Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mostly flora, with some fauna for protein. Bleu cheese dressing, please.

This post is an excuse to try offline editing some more.  Warning:  it may disappear like hot wings at an apres-Weight Watcher's party.

Young Yeller

Prickly pear?  

So cute I could die!

I'm also yellow.  Not everyone can be purple.

Tempting fate.

Yellow is good.

Worse than its bite.

This may be an overreaction to Nicole and Darlene's show-offy desert bloom post.  Yes, Joshua Tree, you're very special

ETA:  I'm not going to disappear it now.

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Gaelyn said...

Well, you're definitely in AZ.

Not prickly pear, beaver tail.

Please keep sharing them.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Beaver tail! Okay, cool - thanks!

Wanderoke said...

Love the Commander Salamander pic!

EcoCatLady said...

Oh... to be someplace with sunshine, and flowers, and no snow on the ground! Sigh.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Ish, did you just make that up, or is that what he's called? Is it a nickname he gave himself, like The General?

I know. And still I feel compelled to show these pictures and rub it in as much as possible. I have to investigate the possibility that I'm not a good person.

Carolyn said...

k... took WV off ... still think you're into agave...

I've really enjoyed your being in Arizona... and your attempt to get Darlene and Nicole to allow us to comment on their stuff.

Anything else I'm doing wrong? If I get spam... I'm sending it to Arizona

The Good Luck Duck said...

It's more likely I'm not enough into agave, although I like the nectar in my tea. See, N&D may be on to something. They don't worry about spam or word verification or nuthin'!

Anonymous said...

Nicole & Darlene say.... Word to yo mothah! And.... we'll take all comments here... courtesy of Snarky Duck :o)~

The Good Luck Duck said...

Ha! That would be pretty funny, actually. Loved your latest.