Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Desert is _______.

The Desert is Hot

Annie and I turned a roll of Coolaroo

Koolaroo sun shade, Koolaroo roll

into sheers for our big windows. VERY GOOD IDEA. It makes a difference.

The Desert is Mysterious

I was determined to find some kind of glyph today, and so we did.  It's very hard to find much about the Quartzsite Intaglios online, and the Chamber of Commerce claims no knowledge of them.

Sketch of Quartzsite Intaglios,

Quartzsite is thataway, more or less.


I won't insult you by telling you what this is.

Supposedly points directly to the Bouse Fisherman

I think it's pointing toward our campsite.

I took the coordinates in case you wanted them, and then our GPS took The Big Nap.  Maybe there's a reason no one talks about these geoglyphs.

A gust of wind came up and my hat and glasses took off into the restricted area.  So, Annie desecrated an archaeological artifact to retrieve them, and this is why Arizona can't have nice things.

We also wanted to see the petroglyphs and grindstone holes that Barbara wrote about so tantalizingly, but we couldn't find them.  HELP US, BarbaraWan Kenobi!  You're our only hope!

The Desert is Brutal


Twenty feet later ...


The Desert is Beautiful


The Desert is Exhausting







Palindromes are Awesome

Here's one: Wasilla: all I saw [that's a Sarah Palindrome]
Here's another one:


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Carolyn said...

Great pictures! the Maine Coon looking one reminds me of my great pal I had for 17 years... sniff..

Desert is beautiful. I don't know how I'm going to fare without climate control... But it does cool down at night if I remember.

Thanks for the Coolaroo tip.. need to check that out.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Aw. I hope we have Bob for 17 years. She's a fun cat.

You can head for the hills when it gets too hot down here. That's our plan.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the trip, your beautiful pictures and showing your great finding!!

Russ Krecklow said...

Nice photos, and very "sage" advice...especially from a duck! Ducks on the water are always much more at home than ducks in the desert. It is beautiful, and tiring! Don't forget to check out Donna's post at Travels In Therapy where we have some exciting things shown that you will enjoy. Even mentioned your name, and you were in our thoughts! But....go see for yourself!

Gaelyn said...

Quartzsite doesn't know squat about nothing.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Anonymous, it's my pleasure, always.

Russ, I can't believe that was there for two days and I missed it! So funny. I'm touched that you think of us when you think of sewers.

Gaelyn, the CoC is worth a giggle, except I think they're being serious. Maybe the woman I asked was a disgruntled volunteer. Maybe she had had her fill of tourists. At least she pointed me to some intaglio, but it seems like people in Q would know about Q geoglyphs.

Bob said...

Oh c'mon! I thought it said, "The Dessert is..."

Was getting worked up about maybe some chocolate pudding.

or peach cobbler?

nom nom nom

But no, petro....what? Then those big hairy things with claws? Gah!

And that monster in the third photo has what? About nine claws on each paw? What's with that? Taken from the Three Mile Island Pet Shelter?


OK fine. The cats are cute. But I'm still upset that I only read what I wanted to read. Dammit.

Sherry said...

Geoglyphs COOL! Well apparently not so cool if the CofC never heard of them. But you have pictures to prove they are cool even if the desert is hot. Don't melt in that heat now. Think of your faithful followers. What will we do for a laugh???

Judy and Emma said...

The desert is...mosquitoeless. How could I ever live there??

Renee said...

Started reading your blog a couple months ago, and now it's on my morning wake-up blog list. You never fail to make me smile, if not outright occasional chortle has been known to escape.

Thanks so much for sharing your discoveries and your sense of humor.

Steve said...

And a one and a two and a three ...

~ we don't need another arrow ~ bu-bah-bum ~ we don't need to know the way there ~ bu-bah-bum ~ all we want is what's beyo-ond the palindrome ~

Yes, that really just happened!

sierrasusieq said...

Love the cats !! Do you have 3 ??

The Good Luck Duck said...

Bob, you were accidentally pwned - sorry about that. Yeah, that crazy Hemingway cat has 28 toes altogether (I think 18 is the norm, but who wants to be normal?). We met her and brought her home about 11 years ago. I loved her eye contact, and Annie loved her feet.

Sherry, wouldn't you think someone would know about them? I mean, there are fences and signs. But, Arizona seems to be very low-key about their antiquities.

Exactly, Judy! I have to admit, it's a big checkmark on the "pro" side.

Renee, you're kind to say so, and I'm very glad you enjoy coming here.

Steve, it was like the music started up before I ever read the lyrics. *applause*

SusieQ, we have six. One of them (Max) was unavailable at the shoot, as I've pulled this kind of naptime thing before and now he wants no more candid shots.

Contessa said...

Just got caught up with all your posts. Have to say we love that area but you are showing us more than we have seen in the past!

Spotted Dog Ranch: said...

Finally, the CATS!!! Have you ever seen a mouse sleeping on its back? I know, it's a rare sight, usually they're dead on their back, especially if you have cats. But I saw one once in my laundry basket, and it looked JUST LIKE that fat cat (don't tell him/her, let's preserve what little dignity is left). LOL

They're all such personalities, it comes through in the photos.

And be glad the CoC doesn't know about the glyphs, they'd be toast. Probably charge a fee or something.

Jim and Gayle said...

You really have 6 cats in your RV? I'm impressed!

Soaring Sun said...

Coolaroo looks coolio. Did you actually sew sheers, or did you just cut the fabric into the right size/shape for the big windows and then anchor the pieces somehow? Inquiring minds want to know. Well, at least one inquiring mind does.

There is a storm headed our way. The desert will be cooler Sunday through Tuesday, daytime temps in the high 60s, some precipitation. Ahh.

sierrasusieq said...

6 cats in your rv? I have 3 and a dog and am wonderring how well they will do travelling. I did travel with one cat and he did fine. How are your cats??? Do you let them out ever??? on leash or not???

Janie and John said...

That sunset is spectacular!

Anonymous said...

I am SO happy you didn't insult our intelligence on that picture. Any monkey could see that's a cubist interpretation of a reclining nude on a ship's prow...very avant-guarde if I may say so myself.

The kitty pictures are simply lovely :)


LG61820 said...

I find it fascinating that I see more phallic references on your blog than anywhere else in the blogosphere. Is it you or is it me?

The proud new owner of a 1995 Damon Challenger,

Annie said...

Chinle, I've never seen such a thing. That mouse must have been on musculus relaxers. AHAHAHA! I kill me. I won't tell Bob. Or, did you want to preserve the mouse's dignity?

Jim & Gayle, are you sure you mean "impressed"?

Sue, it's the latter. We cut them to size, and Annie installed snaps so they affix to the wall. It looks kinda like houses do, except this is installed inside, and we move around.

SusieQ, ours don't go out. We've tried a leash, but it upsets them so much it's not worth it. They used to go out at home, and while we were in Florida, but we're not ready to try it here.

Thanks, J&J!

Nina, I don't like to flaunt my art history knowledge, so I don't even admit to myself that you're correct. I would have thrown "Dada" in there; otherwise, exact interpretation.

Anywhere else on the blogosphere? Oh, come now. They do say phalli are in the eye of the beholder, but that's disgusting, and you'll never hear me saying that. And, WOOHOO! Congratulations!

Roxanne said...

Haha! That was me up there. I'm Stealth Annie.


Lou said...

The pics are awesome and the desert is indeed a beautiful place.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Thanks, Lou. Isn't it?

Donna K said...

Wow, love all the cat pictures, especially the one with ALL the TOES! Entertaining post as always :))

The Good Luck Duck said...

Thanks, Donna. That's Ellen, the Polydactyl WonderCat.