Monday, November 7, 2011

Bloggy despair

Despair Renowned fecal RV blogger, The Midlife Cruiser, is hanging up her keyboard and settling down. I'm so happy for her, whatever. WHAT ABOUT US???


O, what a noble blog is here o'erthrown

Nellie and Jonathan have found a place they'd like to call home, so let's wish them a Happy Staying.  

Annie said, "Nellie knows there will be a hole in the Internet where pooping dogs used to be."

Good luck, you guys!  

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ThE MidLiFe CrUiSeR said...

Ahahahahaha....bwahahaha....LOL (literally)....heeeheee...chuckle, snort, shart, giggle, snicker!!!!!

Yous twos are Highlarious! Those pictures cracked me up BIG TIME! And Annie, don't worry, that hole where pooping dogs used to be is actually a portal to another dimension. You and Rox can just take a big jump, slide down the poop slide, and come hang out with me in the land of the fruits and nutcakes!

Now, don't despair. You are already stalking me on FB.

We're friends, you know!

Jim and Sandie said...

We are definitely going to miss Nellie. She's an original of the best kind.

Sherry said...

I am TOTALLY bummed out. I don't mind her moving to the land of milk an honey or sunshine and sand whatever.......but no more hilarious blogs??? Now that's UNFAIR! So don't you go getting any ideas. This is not contagious YOU HEAR??

Gaelyn said...

Oh no, another one bites the dust.

The Good Luck Duck said...

There is no joy in Blogville tonight.

Sherry, I can't seem to stop myself from blogging. No one else seems able to stop me, either.

Soaring Sun said...

I hope Nellie will consider blogging even as she settles in California. Her perspective on life is fun and refreshing, and I'm sure she will always have great things to share.

Andra Watkins said...

Hopefully, they will decide to fill the blogger-verse with commentary from their 'grounded' spot instead.

Wanderoke said...

We shall miss Nellie's adventurous perky outlook, and hope for the occasional update from the suburbs.

I also suspect The Good Luck Duck will continue to spin their own wonderful brand of wackiness upon the citizens of poopville.

You guys are the Ginchiest!


Bob said...

I know!
It took me all day to finally decide to say something, but I went over there and gave her a little piece of my mind.
No tellin' what's left over, but never mind.

I don't WANT to be stalking anyone on FB. This sucks!

I still say, she'll be back. They always come back....

And while I realise I don't always "get it", 'cause some folks are a little too "hip" for me, it's still fun to exercise my brain. Until it starts to hurt, that is.

We will not speak of this again.

And yes, I'm in Vienna. Did I skip over something?

James said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bev said...

Whoops. Pardon the technical computer had an identity crisis and confused me with my honey buns, thus the deleted post.

Any whoodeehowdee...back to the devastation at hand.
THIS SUCKS. Big time.
Pouting now.

Merri said...

Yes it's a very dark day in blogville! I'm not sure if that's Jack the Ripper and his victim or what but there's definitely a heavy feeling in the air.

Maybe if we all snivel enough we can get Nellie to check in at least once a month. Cheers! ~M

The Good Luck Duck said...

Sue, I think she needs us. A person can't just walk away from fans! Okay, we need her a little, too. *mope*

Andra, I hope so. There's not enough good-ridiculous in the world.

Ish, 1) I hope so, 2) I hope so, and 3) thanks?

Bob, I'm glad you had a bit to spare; I have to be frugal with what I give away. I'm sure you didn't skip a thing, but I had in (what's left of) my mind that you were back in Canada.

Bev, I'm with you in pouty solidarity.

Merri, I think some snivel and grovel is worth a try.