Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I'm following a few new blogs lately from non-RVing folks (not all who don't wander are lost). They are not especially similar to one another except in the calm I feel reading them while drinking scotch.

Go see what you think, if you're tired of reading about tire pressure and gas mileage.

Annie is out buying groceries.  I didn't go - the whining, the childish complaints, the tantrums in the checkout ... okay, so she asked me to stay home.  I've turned off all the motors in the Duck, and the silence is silky.  I guess we're enjoying the same kind of bliss this afternoon.  


It's too quiet - I miss her already!

Tell me something non-RVish that you're thinking about today.

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Bob said...

Non "RV ish"?
That part is easy. Ain't got one.
What I've noticed today seems to me to be a bit of a void in blogland. I think this is one of those periods in time when, anyone who has a blog worth reading (and I don't really include myself in with that lot) is too busy off doing "stuff" and therefore has no time left to blog about it. There's always some other junk to read, but I'm not really interested in conspiracy theories or political "wisdom".
Of course, I'm also on the wrong side of the clock. That doesn't help.
I almost ALWAYS forget that there just might be something worthy of the blog, but perhaps by consciously not allowing it to take over my life, I've then relegated it to the sad offering that it truly is. *sniff*

Didn't mean to get maudlin.

Oh wait.
Forgot to tell you something. So easily side tracked.
There are moments of "silence" in a city like Vienna. Sort of. Not if you're down at street level though. We're sort of spoiled here, since we can go out to our "Terrace" in the back and city sounds become less intrusive.
Our somewhat jaded version of "Stillness".

Bob said...

*Oh...please insert "tongue in cheek" font.

meowmomma said...

small mountainous communities with dedicated emergency personnel...

Roxanne @ Eight Cat Design said...

MeowMomma, how very scary. So glad to hear all is calm.

Bob, when I think of Vienna, I think of John Irving, which Vienna may not thank me for. A little respite from sound is good for our mental health, and so are terraces.

To live a life or to write about one. I hope I don't have to choose!

Andra L. Watkins said...

A live chicken invaded my urban back yard today. I could not catch it, and don't know what I would've done if I had, because I would die if I touched a live chicken.

There's no RV back there.

Sue and Doug said...

wish I had the bladder control that our dog has!!..13 hours since he was last outside to do his business..I swear he was a camel in his other life!!

Roxanne @ Eight Cat Design said...

Andra, OMG - a WILD chicken??? I would have just bolted the door and called 911.

That's one continent pup, Sue! Boy, the sleep I could sleep with a bladder like that.

Anonymous said...

Do you still check LiveJournal at all? I've been contemplating opening a Blogspot blog just so that someone—anyone—would read it. : ( I have been reading about your travels and have enjoyed your LJ feed, but I usually only comment over there.

¡Vizcacha! said...

Oh man, Bleen, I never do anymore! Sorry. If I can remember how, I'll set up notifications so that your posts will hit my email; they're about the only thing worth reading anymore, now that tumbleweeds blow down the dirt road of my friends-page.

Still, don't discount a blog.

¡Vizcacha! said...

Oh, lookie what I did! When you post on LJ, that post will roll to the top of the blog list.

That doesn't solve the problem of the neglected comments on the LJ feed ...

Old Jules said...

Hi there. Thanks for stopping by the blog for some reads even if it's not RV stuff. Depending on the lifespans and ancillary personality issues involving the married couple owning this place I live I've been formulating a backup plan to become a sort of RVer if things go sour here.

Been watching behind old barns and weedgrown back yards for potentially-to-be-had RVs and travel trailers I might talk or horse-trade someone out of just to hedge my bets and still have a place to live after this life.

Not to say travel the way you people travel. Just shelter for the cats and me and an escape route with the thought of going and spending a week at a time in National Forests or BLM land, moving frequently enough to stay out of trouble, but not living under a bridge.

I appreciates your visits and the mention here on your blog. If the drought keeps up much longer everyone around here's going to have to find something besides water to drink, and it might be scotch.


The Good Luck Duck said...

Jules, your plan sounds excellent. I can't imagine going on traveling indefinitely, and I imagine if we planted ourselves somewhere the tires would eventually flatten out in a generally level way. It's a way to keep most of the rain out. Making it as far as Florida (so far) is also a good way to keep the snow out.

Brenda A. said...

Thanks for the blog tips! And I see you already read another of my favorites, Raptitude.

Today I'm thinking about how having pets is like having kids that never, ever grow up or move away!

Teresa Evangeline said...

Thanks for the mention. Glad we found each others blogs.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Brenda, I love Raptitude. Sometimes I can't read it, the way I can't look at the Sun.

Pets are very much like that, aren't they? On the flip side, they don't judge us like our kids do. :) Plus, you can feed them the same thing every morning and night and they eat it like it's delicious.

Teresa, I'm glad, too. Thanks for writing.

Soaring Sun said...

Lots of interesting non-RV thoughts here.

Sonja will eat the same thing morning and night, except if it's the Friskies turkey dinner, which she will only eat when the can is first opened. After refrigeration, no. No Thanksgiving leftovers for her. I didn't buy it, though, it was given to us by a petsitter whose charges wouldn't eat it, either.

My own non-RV thoughts are mostly feelings of gratitude. I'm having my knee surgery tomorrow, just in time, because the knee has deteriorated and is painful all the time now. After surgery I have 10 days until I have to go back to my easy little part-time job at the spa. I have lots of reading materials, some CDs, possibly a TV, and some friends to keep me entertained while I convalesce. My boyfriend is a CNA and knows what height to set the walker. Life is good.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Hurray for gratitude, Sue. And, I'll bet you won't be nearly as cranky and unpleasant once the knee pain is gone. So, your boyfriend has reasons for gratitude, too. :D

ain't for city gals said...

Scotch and non-rv blogs sounds like a good day to me...along with scotch and rv blogs..

Sherry said...

I'm thinking how nice it is to have someone else do the grocery shopping and I stay home and enjoy quiet!