Saturday, August 27, 2011

Osceola National Forest - We get lost, so you don't have to.™

Ocean Pond, Olustee, Florida.

Ocean Pond is in the Osceola National Forest

HOG PEN LANDING.  We took them at their word and docked here.

[This is the full brunt of Irene against northern central Florida.  I am not smug.]

When I was here in April, there were three vehicles boondocking here. None this day, but we looked at the pit toilets and understood. There is a $2/day fee, and besides space for larger rigs, there are smaller primitive lakeside tent sites. In case I wasn't clear, THE TOILETS ARE GROSS. Take your $2, drive 100 miles to Micanopy, and use the bathroom twice.

Before you leave, check out these dragonflies!  Annie got these pictures without a tranquilizer gun, but she's usually pretty calm anyway:




The campground on the north shore looks nice. $18 FHU, $12 water, and $8 primitive. Here's Annie (not included) and a date palm. There were ads posted wanting camphosts, if you like doing that. 30 hours/week (per couple? not sure) gets you a site, electricity, water, septic, propane reimbursement, laundry and wifi (coming soon). 

ETA:  Hitek Homeless suggested I link to the information here on FreeCampsites.


Osceola National Forest, FL

As long as we had come this far, why not wander around in a forest!  Er, maybe we should think ...  Right!  But, there are things we should consider ...  Let's go!

I saw this on the iPad:

What the ... ?  Let's go see it!



What kind of place is this?  And, why is Roxanne walking like that? 

Another manmade water feature had flora and fauna, and didn't look so much like a nuclear waste dump:




Things got ridiculous, though.



Okay, Brain, how do we get out of here now?

Same way we do every day, Pinky! Try to follow the map!

What happened to the road?

*shakes tiny fist at Olustee Battlefield State Park, an entirely separate entity from the Osceola National Forest that borders it and therefore will not allow free passage!*
And then, I emptied my clip into the sign and we drove away.FreeCampsites: Ocean Pond.

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Kimbopolo said...

Love the dragonfly photos! Suitable for framing.

Bhikkhu John said...

great photos!

Gaelyn said...

Another great adventure. Hope you shot that sign good and dead. ;)

Teresa Evangeline said...

Pinky and Brain, where are the pink tutus (my personal favorite of their escapades)?
Thank you for taking us along on your travels. Ah, at least three good chuckles. It's a sad day when the clearest water is most likerly the nuclear dump site. Likerly? I have to leave it.

Way to give that sign the old what for.

meowmomma said...

yup, I think it's dead...

Sherry said...

Glad to hear Annie didn't have to be heavily tranquilized to get those great photos. Really truly the best dragon fly photos I've ever seen. Warning .......theft may occur soon.

Stayed at the Ocean Pond campsite. It's a great place especially if you are an old fart...really cheap then.

Donna K said...

You two are just too funny...even when you're lost. Loved the dragon fly photos.

Merikay said...

Great dragon flies. So colorful.

squawmama said...

Great photos... we stay at Ocean Pond a lot since my cousin lives out there in the Forest. That water was so flouresent I think it is Nuclear waste. LOL LOL
Have fun & Travel safe

The Good Luck Duck said...

Annie says "thanks!" for the kind dragonfly compliments.

I don't half-kill a sign. When I kills it, it's dead.

Sherry, do you get halfsies when you're a senior? Now that I think of it, I think my mom said she and her husband camp 1/2 price. $9 for FHU is pretty darn reasonable, even for cheap farts like us.

SquawDonna, I think it would be so cool to live in the middle of a forest like that. Is he on the grid, or does he have to run a generator for power?

Teresa, I think the nuclear waste theory is as likerly as any.

Wild Blue Yonder said...

Love the pics! Great story.

Keep them coming!!!

Soaring Sun said...

Wow, I didn't even know you were packin', Roxanne. I learn something every time you post.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Thanks, Blue! Say, do you blog?

My hero is Billford Ducker in Quacking Tall.