Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Something free for you-Plus

Here's something I've been using for a long time, since my friend Bleen said stop complaining and install this in a very nice way:

AdBlockPlus for Chrome
AdBlockPlus for Firefox
AdBlock Plus for IE (maybe.  No promises.)

I use it in Chrome, and it works so well I forget I have ads on this blog.  The only problem is that there are bloggers whose ads I click in support, and because I'm interested;  then I surf in Firefox for the full Mad Men effect.

Gratuitous sky photo:


My plan for today:  photograph headstones.  There is a cemetery nearby with five photo requests, and I'm the woman for the job.  When I nearly got into an online argument about composting toilets, it was a wake-up call for me:  Life is short, go photograph grave markers.

Annie is RIGHT THIS MINUTE composing a technical-ish post with real substance.  What you really need is a FluffBlockPlus - then you would see only blank page where my entries used to be.  It's a good product.

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Teresa Evangeline said...

I love cemeteries and wherever I go I try to locate one, or stop as I see them while driving. I even have lunch in them, great picnic spots.

Is it my imagination or are folks getting their pants in a bundle over things, wanting to share their opinions, often in an argumentative tone? I mean, who would disagree with composting toilets?

Anyway, have fun in the cemetery. Those folks are pretty quiet and fairly non-opinionated.

Gaelyn said...

Even though I've ventured into a few ads on my blog I really don't like to look at them and just divert my eyes away from them on other's blogs. Guess that's AdBlockGaelyn.

Sherry said...

I'm in for the fluff and the non fluff. Keep em' both comin'. Will the next one be "live from the graveyard???"


Steve said...

I use Bieber-Block. I've been Bieber free going on 90 days now, and loving it!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Teresa, I agree - I love cemeteries. I like to think that I'm helping someone be remembered when I look at their gravestone and invent a life for them.

The internet is a good place to get all up in someone's grille about ridiculous things. I'm so un-innocent there, but I'm reforming. This was a post called "Composting Toilets" and someone came on saying that annoyed me, like why do I keep reading about pooping into peat moss, when I have a perfectly good tank and someone makes my poop vanish for $30? and I said something vaguely inflammatory, like did the subject line "Composting Toilet" confuse you? Naturally, I said it really sweet and ladylike. But, really, anything that challenges our status quo can make us mad, right? It's why I try to tell other people their unusual lifestyle is stupid, because I have an uncomfortable feeling that maybe it isn't stupid at all, and why aren't I doing that, too?

Gaelyn, let something do the eye-averting for you! It's a great luxury. I know there are bloggers who get angry about other bloggers having ads, and I'd much rather they still come here and read with AdBlock than avoid us altogether.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Oh Sherry, that's a good title! *writes with chewed pencil stub* And, thanks.

Steve, that slays me. You commented justin time.

Judy and Emma said...

I use AdBlockGaelyn as well. Almost as annoying as a "chip in" button...

That should get somebody's goat!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Judy, why be annoyed? Try this free service. If it eases your mind at all, I will not benefit in the slightest if you install AdBlockPlus. That is my gift to you, the not-benefiting.

Brenda A. said...

I wish we had "like" buttons in the comments section. Cause that Bieber thing rocked! And yeah, I've been guilty of getting into online arguments in the past. I'm in recovery though. Sometimes I still type it out and then hit delete. I feel better and no one gets hurt. :)

The Good Luck Duck said...

Brenda, where is our 12-step program? I'm not sure I can beat this on my own.

ThE MidLiFe CrUiSeR said...

I like flossing my teeth and comfy shoes. There's my fluffy comment :)

¡Vizcacha! said...

Sorry, Nellie - all I could see was your picture and a blank ... oh wait, turn the FluffBlockPlus off, and ... there you are!