Friday, January 6, 2012

By the 5000 watts of power vested in me by Cummins Onan®, I command thee to get out!

Women and RVs go together like coconut shrimp and hushpuppies.


Chris, Rachael, Annie, Denise, and Dawn.


Last minute substitution:  2nd from right = not Denise

Guess who drives:

  • fifth-wheel
  • Dolphin
  • tricked-out conversion van
  • monster class A
Denise and Dawn are the Cruzin2some, Rachael writes Me and Moonbeam, and Chris updates by Facebook.


The shark no longer blogs, apparently due to copyright infringement.

These women add the voom to the va va! Lunch was lively, and while Chris and I talked a little biology, the jocks mocked our nerdity. It was high school all over again.

Rachael stayed two nights at the lagoon. Mi laguna es su laguna. We were itching to get inside Moonbeam and check her out up close. There is not an ounce of fat on that rig; she is pure muscle. Every item has its place, and one place only.

Annie was glad to have Rachael's help with our generator.  They methodically tried several different approaches.



They touched things.

Photobucket  They read the manual.

They joined spark plugs in prayer.

They cleansed the genny of bad spirits with sage.

They also used carburetor cleaner, which is like a sage bundle that you buy at Ace.  Just when we thought the spirits could only be assuaged by a licensed Cummins Onan® technician, Annie turned the elevation correction knob and the demons left the generator.

Although they changed the spark plugs (even the unchangeable one in the back), the new spark plugs made things worse.  They reasoned through the clues, tried each logical step, and the part that made no sense at all was the solution.

Thanks, Chris, Dawn, and Denise for meeting us in Port Aransas, and many thanks, Rachael, for sharing your time and expertise with us down here at the water.  It was our pure pleasure.

Gratuitous watery pictures:





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Texas Yellow Rose said...

Your watery pictures made my eyes watery in thinking about my native Texas and enjoying some beach time in Winter. :)

TexCyn said...

Cast out those demons!! Maybe I should visit Rachel & she could help me rebuild the overhead on my rig! I swear, that girl can do anything!

Judy and Emma said...

I can't believe a composting toilet add thingy blasted in right on top of one of the pictures! I say POO to this.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Judy, where did the ad come from?? Anyone else have this going on?

Yellow Rose, I know what you mean about homeache. Hope it's good where you are, too.

Cyn, I believe you're right. Put her and Annie together and you have some sort of Mega Woman.

Sherry said...

Get thee BEHIND them GENNY DEMOND. Can I have an AMEN!!

Carolyn said...

Great! What fun.... ain't it pretty there... you go say hey to the dolpins?

Carolyn said...

Oh and great to see Kelli again! ... brings back very pleasant/fun memories...

Did ya see her outside security lights, R&A? She really is something else. Fix anything.

Hey to Cap'n Cutie ;)


Donna K said...

Had to laugh at the spark plug picture and your caption. I've sat in on some of those "circles" in the past.

Rubye Jack said...

How come I didn't get a composting toilet ad thingy? Ah well.
My motto is never change the spark plugs because it'll make something else go wrong. jk
Beautiful pics!

Cruzin2some said...

We had a great time meeting with you girls for lunch. Hoping our paths will cross again down the road.

Dawn and Denise

Chinatours said...

Great experience, the peaceful water must keep you calm for a long time, right?

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Wow, great job on the genny. They can be fickle at times. Glad it worked out and didn't co$t anything.

Page said...

I'll have to remember to keep smudge sticks handy when we hit the road. Ooohhhhmmmm.

The Good Luck Duck said...


Carolyn, we did indeed say "hey!" to your dolphins, and even your jellyfish swimming by. It's a very pretty place, I must agree. Kelli told us about her interrogation lights, but we didn't see them in action. That rig is a wonder of engineering and innovative thinking!

Donna, I used to "help" my husband on repair projects, except he'd ask me for the extenderator oblongation wrench and then I'd walk away. He got impatient a few times, then stopped asking me to assist.

Rubye Jack, I felt a little hurt that my own spyware didn't give me a composting toilet ad. I mean, who is a bigger poo advocate than me?

I'm always worried about taking something to a mechanic, because it can lead to a cascading failure effect.

D&D, I was so jealous to see you have cards! I want cards, too! We'll see you on down the highway.

Chinatours, the water is indeed very peaceful. The shore is just two miles away, but so different - very turbulent like the ocean can be.

Paul and Marti: "thanks!" on their behalf. They did do a great job, and it was a huge relief to dodge that bill this time.

Page, we held onto that sage bundle for just such an occasion down the road. One can never have too many tools in one's toolkit.

Anonymous said...

The G watery pictures are calling me...Come to us, Mary..come now.

Andra Watkins said...

Pretty pretty water. Glad you were able to get some help with The Duck. I am in awe of the handiness of some people. I can barely change a light bulb. :)

The Good Luck Duck said...

OMG Mary, I hear it, too! That's not the sort of thing you should ignore.

Andra, same here. You'll notice I described everything in mechanicky language.

Michael Ultra said...

They joined sparkplugs and prayed. HDHH!!(Har dee har har)

The Good Luck Duck said...

Oooh, Michael, you don't want to mock the generator gods! *smudgesmudgesmudgesmudge* There. I cleansed your mock for you.

Russ Krecklow said...

You are becoming way too powerful now!!! And here we thought that since the Ducks won the Rose Bowl game, they were the most powerful Ducks around! Shows you just how wrong we can be, huh?

Lou said...

Very impressed with all the handiness and sparky thingy fixiness. I used to be able to fix something on a car many eons ago before they all became laptops on wheels. I never even open the hood now, even if I knew how.

Love the pics, especially Mr Shark.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Russ, Rose Bowl winners are pretty powerful. But, 5000 watts powerful? I see your point.

Lou, you and me both (except for the part where you fixed your car). We are pretty lucky that this old rig is more mechanical than electronic.

Anonymous said...

Oh I am soooo glad you took those pictures of our luncheon! I don't know what I was (or wasn't) thinking forgetting my camera. your blog, maybe I will get inspired. VtChris

The Good Luck Duck said...

Thanks, Chris! I definitely think you should blog, and then FB the link, too. Best of both worlds!