Saturday, February 4, 2012

No time for accuracy!

There was high UFO activity last night, and this morning Annie's hat has 3G reception.  I can't waste time correcting typos and transmitting actual facts - I have to get this post out.  That's where we get the term "post-haste."

Solar is done, baby!  Three women worked their butts off, and Annie did some stuff, too.  [*snort*] More about that when Annie writes her solar post.

Desert things:

Cuckoo for Coco-poops

Poke-a-boo cactus





I swear to you I did not 'shop this daisy, but I did laugh hard at its expense.

OH HOLY CRAP I didn't know about the tarantulas!!!

A Type-A cactus: which way should I point first?  Nicole and Darlene call him The Multitasker.

We get letters!

Last week, when it had been a week and there hadn't been a post on your blog we (read: "I") was like "Why aren't they posting? Did they get lost? Did they lose their wireless signal? Did one of the cats reprogram the gps and you were really in Brazil or Peru and not the US southwest (this almost happened to us)? Did they die of thirst in the desert?". I could go on but you probably get the general idea :-) . Then one night I stumbled across this secret blueprint hack job of a paw-drawing that Mickey and Stanley did (see attached). Apparently they were planning a search and rescue mission to find you. That explains the charges on my credit card to ""

So no pressure, but thank goodness you blogged and we knew you were safe and sound and just enjoying the peace, quiet and majestic beauty of the desert. Another couple of days and you might have strolled out of the Duck one morning, coffee in one hand, hot tofu scramble in the other, and found yourself tripping over our two boys :-D

We are glad life is treating you well and that you are having such great adventures. Thank you for sharing them with us!


Thanks, MG!  We love you guys.

I read and enjoy your comments;  I'm just sorry I can't respond right now.  Later, I'll respond twice to make up.

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Steve said...

Hola mis bandidas! I theenk they call them "Taranchulas" when joor close to the frontera.

Sherry said...

There is only one cuddly looking thing in those pictures. Looks like a prickly desert for sure. Be careful who you hug.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha - You guys ROCK!
~ mgp

Teri said...

Looks like a nice place to hang out, except for the creepy crawly things. Love the "search copter", nice to know someone worries about you.

Teri said...

Looks like a nice place to hang out, except for the creepy crawly things. Love the "search copter", nice to know someone worries about you.

Janie and John said...

I really don't want to meet up with a tarantula! That letter and sketch was a hoot. Thanks for sharing, made for a great morning chuckle.

Gaelyn said...

Oh yea, my kind of country, where everything has some kind of bite.

You're in the perfect place for that solar.


Rubye Jack said...

My computer knows me well. The photo of the tarantula didn't show because it knows how freaked out I get when I see those big ole hairy things. Why is it that the most beautiful places have the most creepy crawlers. Just a matter of perception I suppose. :)

michael ultra said...

Don't you just love the desert? I had a nice Tucson winter home and really enjoy the SW. I crossed the border and went to Rocky Point and San Carlos many times.(read OCEAN!) The point I noticed was that the desert is filled with survivors, not quitters. Watch out for the pricks.

Suzanne said...

"Post-haste" has me laughing my AO!!

I miss hearing from you guys -- you and Annie, and the windy ones! I can only imagine the tales if the Multitasker could get a signal!

TexCyn said...

OOOG, I'm glad I didn't run into one of those big hairy spiders on my trips out west. I wouldn't know whether to name it fido or run for my life!! Well, I'd probably just pee my pants & freeze..nah, I'd run!!!
Good deal on the solar!! Now send me that small panel you have so I can use it on my one tiny battery...on my tiny rig...with my not so tiny dogs. (none of which are named Fido)

stillhowlyn said...

That location looks very familiar...somewhere in the Tucson Mt. area BLM?

squawmama said...

GREAT photos ~ LOVE the daisy!
Have fun & Travel safe

Anonymous said...

That is one of the things that can make me & unmake me, no one has time for accuracy anymore :-).
I like spiders. ~Mary

Teresa Evangeline said...

Mmmmmm. Coco-poops. Tell Annie to turn her head a little to the east and maybe her hat will pick up some wild and erratic G's. Bloggerville's a lot more fun with you guys in it.

Wanderoke said...

That picture of the daisy?

It looks like a character from Sid & Marty Krofft. Totally from HR Puffnstuff.

It's amazing we all survived the 70's children shows.

Pam and Wayne said...

Do you know what critter left the coco poops? I like to know what to keep my eye out for...not that those look like they belong to anything menacing.

Carolyn said...

Hahaaa... I can just see you four kiddos having a blast ... tell Darlene and Nicole to update! Will you help them with their comment thing?

Donna K said...

So what did you do to the daisy to make it frown? They are normally such happy flowers... You didn't threaten it with that nasty, hairy arachnid did you?

Lu and Terry Oburn said...

I truly hope we get to meet the two of you someday. You are a hoot!

Contessa said...

Just enjoy and enjoy and enjoy some more....

Russ Krecklow said...

You gonna get one of those nice bike's now like Sassy?

Andra Watkins said...

I'd been coming over to check on you, too. Glad you are only seeing tarantulas and not experiencing them. You are in rattlesnake country, too. I once scared one out there, and I will never forget it.

swankiewheels said...
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swankiewheels said...

If you are still in Quartzsite, it would be fun to meet you. Let me know.