Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I'll be on the other side of the island. Please forward my mail.

We're on Laguna Madre now, Bird Island Basin.  Maybe three miles from Malaquite Campground, but a whole 'nother vibe.  This campground has pit toilets and levelish gravel sites.  Oh, and bay views to knock your SmartSocks off.

We read that this place starts to hop in February, but in January it's content to flop.  We're content, too.

What the Other Cat Saw

Houses in the lagoon


Imagine a young family living in a modest home in suburbia.  Now, trade the 'burbs for a yellow school bus, and you've done just what our neighbors did.  The children are active, cute, nearly-edible, and all under six.  The ones who can sit upright have chairs.


 Only 30W.

Isn't it cute? It's been keeping us current, although we did run the genny today to ward off a deep-cycle spiral. We cut our hair, microwaved rice, and turned the refrigerator to "AC" to load it up; if you need more information on Onanism, email me privately.   Or, hit the Google.  No one knows when you Google.

Over here it's quiet in a different way. People do run their generators, but occasionally. The fee is $10 for the year, with a 56 day annual limit (divided into 14-day stays). Over at Malaquite, it's $8/day. Not steep, but enough to sift out the hardcore boondockers from the daily generator-runners.

I've been feeling a boondocking post coming on, like a petit mal. Please assume a safe position.

An X-treme boondocker's best friends.

The B-team

This stuff works for body and Duck.   For example, is it already the day you wash your hands again?  Spray them liberally with a castile soap solution, suds up, then spray your hands with water.  No need to turn on the pump or run a quart of water into your gray tank for such a simple task.  I didn't invent this trick, I'm just passing it along.  I got a million of 'em.  

I've been no-poo for several months, and I like it.  I can't think of a reason to go back.  Some people no-poo with commercial shampoo that doesn't contain sulfates, and that works.  I've tried that, but a baking soda solution followed by dilute apple cider vinegar works a little better for me.  No-poo isn't mandatory for extreme boondocking, but it is very compatible.  There's a large component of boondocking that is a pursuit of radical simplicity, and this is a small piece of that picture for me.

The family next door wants to get a load of our composting toilet.  They're using a Luggable Loo, which works for them.  I don't think they're looking for another solution, they're just curious.  We met and immediately started sharing toilet tips, probably because we were waiting together outside the pit toilet with our buckets.  I love this life!  Micah said There's an enzyme solution, but don't buy it.  It doesn't work for crap.  We all appreciated the accidental poop humor at the same time.  Now I'm sharing so you can appreciate it, too.  [Crap absent on picture day.]
Tomorrow ... oh, it's too exciting for tonight's post!  We're going to ... oh, no, I can't.  It'll have to wait.

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Wanderoke said...

Labeling spray bottles is muy bueno.

I had one bottle filled with Dr. Bronner's in my bathroom, and another bottle in my kitchen filled with vinegar....... neither were labeled........


The Good Luck Duck said...

I guess if they're quite distinguishable, you can make a go of it. It's just the lab rat in me that requires it.

Teresa Evangeline said...

"Darn you!" she said.
Shakes fist in air (this is a screenplay).
"A cliffhanger!"

There's just one problem. I don't know what no-poo is (well, I can imagine, but better not).

And I don't know what Dr. Bronners is, so I don't get Ish's reference.

Okay, that's two things.

Otherwise, thanks for the comic relief on this grim It's-all- about-Iowa night.

And nothing should Ever be all about Iowa.

Really good laughs here. Thanks. Say hi to the neighbors.

Sherry said...

I want the view the cat has.

Great photos of sunsets and water and talk about really INexpensive camping and superboondocking.....I'm in HEAVEN!!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Teresa, that is some good stage direction! The link to no-poo is pretty Wiki safe, but it just means not shampooing with traditional shampoos that have SLS. Dr. Bronner's is a popular brand of castile (olive oil) soap. And, I'm not watching the news, so there, Iowa.

Me, too, Sherry! It's ultra-awesome here.

Andra Watkins said...

Looks awesome. If MTM ever starts our shack in the mountains, we will definitely pick your brain about the composting toilet situation.

Carolyn said...

You'll love Port A... walk along Robert's Pier and say hey to a dolphin f'me...


great pictures!

Judy and Emma said...

Oh no! More toilet talk. :)

Bob said...

Oh my Gawd!
A whole freakin' box of baking soda! I could sell that stuff on the black market here! I have to buy "Natron" (German/Austrian for baking soda, and like THAT was easy to find!) in teeny tiny little packets. Good thing my banana bread recipe only calls for "one tsp of baking soda diluted in one tbsp of water..." or I'd be in trouble. (otherwise known as "deep doo-doo", but that's just too obvious)

Actually, now that I think of it, the Austrians might not know what to do with that much baking soda. Hm. There's a wrinkle for ya.
Damn, there goes my fortune!

Oh, and what's an "Iowa"?

Is that a really drunk guy saying, "I wha?"

(sorry, that was some "We're Canadian and we don't give a crap" humour).

Damn! There's that poo thing again! Oh LORD!

Anonymous said...

OK I LOVE these kind of tricks. PLEeeease do more. I hunger for your supreme knowledge, oh wise ducks.

Almost made it down where you guys are last year, but got caught short by Polly getting ill and ended up spending 3 weeks in middle of TX instead. YOUR DEAL is much better :)


Contessa said...

dirty talk......gotta luv it

The Good Luck Duck said...

Andra, I would love to see your eventual minimalist shack. We'll be happy to talk poo with you at any time. Why wait for an occasion??

Carolyn, I do like Port A! We shouted out to your dolphins who remembered you and your iPhone camera. Kelli showed us your little motel and your favorite coffee hang-out. You might love or hate the National Seashore. No commerce whatsoever (unless you count the visitor's center and bodega).

Judy, I was thinking of you as I wrote it. The way you like to read about toilets. You're welcome.

Bob, HAR! You Canadians - you're honey badgers! You just don't give a ____!

You know how we Americans like our super-sized things, although I never thought of our baking soda that way before. I use it for household cleaning, tooth-brushing (I like to brush my tooth with it), scrubbing, hair-washing, baking (Annie).

Oh no, Nina, we Ducks bow to your far superior boondocking knowledge. We are not worthy! Sometimes the pump goes on and before I can stop myself I give Annie the "Really? You're using the pump to wash your hands?" look. Or, "you need two quarts of water for that shower?" It's not my most endearing quality.

Sorry about the "middle of Texas" and the "Polly getting ill" parts. :o( I've heard that this area is better than the "middle of Texas," although I'm not here to judge.

Contessa, I could just go on and on. I need a 12-step program, like On and On Anon (that's fun to say).

Pam and Wayne said...

I use baking soda for exfoliating my face about once a month. I just make a thin paste and rub gently and rinse. I have mild rosacea as well as allergies to most personal care products, so don't use anything else on my face except water every day, and then a thin layer of CeraVe or Vit E oil. (Had to toss my own tips in for those who might need one!) Thanks for the no-poo mention, I might need it if my Free and Clear products ever become too irritating to use! I also have used to apple cider vinegar in the past on my face and scalp, it was great for itchy scalp.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Good idea about exfoliation - I'm going to try that. I do also rinse my face with some very dilute cider vinegar, and I almost never wash it with soap anymore. Seems like the right combination to avoid too oily or too dry.

Anonymous said...

I was looking for the bottle labeled Chopin vodka. ~Mary

The Good Luck Duck said...

Mary, it's the one marked "WATER."

Anonymous said...

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"Onanism" solar panel system. Google doesn't seem to know what this is, nothing regarding solar panel is found. Can't locate your email address on your website. can you email me the information?


TexCyn said...

Two fav places, middle of Texas & the gulf coast...middle of Texas that is IF it's the Texas Hill Country! Love it! Seriously, no poo about that..

Barbara and Ron said...

You have even more spray bottles than we do! Kudos!