

See, we will convert you to 100% iTechnology in very short order! The iPad was just our way of getting the Apple virus in the Duck!

Love to you on your birthday!!!

M&M (Syracuse edition)

Kimbopolo said...

Happy Birthday Roxanne. Enjoy the free water and A/C - you've earned it!

Karin said...

Happy Birthday. I want to know what library you are at that has an open bar. Mine doesn't have one. I could so get into that.

Gail and Rick said...

Live Writer! You can compose all the posts you want complete with pictures and save them until you have a wifi connection. No connection necessary at all until you want to upload. Very easy to use and it's free. Just google Live Writer. You will need a connection to download the program. After that, you are good to go.
Oh and Happy Birthday!

Karen and Al said...

Live writer!

¡Vizcacha! said...

Maria, I thought there was something nefarious in your iPlot. So, the phone is 3G like Annie's, but then is its own hotspot for other users nearby? I have the feeling we considered that option, but just didn't retain why we opted out.

Karin, Georgia has it all.

Thanks, Kim! It's funny what we have already come to consider amenities.

Gail, you're the second person to recommend Live Writer, but we live in MacWorld. I wonder if there is a comparable Jobsian app.

¡Vizcacha! said...

Karen, third! What's the best Mac option - anyone know?

Gail and Rick (Gypsy Turtles) said...

I've read there is no comparable product. It's the one thing Microsoft got right :)
You could buy a cheap used laptop with xp on it and use it just for blogging :) Just sayin'

Michael Ultra said...

I love live writer. Happy Birthday Roxanne.(ROXANNE!!>>>you don't have to,,oh,sorry). Loved you story about Mabel.Your two be careful around those hunters.

Merikay said...

Happy Birthday. Did they ask you if you had a library card?

Steve said...

Happy Birthday Roxy!

plantingalongtheverge said...

just found and am enjoying your blog.....dreaming the dream of hitting the road myself someday. thanks for all the tips and resources and links !
and happy birthday! I too was born yesterday....give or take 55 years.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Gail ... hmmm. Maybe an option. I may try one of the inferior Mac apps, or two.

Thanks, Michael. We'll lay low.

Merikay, I haven't ever been asked to show a library card to use wireless. I've also used library desktop computers without a card, just a sign in and some ID. Also, some public libraries leave their wifi on all the time, even after hours, to allow people to sit outside and use it.

Thanks, Steve!

Planting, I'm glad to find your blogs, too! They seem quiet and loud all at once, which is a good thing. Happy Birthday!