Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Quartzsite in the rear camera

Which way to the little riveter's room?


Not only can we, we have no choice. Step aside.


"This doesn't rhyme, and no one will ever remember it.  Think ... think ... ships, hips, blips, dips, lips ... HEY!"
This was seen out at Camp Bouse, the same day it was seen by The Bayfield Bunch.

Burning gas out on Plomosa I noticed these:



What do you know about them?  Any local stories?  I came up empty.

Over the past month we've used about five gallons of propane and 65 gallons of water.  So, at current levels of consumption we can easily boondock for one month at a time, not counting runs for dry roasted peanuts and PBR.

So long for now, Quartzsite.  We'll breeze back through to say hey! to Charlene as we head south.  She is a woman of many talents; one of them is portrait sketching.  I got to see some of her sketches and the photographs they came from, and they are good.  Really good.  

Liz, I won't swing by Wisconsin this time, but hope to see you again soon somewhere souther.


We're at our new 'docking site, and I see a few opportunities for climbing a hill with a stick and looking over the other side.  Maybe tomorrow.

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Gaelyn said...

Heading north?

The Good Luck Duck said...

A little. An interlude to collect our passports and assorted mail.

Teri said...

I use very little propane, but would have to cut off all of my hair to be able to conserve on water. Maybe I could tow a tank of water, when they weighed my rig they said I could tow 6000 lbs.

TexCyn said...

I"m glad that ya'll left the swamp state & finally got on the road to bliss & happiness &.. strange signs..

Jim and Sandie said...

Certainly can't help with the RIP sign. You just never know what you're going to find out in that old desert. I use more propane because I'm always cold. Water I can't do pretty good with. But heat - I need heat.

Sherry said...

Boy that sky is a hummmmmdinger. Hope you gave my regards to Rosie when you visited her.

Where was it you said you were off it now??? Passports? You know they will actually deliver your mail to you sometimes.

Rick Doyle said...

Beautiful sunset shot!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Thanks, Rick.

I did, Sherry, going in AND coming out. The thing about mail delivery is that my address would be:

The Desert
Arizona, USA

and mail carriers get peevish about things like that.

J&S, I know what you mean. My strategy is to go to bed when I get cold and to get up when it's warm again. We do use our Mr. Heaty some evenings and some mornings, if we've missed the above deadline, and I didn't include all that propane in those figures.

Cyn, I did like that swampy state quite a lot, but, yeah. The humidity. I started really, REALLY liking it when I realized we were in the desert part of the swamp state.

Teri, hair is a big factor. At least when Annie's hair gets wild and unmanageable no one can tell.

Wanderoke said...


Your Hipster credentials are showing again.


The Good Luck Duck said...

NO!! Tell me it's not a hipster thing! Great. Now I have to go with microbreweries.

Jerry and Deb said...

Awesome sky shot!! Y'all be safe on the road and hopefully we will get to meet up someday.

The Good Luck Duck said...

You guys, too. I'll be following your adventures and then copying them.

Soaring Sun said...

I'm pretty sure those female Indian chief names were made up. Stands With Flies really sounds like someone who was fed up with being dive bombed.

If I made up my own Indian chief name, I'd have to be Stands With Difficulty.

What would yours be?

The Good Luck Duck said...

Haha! A game! I'd be Sitz With Relief.