Wednesday, January 11, 2012

These videos and an apple, and you can drop your insurance.

I'm feeling distractable and frangible and marsupial today, so I'm going to share other people's histrionics instead of punishing origami material.

Some of you pay $247,983 per Kb of streaming video. These are worth it:

Annie and I have been using Massage By Heather's tricks for fending off congestion and sinus infection.  So fast, easy and effective!  That brain-eating amœba neti pot scare with Louisiana tap water while we were in Louisiana made me glad I was flushing my own sinuses with raw swamp water from the bayou rest stop.

Live long and prosper, Heather!

 She's got a bunch of partner-massage tutorials for you happily-partnered pardners, and self-massage tutorials for you solo sojourners and people with partners who suck.

As always, check out the Duckroll for new things to read.  Some are boring as heck, some are scintillating stars in the blogging constellation, and that's what makes this place a thrilling grab-bag of poop.  You've got to keep digging to find the corn.

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Steve said...

Loved the vids! Been sick guys but am better'ish now. Let me know when you're in the neighborhood of San Anotnio. At work and can't remember if you sent me (or I sent mine) your email address or not.

Teresa Evangeline said...

I understand the distractable, but frangible and marsupial, too?!? I'm so glad you've included me in the grab bag of poop. Mine is candy corn.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Sent you an email, Steve! Sorry you've been sicko.

Yes, it is, Teresa! Worth nibbling around the brown for!

Andra Watkins said...

'People with partners who suck'

You are hilarious, Roxanne. And useful. :)

The Good Luck Duck said...

:D Thanks, Andra! When I can't be one, I'm glad to be the other; to be both at once seems an embarrassment of virtue.

Teresa Evangeline said...

Blaaahck! but, thank you, I just wanted to come back and say thanks a million for those videos. They are my best spent time by far this week

The Good Luck Duck said...


Page said...

Ugh - I won't neti with anything other than very clean, distilled water.

I will watch Marcel when I have a few minutes to burn.

Live long and prosper!

Carolyn said...

I was going to say the same as Teresa ... I understand distractable ... had to look up frangible ... but marsupial?

You got too many cats to climb under the covers. They really like that especially if only one toe wiggles.

man... That'sa lot of a bad day. But with your sense of humor and your partner... I'm not worried... ;)

The Marcel creators were on some recent show I watched - the story of how Marcel came to life is remarkable.

Shows to go you ... find a need and fill it...

Say hey to Annie and the dolphins!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Page, from now on, I only use holy water. About Marcel, you won't be sorry. I insist that you not be sorry.

Carolyn, I just threw myself into a bucket, and then I came out with clean clothes. It's all good.

TexCyn said...

Oh ya gotta love Marcel! Did you notice the zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Sherry said...

Well I feel left out of all the fun. I can't see Marcel. My signal is too slow. All it says is buuffferrrrinnnnggg. :-(( But I'm going to laugh anyway.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Cyn, yes, but not until the third time I watched. A-dorable.

I know, Sherry. I buffered for nearly an hour to see them, but only because someone who knows me well said I would love them. He was right, right, right.

SwankieWheels said...

Yes, I met the girls... I can't seem to post on my own blog to respond to you there???? Can't figure out what is wrong.