Tuesday, February 7, 2012

In town for provisions

I looked down at my pants this morning and couldn't remember the last time I hadn't looked down at them. It's Quartzsite chic. I like to change up the underwear, though.  Annie!  Change underwear with me!

We met Sassy and Bennie!



Bennie was civil, but aloof, as you would expect from great celebrity. Sassy put up with my paparazzish ways; everyone knows that's the way to a muckraker's heart.

"I was trying to look cool instead of giddy."

Rocks out here like to look nonchalant, but when you crack them open, their innards are spectacular:

A rock we found on our walk.  We bonked it open.

Towns out west like to monogram their mountains.

"B" for Bouse

Annie (left) and ocotillo.  I think they say it "Ocka TEA, yo?"

Ocotillo, as up-close as you want to get



This was an awesome fire, and we marveled at the miracle of military aeromaneuvers in the darkness.  Annie expressed her wish to not get probed, and I assured her that only aliens do that, and not the military since 1967.  We were enjoying the embers, when I said (casually), What is that thing coming toward me? and then Annie twirled around, wrenched her back, and hit her head on me.
It may have been a mouse, now that I think about it.

"I hate it when you do that."

Don't judge me - I was very scared!


Some of you left comments, so let me respond here:

Scary!  Never say that again!
I'm glad you liked it.  Here's more.
Beans and greens, mostly.  
I do my own.

You asked if we sacrificed an air conditioner for the solar panels.  Technically, yes.  Even in the muggiest Florida summer weather we never used that unit, and the sheath created an unfortunate shadow across the panels.  In reality, we will never be able to run A/C from solar, and we can't stand the generator long enough to get it cool inside.  We'll either have to be plugged in (Boo!  Hiss!  <--- I know!  I agree), or head for the mountains (Yay!  Rah!  <--- my sentiments exactly).

It was a lot of fun living next door to Darlene and Nicole!  They don't want to add comments for now - believe me, I tried - they just like to write as though there are no readers.  They also dance like they don't need the money.

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Blars said...

You made it to Quartzsite only a week after I left. Too bad you missed the Rubber Tramps Rendezvous -- maybe next year. (or the summer one in Colorado,but I won't be there.)

Gaelyn said...

Out by B there's Lots of pretty rocks. How much space you got?

You've found a starkly beautiful part of the AZ desert.

AC is overrated. Won't need it in the mountains of N AZ, or.....

Like the biker chick look!

turquoisemoon said...

This is a great group of fun pics!

Russ Krecklow said...

So, when did you say you were getting a new motorcycle?

VtChris said...

So glad you gals are having fun....the desert looks prickly and barren, but interesting too. I may not comment often, but be forewarned....I do read read your blog (and about 2 others) occasionally.

Rubye Jack said...

Get your motor runnin'
head out on the highway
born to be wild...

TexCyn said...

Yea, I wish they'd add comments too, but what can one do huh? I do like their blog. And admit it! You did NOT bonk that rock! We all know the FLY on that hammer did it! Stop taking away it's glory will ya?

Sherry said...

If you can handle no AC in a Florida summer, I'd say you won't have a problem anywhere. But mountains do sound like a better idea than desert for no AC cool.

did you take the rock with you or just leave it all busted and beautiful on the desert floor???

lesliewhozit said...

ooo, wait till you see the ocotillo in bloom! Beautiful! We tried to plant some in our yard but it didn't grow. Guess we didn't get enough rain (har). More likely didn't like our solid clay topsoil.

lesliewhozit said...

ooo, wait till you see the ocotillo in bloom! Beautiful! We tried to plant some in our yard but it didn't grow. Guess we didn't get enough rain (har). More likely didn't like our solid clay topsoil.

Andra Watkins said...

You are making me want to ask to come to AZ for my birthday (again), when I need to go to Mississippi for my birthday.

Don't ask.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Blars, I heard tales of the RTR. Maybe next time for us.

Gaelyn, not enough for all the pretty rocks! It's beautiful here, absolutely. Can't wait to be in your area again.

Thanks, Turquoise!

Bite your tongue, Russ!

Chris, warning taken. It isprickly, but I'm not sure about barren. Species who make it here are like folks who make it in Manhattan. :o)

Rubye Jack, I prefer to think she is born to be mild.

Cyn, you are such a killjoy! The fly may have helped, but I was the muscle there.

Sherry, I'm with you on the summer mountains. I took that pretty rock with me! Of course, now it's in a bag, which isn't very pretty.

Les, I hope we stay until it blooms,unless it already bloomed and then I hope we see it next time.

Andra, now I really, really want to ask. Maybe your blog will give a clue ... ?

Anonymous said...

The I hate it when you do that picture is just such a real open truthful shot. Lovely. ~Mary

Raedwulf said...

Hi Annie and Roxi, just wandered in, all inadvertent (it's a calling) to see what you've been up to. It would appear your doing the desert, gawd, be careful of rattlesnakes and don't eat the worm, hmm on reflection, do eat the worm.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Thank, Mary!

Randy! What a surprise to see you wandering in, all dusty from the road! The worm is safe, for now, and I'm bewaring all over the joint.