Sunday, January 1, 2012

Paaaahhhdre Island, Texas

A:  When you absolutely, positively have to be out-of-touch overnight.  When you're willing to suffer through a deserted, untouched, sandy beach and sunrises over the ocean.  When the sound of surf (and nothing else) can be tolerated all night.

Q:  When is it okay to boondock at Malaquite Campground?



Then I sez ... hehehe ... then I sez ... SNORT haw! ... then I sez ... This is the GULL'S room! 


In the fog we called this Briga-Dune.




You know what I always say about pelicans.


Still, I couldn't help but feel that the ocean was sending us warnings:






Our friend, Leslie, drove all the way from Bryan (six hours away!) to spend a few nights with us and help us welcome in the New Year. None of us saw the new year arrive, but we definitely felt the change this morning.  Thanks, Leslie - it was great to see you!  And, thanks, Gary! who soldiered through New Year's Eve without his wife to smooch at midnight.

Annie, Leslie, and satanic photobomber.  This must be what the warnings were about.


Cupcakes are a thing! Did you know?

The CupCake Shoppe has a cupcake van!  This is what they look like on the way out of town.

This is what they look like on the way back into camp.

Find The CupCake Shoppe on Facebook, or at their website. I'm not linking because they have instant music.



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Donna K said...

Don't they have a buoy's room?? Where's the equality in that?? Honestly, did you REALLY need to include dismembered babies? Maybe it goes with the satanic photobomber shot hahahahaha!! You always find the funnest things to take pictures of...

Judy and Emma said...

Were you stalking that heron?

So where are the shells and the fish?

Lou said...

Love the pics, especially the cupcakes.. :)) have a great New Year!

Page said...

Cupcakes - yum....Wonder whose skull?? that was? And thanks to Ogden Nash, I always recite the pelican verse when I see one.

Teri said...

Happy New Year Good Luck Duck & family. I'm not far from you, I am on Mustang Island.

Sue Malone said...

oh for pete's sake, Donna, the Ducks are the ones who are supposed to have the best puns. Ducks? Did I say Ducks? You good luck ducks have the right name for tomorrow, I am sure. I wanna go where you are some winter. LOVE that place, gotta go check google maps.And...;thank you for no dang music. I prefer to choose my own and can't figure out why websites do that.

Carolyn said...

Great pictures! ... sigh

did I really leave that place... my pictures were of dead fish from the red tide... just a couple weeks back... seems forever - miss it ... sniff

hey to the dolphins ;)

Andra Watkins said...

What gorgeous pictures. It looks like you and Annie picked the perfect place to ring in 2012.

One of my clients here has a shop called Cupcake. They are a thing. You wouldn't believe..............

Contessa said...

Wow....spectacular shots! Awesome!

All the best in your 2012 adventures....

Rubye Jack said...

You guys have become the humor in my shallow little life. Very seldom do I laugh out loud. I laughed at David Letterman trying to tweet and now I'm laughing here. What more could a girl ask for?
These are outstanding photos girls. With a place like this, who needs Mexico? And you say this is Texas?

michael ultra said...

Happy New Year youse guys. If you go through West Texas, gimme a hollar!

Pam and Wayne said...

Tell me none of those cupcakes made it through the day! How do you choose which one to eat first? Were they as good as they look?

Karen Snyder said...

Sunshine, surf, sand, waterbirds and cupcakes -- what more could a gal want? I am sooo envious right about now as the wind blows and the snow swirls outside my window. :(

Great photos!

Russ Krecklow said...

You're such a big show off! (With the bird pictures and all, ya' know.) That sunshine looks really good, and that beach looks pretty empty! Bummer, huh? Cupcakes are nice. Eat a couple for me, o.k.? That's probably the best I can do. Donna won't make me any! Happy 2012 to you, and we'll look forward to enjoying your adventures here on the blog.

Barbara and Ron said...

Great beach shots! Was that a dismembered leg? Happy New Year to you both!

Janie and John said...

I love the photo of the bird in the surf, the cupcakes look good too. Happy 2012!

Bob said...

Nice digs.
*love* cupcakes. I could eat them until comatose.
Which is unfortunately not an exaggeration.
Which is why I haven't had one in a while.
Which is....oh never mind.

Happy New Year!

Nancy said...

I want a cupcake! Oh....and you girls are hilarious! Happy New Year.
All the best, Nancy

Nancy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Marianne said...

Wanting the pink cupcake definately! What a beautiful place to ring in the new year. Happy, happy you two. Thanks for sharing so much with us northerners. Big cold and snow coming our way tomorrow- should get down to 10 degrees tonight. Can you send some warm thoughts this way????

squawmama said...

GREAT photos and fun post as always...
Happy New Year

The Good Luck Duck said...

HAHA! Donna! Very good. Those birds are always telling politically-incorrect jokes around the water cooler. About the baby: the devil made me do it.

Judy, I had to be vewwy, vewwy quiet. But, truly, it wasn't the same heron. Honest!

There were some things on the beach that looked like what the ocean might throw up. All the fish were red tide victims, and their photos might make me queasy.

Happy New Year, Lou! Get you some cupcakes this year, often.

Page, I'm hoping someone can ID the skull. We saw others like it, but smaller. And, that's exactly what I say about pelicans.

Teri, we're not far at all! How's the wind up there? It rocked us all night long, like the song.

Sue, it's beautiful here. And, I don't know how to keep that Donna from up-punning me; she's incorrigible. I don't like to be assaulted by someone else's music, either, even if it's perfectly nice. It slows down everything, and when connection is iffy it's even more offensive.

Carolyn, those RT victims' carcasses remain. The dolphins remember you and say "hey, throw that phone in here for us to play with!" Annie tried to get me to swim out so they could "rescue" me.

Andra, where have I been?? Cupcakes should be a thing. They're like cake you hold in your hand! Yes, it's beautiful here, and so desolate. Even the people seem to try to mute themselves so they don't distract.

Thanks, Contessa! Happy 2012 to all you guys!

Rubye Jack, this is a lot of pressure. Us and Letterman? Wait until you see me try to Tweet. Yep, this is Texas. Who'da thunk it?? It's not how I pictured the state at all.

Happy New Year, Michael! 2012 is your year! You know, everyone goes through west Texas!

Pam, they were delicious. We each chose two, but then ate everyone else's. Then we did that all again on the way back. They are now ex-cupcakes.

Karen, we've seen so many snowy swirls that we're jealous of ourselves. I had a Holy cow, this is me doing this! moment the other day.

Russ, this is what I suspected of Donna. She's too busy cracking wise. We'll be keeping our eye on you two this year, too.

Barbara and Ron, that was exactly a dismembered leg. I think it was a message.

Janie and John, the heron wading in the ocean was such a novel sight to me. I've always thought of them as fresh-water birds.

Bob, I should be more careful, too. But, CUPCAKES!!! Happy NY!

Thanks, Nancy! And, you should definitely have a cupcake. Happy New Year!

Marianne, the thoughts are as warm as can be, but they're no substitute for a hot cuppa and a blankie. Happy 2012 to you two!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Thanks, Donna! Happy New Year!

Tammy said...

I - AM - SO - JEALOUS !!!!!!


lesliewhozit said...

I was bummed when the cupcake van wasn't there when I left! I sacrificed my cupcake pleasure for the sake of my damn car? I mean, WTF? How could I have? Hope you enjoyed the few remaining! I loved cutting cupcakes with you all!!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Tammy, if I weren't here I'd be jealous, too.

Leslie, I KNOW! When you declined a cupcake for the road, I wasn't even sure you had understood the question. WHO DOES THAT? Sorry he wasn't there on your way past. :(

Annie said...

You and Annie do suffer so! Send cupcake van to Oklahoma immediately.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Cupcake Van, get ye northward to Annie!

On its way!

Cruzin2some said...

Your NOT far from us at all now. Check your map for Rockport. We might be twenty miles from you. How long are you going to be in the area. Send us an email.

Larry said...

I love the cupcales but the patterns in the sand is the best

TexCyn said...

a 6 hour drive ain't nuthin' when ya lives in texASS! :-)