Saturday, February 11, 2012

QuaRtzSiTe - a toddlin' town.

We're sitting in the parking lot of Carl's Jr. so Annie can do her taxes and so I can surf and post frivolously.  A day out!  It's like Date Night, except she's tense (filing taxes) and hasn't offered to buy me fries despite heavy hints.  I guess it's more like Married a Long Time Night.  Yep, I left all my cash in my other pants.  Who am I kidding?  There are no other pants.

A person can have almost any kind of Quartzsite experience they want, I think.  We've seen RV resorts, parks, close-to-town boondocking,  a little further out boondocking, and what were those lights? boondocking.  Now that the January RV show is over, things are quiet and you can easily boondock near Plomosa Road without braving the washes and the Arizona pinstriping.  I think our next kind of Q experience will be on the flats with 3G coverage.

FULL RECANT:   Annie just bought me dinner.  I feel bad.  I feel mmpmphhmm.

Ann from Dough, Dirt & Dye kindly gave me a Versatile Blogger award.  Ann's blog is gentle.  If you're feeling overwrought and overwhelmed,  her writing and photography are diazepam for your spirit.  I regularly take a dose.

Now I'm supposed to tell you a bunch of stuff about myself that you don't know, but I have no personal boundaries and you already know more about me than you're comfortable with.

We are love, love, loving our solar set-up.  Annie installed a Link Lite battery monitor after we were up and running,  and I check it when I get up at night to use the Bucket.  When we're charging everything we use and running everything we can think of, we're using about 55Ah/ day (that's something you didn't know about us!).  If we ever got into a bind, or Seattle, we would conserve further by turning off our inverter at night.

We are getting mail General Delivery at the Parker post office.  We tried getting into the PO at Q(RST) and there was no chance.  Now we piggyback mail on a grocery run.

I feel like I need to redeem this post with a picture:

Help me, Jeff Goldblum.

I've heard that every time a fly lands he throws up seven times.  This photo neither confirms nor refutes that claim.

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Teri said...

Taxes are easy, peasy, no sweat. I used to do over 1600 tax returns a year (in 3 months). I can do them in my sleep. Life is sooo much easier now.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Blech! I'll bet you still dream about them, though.

Sherry said...

Ahhhhhhhhh Dinner!!

Ahhhhhhhhhh Solar!!!

Hmmmmmmmmmm QuaRtzSiTe????

The Good Luck Duck said...

I know! This post is an emotional roller coaster!

Contessa said...

You can go into MacDonalds in the big Q and sit on a very nice sofa and do your wifi for free and also plug in at the same time.

Steve said...


I'm not feeling witty or very commenty today, sorry.

Donna K said...

Is there nothing you cannot find on Wikipedia?? Oh well, I learned about Arizona pinstriping :))

Larry said...

How smart of you, learning about Arizona pin stripes on the net. We learned about Arizona pin stripes the hard way and our truck shows it.

Gaelyn said...

OMG, waiting in line at the Q PO was a nightmare. Unless you are a very patient social butterfly. Besides, Parker is much better for shopping.

Brenda A. said...

Have been an AZ resident for over five years and this was the first I heard of "Arizona pinstriping". I must be really slow. But I feel better now that you have schooled me. :)

Blars said...

My RV got most of it's arizona pinstriping in california. My solar install is working, but not finished yet. It's nice to give the generator a day off, but I need a bigger battery bank and the fourth panel connected.

Judy and Emma said...

Was that fly on your fries?? Perhaps you won't need ketchup!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Contessa, we only tried outside, and the connection was so puny we moved on. :o( Maybe it's way faster and stronger indoors? I'm such a weirdo that I'd rather surf in the privacy of my car.

Steve, you're killing me here, man! You're finally well, though, right?

Donna, it is my opinion that nothing worth knowing can be learned apart from Wikipedia.

Larry, I'm afraid we learned about it while in the act of doing it. The girls said "oh, that's Arizona pinstriping!" They made it sound cool and desirable.

Gaelyn, I have lots of patient, but not much social. It would have been painful. Yes, I agree, Parker is a better situation.

Brenda, your vehicles thank you for your ignorance. It's not really what we were going for, but at least our rig is old. It can have some experience to go with its raggedy exterior.

Blars, you must be set up! How big is your system? Watts, AH? What all do you run? What's your average daily consumption, if that's not too personal?