Saturday, December 10, 2011

Biloxi Roxi and the Brown Water Blues. Don't forget to tip your bartender.

Mississippi Welcome Center:

Just flush it down.
Across the hall was the B┼ôrean Baptist Church choir entertaining weary travelers and, possibly, wearying entertained travelers.  An elderly man handed me the New Testament with Psalms, which I declined on the basis that we need to keep underweight, and I've read it already.  Once I know the ending, I can never enjoy it the same way again.  [Spoiler alert!] Surely I come quickly!  Yes you do, and don't call me Shirley.
A Lake City bargain.

Annie made a traveling crockpot chili yesterday.  Inexplicably, our inverter is working exactly like it's supposed to, which means we have AC any time we need it.  She quickly put this together at one of our rest stops, and by dinner we were nomming it.

Warning!  This chili requires secondary containment!

We're parked on the Gulf tonight!  We didn't make it to The Big Easy, although it's not that much further.  I saw all this white sand and water, and flumped myself dramatically all over the Duck until Annie stopped here for the night.  The flumping stuff really works.

You're thinking the sign exaggerates.  How dangerous could it be?

Ask Lefty.





This fancy joint even has security, and it's not to kick us out!  Lap o' luxury, I'm telling you.

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Teresa Evangeline said...

well, I'm having trouble right outta the gate 'cause at the top of your blog it says, "Rollover for a chance to win an HP Touchsmart 320." And I'm left wondering, who do I have to rollover for and what exactly is a Touchsmart? It's all a bit unsettling. Then, I see the brown water and the chili cooked up at a rest stop, and I don't know, girls... Then these gorgeous pictures of the beach and the water and the sunset and I realized that I forgot to tip the bartender.

Yeah, re-reading books when you already know the ending just shows some folks have too much time on their hands. And, I would never be eligible for that BK discount anyway. Haven't seen a church bulletin in a good number of years, emphasis on good.

Love the name of Roxi's new release, or is that her back up band?

The Good Luck Duck said...

Right! I can see how my concert would be disconcerting. I think it's just "roll over," and the Touch Smart would be like getting petted for a trick well-done? I'm waiting for the "sit" command, because I'm good at it and I might get a Smart Touch for that, too.

I'm gonna take it to karaoke and see how it goes there.

BeckyIO said...

Haha, can't say I've seen a Burger King around here offer that kind of a discount, but it wouldn't surprise me.

The roommate and I spend a good deal of time at the ocean (we live close to Hunting Island State Park) and last summer we spied a seagull that had lost it's foot somehow. Like your...heron? though, it seemed to be doing just fine without two feet.

Teresa Johannesma Wood said...

So they let you overnight at the Welcome Center......good to know! Thanks!

Sherry said...

OK let's see the beach with the gorgeous sunset must be in Biloxi right? Bet you didn't know your followers were so smart!

She drives and she cooks and you do what exactly other than FLUMP?

Carolyn said...

HAhaaa.... goofy... great shots! poor little pelican!

I'm always amazed when approached by these pushy giver outters of those little bitty Bibles... how in the world and why do 'they' think this will help unChristian mindsets ... amazes me.

They need to spend the money for printing on feeding the unfed or clothing the unclothed ... all that good Christian doing stuff they spout off about.

Sometimes I ask them that.. and you know what their answer is? all of a sudden they are distracted and I'm ignored... hilarious

Carolyn said...

And oh, yeah... what Sherry asked...

"She drives and she cooks and you do what exactly other than FLUMP?"

maybe we ought to address this to Annie... she ever read your stuff?

Merikay said...

What if God preferes McDonalds.

Barbara and Ron said...

You're always entertaining, but this post was especially good from the brown Mississippi water and the one-footed heron to the gorgeous sunset pics.

Donna K said...

Warning! This chili requires secondary containment!

Is that before or after you eat it?

Bob said...

Ah Man! I was going to use that Leslie Nielsen reference a while back and thought, "Nah, nobody's gonna get that".
Brown water? Better than yellow I guess. *shudder*

Jan Goldfield said...

I love your writing! Makes me see this part of my world in a new and different way.
Donna and I are near the junction of I -10, 12 and 59. Lots of brown water nearby. And pelicans. Never checked for one legged ones tho. A two legged egret lives in our drainage ditch and watches me as I flump around in our garden.

Jan Goldfield said...

I forgot to mention we have an empty concrete RV pad at our house with 30 amp hook ups. Interested?
email me at jangoldfield at me dot com.

Annie said...

I like to cook and would always rather drive than ride, so Roxi gets to flump then, though it's an alert flump when we're on the road because she's our navigator. I flump while she does laundry. It's all good.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Ooh, Becky, I'll bet that's nice. Do you go a lot during the winter, too? I've seen quite a few extremity-disadvantaged birds, and I'd think, as stiff as competition is, they wouldn't make it, but they seem to do fine. Resilient.

Teresa, I should have been more specific - sorry. The welcome center DOES have a free dump station, but not official overnight parking.

Sherry and Carolyn, you talk about flumping as though it were easy. Flumping is not a spectator sport! Flumping, unlike high-voltage wiring, should never be attempted by amateurs. I am a card-carrying Flumper, IOOF Local 1, and I am authorized to do your flumping for you, should you be in need of my services.

Sherry, technically the sunset shots were taken in Gulfport, but Gulfport Roxi doesn't have the same cadence.

Merikay, God gets no discount at McDonald's, which I see as a marketing flaw.

Rubye Jack said...

Welcome to God's country! You are so into a totally different country, from good to bad, it all seems to be there. Even the drive through daiquiri joints offer discounts.

Contessa said...

I never ever thought of using the inverter to cook while we are actually driving. You are brilliant!!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Barbara, thank you!

Oh, very good, Donna!

Bob, we always appreciate a good Nielsen reference around here. A particular favorite: Is this some kind of bust? Yes, it's very nice.

Jan, what an awesome offer! We slid on into Chalmette this afternoon to meet up with Annie's cousin and aunt, so we're at a Walmart tonight. Walmarts are fine, but a friendly face is always better. Thank you so much for the invitation.

Rubye Jack, we saw those daiquiri joints! Annie's cousin, Elaine, explained that you're okay driving around with that daiquiri in a cup, as long as you don't stick the straw in. And, that alcohol is available 24/7, and that the sheriff will taxi you home if you have partied too enthusiastically. I actually approve of those last two amenities, just because I oppose blue laws on principle, and I think providing a service that will keep someone from driving drunk is a good thing.

Contessa, thanks, but someone was brilliant before us, and we stole this idea from that person.

Soaring Sun said...

Flumping, planking, owling...Roxanne, you are a woman of action! I'm not sure how Annie keeps up with you.