Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Orange you glad I didn't say banana?

We put Orange behind us this morning. It was a satisfying visit, and just long enough.





Aunt Mary Ann Ellis Bland  (this will be on the exam)

Cousin Dale

Cousin Judy

Cousin Von

These are the nice cousins who were happy to see me.  The cousins who refused to see me can lick a vulture's leg (thanks, Judy!  I knew that trivia would come in handy!).

My cousins were born here, grew up here, and have never gone anywhere else.  But, ducks gotta fly!

We're on our way to Anahuac Wildlife Refuge to meet Judy and Emma!  We've been pronouncing it anna HUACK! and we'll continue to do that until Judy educates us.  We need to hurry.  

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Steve said...

I've read that some are willing to pay a high premium in foreign countries to lick a vultures leg. I've read.

I live due west of Anahuac. About 3+ hours west, but due west nonetheless. Mayhaps we meet?

Wanderoke said...

"Then" were a very stylish bunch!

Judy's Hair Shop would be hard pressed to re-create those well-dressed and coiffed adventurers!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Steve, that would be cool! We're going to stay for a bit on Bolivar after we leave the refuge, and then westward. Want to email? We're whotookmybucket at gmail dot com.

Ish, they really were. They called this the slough, and it was directly across the dirt road from their house. Mary Ann says they often had a little boat tied up to their front porch. In some form of symmetry, Judy of Judy's Hair Shop is a descendant.

Contessa said...

Great old photos and great family.

Teresa Evangeline said...

Is it wrong to say I prefer the Then to Now? Anyhoo, a friend and I decided that the perfect antidote to all the crazy bullshit is more merriment, so I thank you for doing your part. And fie on the leg sucking vultures or the folks who should be sucking on vulture legs, whichever, who missed out on a great time in your company.

Thanks for the chuckles. Always needed and appreciated. Not to put the pressure on or anything.

Sherry said...

Going to see Judy and Emma at Anna HUACK - oh boy oh boy! Can I come?

Wanderin' said...

Loved the then and nows.

Rubye Jack said...

Why do I think Anahuac will be better than Orange? No offense to the "good" cousins, who by the way all look great in their photos here. And on they go...

The Good Luck Duck said...

Thanks, Contessa.

And, Teresa, the "thens" are very seducktive, even though I've heard all the stories that reveal the darker side of the times. I think a mix is most appropriate; that we don't forget the crazy bullshit, and we also don't forget the merriment. I don't want to be that person who just laughs my way past heartbreak and destitution like you have described, as though they don't exist and why should I care anyway? I just truly don't know what to say. Or do.

And, yeah! to what you said. Those vulture-leg-suckers.

YES Sherry, HUACK on down here now! We're already having fun, and I have found a prairie seashell (not even a euphemism!) and been shown a ________ (I can't give it away in case someone blogs about it).

Thanks, Wanderin' folk!

Rubye Jack, I don't know WHAT would give you that idea, but you are sure right. Very nice here, ana refuge-y, ana HUACK.

TexCyn said...

Haha, if'n ya can'ts pronounce AnnaHuack, just stay away from Refugio then! ;-) (Anna-Whack...or in your case, Anna-Quack) Say hey to Judy & Emma for me. If I could drive that far to meet up, I would, but I started therapy this week...

The Good Luck Duck said...

Hey Cyn! About time you got into therapy! For your "foot," you say? Will definitely say "hey!" to Judy for you.

Judy and Emma said...

We may all need therapy after this visit. :)

cathie said...

You have some good looking relatives!

How fun to be visiting Judy and Emma. I have been following them, also.

Tesaje said...

Licking a vulture's leg sounds rather, um, disTASTEful! Not at all like licking a duck's leg. Westwards HO!

squawmama said...

Glad you had a good visit with family ~ now spread your wings and fly to your next adventure....
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Russ Krecklow said...

Nice pictures of your nice cousins. Thanks for sharing the swamp. Enjoy the New Year wherever you go, and come to Oregon sometime!

Andra Watkins said...

I love the juxtaposition of old and new pictures. It looks like you two are getting your arms full of family for the holidays. :)

Anonymous said...

Ellis Island what? Did I flunk the exam? Linda suggested your blog. ~Mary

The Good Luck Duck said...

Cathie, it's a good place to be sitting, and we're having fun with Judy!

Tesaje, I agree, but not everyone deserves to lick a duck's leg.

Merry Christmas, Donna! And, a Happy New Year.

Russ, we want to go to Oregon - it sounds great, and you people seem to like Ducks.

Thanks, Andra! I'm actually more of a hug-n-run gal, plus, none of these relatives celebrate the holidays. We needed to get somewhere we can get our quack on.

Frank and Mary, YOU WIN!!! Glad you're here, and thanks to Linda!