Sunday, October 9, 2011

Missed it by THAT MUCH. Annie's Behind™

We meant to pay money to go to the ocean, but instead we didn't.  It was an honest mistake;  we just got to the free ocean first and thought we were there.

It could happen to anyone.

Parking, picnic, and potty: the three P's of ocean fun.  Parking was empty enough that a moderately-sized RV could have parked there, too.  Our moderately-sized RV was a car.


This post has too many photos.  I'm embarrassed.

Annie's Behind™

Annie's Behind™ the sign.

Annie's Behind™ knows no park bounda

Gulf of Mexico!




It's not obvious here, but the tidal zone was very small. The waves were breaking right there, and where they're not breaking? Steep dropoff. Possibly 80,000 meters. Don't question metric measurements - they're never wrong.  This is the psychological advantage the British overlooked.

No, Annie, that's not seafood!

Doesn't this look like sea monster vomit?  What is it?

Annie is standing RIGHT IN THE GULF OF MEXICO!

Annie gently unsanded him, and then he RAN RIGHT INTO THE GULF OF MEXICO!

These places are new.  The old ones are IN THE GULF OF MEXICO.  See the solar panels and wind turbines?  Me neither.


Please present your ID before entering the Mature Nature Zone.

From Here to Eternity

From Here to Paternity

For LG.   

And then we saw a bear!  No photo!  He was crossing the highway.  

Q: Why did the bear cross the highway?
A: Do you have to question his every move?

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Rubye Jack said...

Annie's behind is cute!

The Good Luck Duck said...

:D Yeah! She says "aw, shucks."

swankiewheels said...

Love your blog... and there can never bee too many photos. Love the new use of your hat, like my hat. Next time there's too much wind in my face, that's what I'm doing. Will need to cut holes in the back and put some kind of plastic in to see through.
Great style.

Cyndi and Stumpy said...


squawmama said...

Great photos ~ looks like you guys had a great day and perfect weather!

Merikay said...

Wonderful place!

Jim and Sandie said...

What a fun post. Great pictures. Keep them comin'.

Donna K said...

Your blog is good for the soul...always makes me laugh.

Chinatours said...

Your mask in the last pic is lovely, can you breath as well within the mask?

Sherry said...

Ditto to Donna K! No that does not mean I am a "ditto head".

But I love From Here to Paternity. It is always good to label The adult content of your blog so I can recognize it!

Hats off to Annie!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Thanks, Swank! I like to think of myself as a style leader.

ChinaT, I was able to breathe quite well, actually!

It really was beautiful, and so alive.

Sherry, you know I like to keep my posts wholesome and classy.

Gaelyn said...

Love your style and looks like great fun at the "free" beach. What could be better. Annie's behind something else. ;)

George and Suzie Yates said...

You can never have too many pictures, save a lot of writing! Great posting and a fun beach day is always good.

Soaring Sun said...

There appear to be four P's--fun Pix!

Bob said...

I liked the swanky map at the top. It's got moving bits.
You know about that "hunter gatherer" thing, right?

Contessa said...

Free, eh!! You must be part Canadian!

TexCyn said...

Annie's Behind™...sounds like the beginning of a where's Waldo series of events!
As for the broken shells, looks like a jellyfish/shell collection gone wrong.
Does the sand there stick to you? The sands here do.

The Good Luck Duck said...

The ocean is always saltier at the free beach!

Bob, your remark about the map reminds me of a tour guide once offering to show me the moving parts in a diorama. "Hunter-gatherer" ... is that where Annie is hunting down a horseshoe crab and gathering it for dinner?

Contessa, if being part-Canadian means "thrifty," I am all-Canadian.

Cyn, yeah, you know how owls eat things whole, then regurgitate the indigestible bits? That's what it looks like to me, the ocean version.

I would say the sand did stick to us.

stillhowlyn said...

In honor of Annie's Behind...we shall eat no more duck for at least 6 months!

LG61820 said...

Duely noted. LG

pidge said...

I love all the photos, and way to go on the free!! I love all things free.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Ducks get a reprieve!

Me too, Pidge. Me too.

Sue, I was glad you didn't say "pornography."

Terri Johnson said...

We haven't been to this part of Florida, maybe this year we will swing down and in as we head for the St. Augustine area via Tallahassee!
Looks like a great place and we have heard it has a very "storied" history concerning the Native Peoples who once lived there.
Thanks for putting the bug in our ear about checking this area out!

¡Vizcacha! said...

Terri, I can't see a downside to that plan. And, now that you know you can pay for ocean if you want to, you may be even more dazzled. Just press on to the end of that road.