Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Postman Always Rings Twice and Leaves a Tracking Number.

Our luck ran out and so we drove to Blythe (California) to pick up three UPS packages that wouldn't go to the US Post Office.  It's a mystery every time!  The UPS Customer Service Center is open from 9 AM to 10 AM Monday through Friday.  I repeated the information, just to be sure I heard correctly --

You said: 9 AM to 10 AM?

Yes, ma'am, but only Monday through Friday.

10 AM??  

Yes, ma'am, but only Monday through Friday.

--whereupon Annie and I discussed for 17 minutes whether 10 AM there is later or earlier than 10 AM here.  The sleep-later faction won that argument, thank the time zone gods.  I want to thank the UPS Customer Service Center for stating openly and honestly that there would be a solid hour of UPS Customer Service rendered at that Center, each and every five days out of seven.  I'm a fan of achievable goals and truth in advertising.  And, I will say that the entire time we were there they were centered on serving us, which is all we needed.

Because we could, we stopped to dig an archaeological site.

Annie explained that this gate is to keep cows out, because they're not articulated.


One of the Blythe Intaglios

More of them

I've tried to link these shots to Google Maps for Bob.  Go ahead and click - he'll have to learn to share.*

To encourage you to go see them, I will tell you that one of the figures is anatomically correct, more or less.  [It's the snake.]

[It's not really the snake.]


Colorado River.  Since you came to see naughty intaglios, you might as well see a river, too.

Annie found this life-changing thing and there was no question that we needed to buy it.  Every time she moves the car dolly around she's laid-up for days.  


So easy a simpleton can use it.  [Okay, Annie, that's not funny.]

*I did not succeed. Sorry, Bob. You can Google them, though.

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The Odd Essay said...

I swear when I first read the header on your post it read "The Postman always rings twice and leaves a Quacking Number". Guess I flunked the cataract surgery test.... Maybe I'll even have to look at the snake again. But... UPS offices are notorious for having limited and "unusual" office hours... Glad you were able to fit them into your schedule ;-)

The Good Luck Duck said...

Quacking Number ... Ahahahaha! That's awesome.


Janie and John said...

I loves the intaglios. We saw similarly endowed petroglyphs last year in the SW and John thinks that maybe just maybe the petroglyphs were teenagers doing what teenagers do and drawing pictures of the way they wish they looked anatomically.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Ha! Good point. And, favorably explaining their big feet.

Jac said...

ok, now my world is set right again. I thought this area was the only one with weird delivery issues. You made me feel bad. But now that I know Blythe's UPS office is only open for 1 hr. a day (yeah, yeah, lady, only M-F), I don't feel quite so bad. I'm sure there's a logic to it; perhaps it's that Blythe hits 120 by 9 a.m. in the summer. Oh, fond memories of getting food poisoning in Phoenix & traveling across the absolutely-contains-nothing-manmade desert to Blythe back in the 60's.

Oh, so funny, Roxi! Big feet!

The Good Luck Duck said...

OH NO! That's awful. I'll bet the desert contained something woman-made by the time you got there.

Judy and Emma said...

Hmm..big feet? I thought big ears were a sign of a snake-like fourth appendage in males.

The Good Luck Duck said...

EARS! I'm always getting those indicators confused.

Sherry said...

OK I'm rivited to the screen over this life changing thing and given the change in my life, I think I MUST have one. BUT where do you store it? It looks very big and non collapsable. My 34' Winnona may not have a space for me to have a life changing thing.
Is this what the UPS office GRACIOUSLY stayed open for one hour every single working day so you could pick up???

And it's true about the ears. Not so much about the feet.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Sherry, we honestly haven't figured out where we store it. It's possible that it could ride on the ladder, except that Annie has a "thing" about things on the ladder. We may end up rearranging a basement bay so it can go into the passthrough.

Thanks for the data on the ears/feet question. I guess I only ever encountered moderately-eared guys.

Erik's RV Blog said...

1 hour window, wow. Hey, that dolly dolly looks awesome! I think I need to check into that!


The Good Luck Duck said...

I'm a weakling, and I was able to maneuver it pretty easily.

Page said...

Everyone needs a dolly. Have you named yours? If I had one, I'd probably name it Raggedy Ann. She was (and 50+ years later, still is) my favorite.

AndraWatkins said...

That CO River is a pretty mighty creature. I am glad to know you can both operate the car dolly.

Jac said...

OMG, no, Roxi! I woulda died first, proper uptight kid that was me! So, I never heard about the ear thing--actually not even the feet thing. I heard something about hands, but never did the research.

Are you liking Parker? How long are you staying there, or is it one of those whim decisions--however long we feel like it? Do you feel like sight-seeing in jolly old England? You're not that far from Havasu--you could see the the old London Bridge, & I hear they've built all kinds of shops near it, just like London. The desert does strange things to people. Make sure you get out of there before the summer hits!

Gaelyn said...

I know Blythe is small, but really, UPS 5 hrs a week.

Is Annie giving rides now on the tow dolly?

I've always heard the size of thumb is comparable. Wonder if anyone would pay me to do a study? ;)

The Good Luck Duck said...

Jac and Gaelyn, you're killing me here! Talk about a hard way to earn a living. I mean, research is one thing, but let's be kind to ourselves. NO OFFENSE, guys. Actually, the thumb made me laugh aloud.

Donna K said...

Big ears...not going to comment... NOT going to comment...oh dang it...I did NOT want to visualize that clip from my video...NOOOO...(never mind those of you who do not know what I am talking about - Roxanne knows!)

The Good Luck Duck said...

And, they should all go to your post and see your brother-in-law's anatomically-correct ears.


Prof. Bleen said...

Cows aren't articulated? Does that mean they can't turn tight corners? I can see why they would be able to twist their way through that gate.

In a week, California will be on PDT and everything will be even with Arizona again.

(BTW, there's an HTML error in your LiveJournal feed, in a link to Google Maps just after the Blythe Intaglios pic.)

The Good Luck Duck said...

Yeah, that cow gets to the first turn, swears, and back out. Cows aren't allowed to see intaglios.

Thanks for coming over to tell me. It's a dilemma, because if I fix it now, everyone will get this post at the head of their feeds again, and while I hope it was funnish the first time, the second time around might be disappointing.

Contessa said...

Even in Canada......Fed Ex, one hour 6PM to 7PM! I have given up!

Anonymous said...

Those dolly things are great !! I had one when I had the small trailer for my bike. Took the bike out and (with the dolly) I could move the trailer around wherever I wanted. Good purchase !!

Bob said...

Oh Man! I'm always late to the party. It's that whole time/shift/space/continuum thing.
Either that or I just wasn't paying attention.

I don't think there's any way to link photos to Google maps. Or is there? I may have to try that. What could possibly go wrong?

I'm wondering just how efficient it is to stay open for one lousy hour. It takes some folks longer than that just to get to work. So does this mean the mystics at the Fed-Up office live right there? Then again, maybe I'm just not familiar with the ways of the desert.

Oh, and "Aw! You linked to my site!" How nice. (I'll click on anything...)
Just the same though, I'm not ready to share. Well, I'm always "ready", but it's that whole "discretion is the better part of...something".
Nothing to see here.

Oh, and the ears thing? I'm not so sure. Have you ever noticed some old guys whose ears have grown over time? Admittedly there may be other parts that have succumbed to the ravages of gravity, and so what? that's going to be "mirrored" in a feller's "special place"? Meh, I don't think so. Of course, one does hear of old guys pursuing certain hobbies in "Old Folks Homes". Cripes, do you think?

Let's just move on, shall we?

Besides, I've used my quota of "quotes" for the day.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Contessa, that's pretty bad. I suppose one could say that 6-7 at least allows people to both receive packages and work a 9-5 job.

Sassie, I think it's going to be great. Annie could physically muscle the dolly around, but she always paid a price. It's just not constructed so it can be done ergonomically. So, yeah, I think this will be good. You could actually move a little trailer with it?

Bob, I was thinking of old guys' ears during this thread, I'm sad to report. Noses, too. Still, gravity is no respecter of appendages, and I suppose it could strike universally. [Wow, I'm really good at this dirty talk.]

Well, if you're looking to me for proof, then, no. It is strictly impossible to link Google maps to a photo. However, it doesn't make sense that it can't be done, since you can link a photo to a URL.

I suppose that the other 7/8 of the work day is occupied by things that go on behind the scenes of Customer Service. It's a pretty big facility, but the service area is very small.

Soaring Sun said...

When you got the customer service area, did they deliver?

Or was there a "Be right back" sign on the door?

The Good Luck Duck said...

They delivered! Or, you know, didn't deliver, which is why we were there.

Haha! "BRB! GTG!"