Friday, July 8, 2011

What's not to love?

I think it's safe to say young Mr. Tucker has charmed everything on two feet in these parts.  He sure knows how to work the cute.

See what I mean?

Fear the cute!  Fear it!

And then he met the Duck and declared war (also at war with squeaky mouse).
I'll be the mascot around here, Duck

He's already fatter bigger than when we took him in.  It's been 10 or so years since we lived with the bundle of energetic curiosity that is a kitten.  He's a maniac!  He's been sleeping with us and knows just when dawn is about to break, and because he knows how we hate to sleep through a sunrise he lets us know it's time by leaping around the bed like a crazed billy goat.  You try sleeping through a nicely placed bladder stomp.

As for our other, apparently cute-blind cats, they are not all that enthused about having him here.  Two wish to see him dead but because they are pacifists their hope is for someone else to do him in.  The rest are mostly indifferent unless he sticks his cute all up in their face, then we get air-swats all around.  They adore his food, though!

He goes back to the vet on Monday to have his sutures removed and be vaccinated.  The chin looks great, it's difficult to tell he was ever injured.  I think the only scar he'll have is a vertical one to the right of his nose.  We'll have to work on a good bar fight story for him.

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squawmama said...

Tucker is so cute... he is a goft to you guys!!!
Have fun

Gypsy Boho said...

It's great to hear that he is doing so well. What a lucky little fellow he is to have adopted you all.

Rick and Paulette said...

Sure looks like a happy cat to me!

Carolyn said...

HAHAAaaaaaaa .... makes me wanna put my toes on his little tummy and go gootchy gootchy

Soaring Sun said...

Glad to hear Tuck is doing so well. My son also adopted a new stray kitten.

He already had a cat named Tonic (as in Catatonic...although Catapult would have been more fitting).

So now he has...Djinn and Tonic.

¡Vizcacha! said...

Squawmama, i think he may have been a gag gift. He's cute, though, no doubt.

He may have read the other hobo markings scratched on our siding. He does seem pretty happy, and Carolyn, he would let you gootchy goo him until he was asleep.

Sue, that's great! He also needs a Strophe and Combs (attorneys at law).

Sherry said...

Congratulations to Mr. T for worming his way into your set up.
Or should that be bouncing his way in? He's got a gravy train now unless the cute-blind turn on him enmass.

pidge said...


Anonymous said...

Awwwww....what a little cutie! Sure is winding his way into your hearts :)