Thursday, March 1, 2012

That's different.

I don't like to run around yelling the obvious:  boondocking is not like not boondocking.  If you want to order something like, say, Eternabond, you don't really have an address for shipping.  Don't sit in your RV staring at the desert and waiting for the mailman.  First, find out if your nearest US Post Office accepts General Delivery;  if so, you can have it sent there and you can pick it up.  Have a government-issued ID ready.  Easy peasy.

However, it is possible to have a FedEx man show up at your wilderness.*  I got a call asking about a physical address, and I explained that we were parked in the desert and didn't have one.  He was ready and even kinda willing to bring it out to The Desert, Arizona, USA, but we assured him we didn't mind meeting him in town for a pick-up.  The truth is, we hadn't tidied up The Desert lately, and were embarrassed for him to see it this way.

Same thing happened with UPS, when a helpful delivery guy met us out behind the Safeway with the other transients without addresses.  I noticed, but did not remark, that the other addressless people behind the Safeway had beverages, but I didn't tell them we were coming so I can't feel insulted.

*Results not typical.



While we were pried loose from the rig, we went for a drive.

No stopping.  No standing.  No walking.  No biking.   No parking.  No fishing.  No spitting.  No throwing things from dam.  No jumping.  Please enjoy your stay.

No photographing Lake Havasu.


 I'm not sure if he photobombed us or vice versa.  

OKAY!  I won't!  I'm ready!!  No feeding!  No harassing!



Annie:  "You're harassing them."
Me:  "Hi!  Hi!"
Annie:  "You're too aggressively friendly."
Me:  "hi!  hi!"

Hey!  What's this?



"Excuse me, but this is a rather private..."

"Look, I don't mean to be rude, but could..."


"No parking.  No staring.  No harassing.  Got any burro food?"


Thanks for your comments yesterday.  Annie watched the video that I couldn't bring myself to see, and said that the infirmary needed an intervention.   And so, the perfect became the enemy of the good, as you so truthfully pointed out in many ways.

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Donna K said...

LOVED the burro photos and captions. Someday I want to see those wild critters...but I want to also go to Oatman where you are allowed to feed them, as long as it is carrots.

Russ Krecklow said...

Honestly, there are just way too many rules and regulations posted all over everywhere now days! If you can't harass a jack ass, then who can you harass! I just don't see the problem, as long as you don't make a perfect ass out of yourself. But, in that case, you could stand on the roadway, by the sign, and be protected! Nice!!

Gaelyn said...

I wouldn't harass the burro if I could get a ride. Is that to much to ask for.

turquoisemoon said...

OMG...this was so dag gum funny and entertaining. Thanks for the har har har...what a hoot!

Tesaje said...

Ahem! No jackasses were there, aka mules. Those we're full asses. Don't get your asses confused.

Michael Ultra said...

When you do something wrong and try to cover your jack ass, it always comes back to bite you.

Brenda A. said...

It's been a somewhat stressful day (not the bad kind, but stressful nonetheless). But you provided just the right amount of levity (LOTS). Thank you Ma'am! :)

Jim and Sandie said...

Love the burros. I think I would have had to sneak some carrots to those cuties.

Merikay said...

Are they friendly? How close can you get to them. Do they bite?

Bob said...

Gonna have some Eternabond fun? Should be an adventure. Just remember, that stuff sticks LIKE CRAZY. (only from what I've read)
Highly blog worthy I'm sure.

Carolyn said...

HAHaaaaaa... aren't they cute!? I'm trying to decide if I want to go south from I-40 through Lake Havasu ... I suppose the London Bridge is still there?

The Buckskin Mountains ... very interesting route.

Wanderin' said...

We visited the burros in Oatman (again) the other day. Those burros just want handouts. I think they are trained but they are the reason the town keeps pulling in all the visitors.

Ordering with a general delivery address can be difficult. We've ordered from Amazon before and had the "seller" refuse to send to a general delivery address. Most of the time it works out.

The Good Luck Duck said...

This post was for everyone who said I couldn't find an ass with both hands.

It wouldn't take me long to figure out where to get carrots, so I guess tourists have trained those guys. I want to see them. It didn't occur to me ahead of time that we might see burros and that I might need contraband. carrots.

Merikay, there wasn't a good pull-off, and I was concentrating on no ass-harass, so I don't know how close I could have gotten. I was taking these photos from the car as we passed slowly.

Didn't make it all the way to LHC, but I haven't heard of anything untoward befalling the London Bridge.

Bob, if I were handling the Eternabond, it would be an Abbott and Costello routine, but Annie is very skillful with it. There is no emergency, but we got a little panicky after using the last on a recent project, and didn't want to travel without it. All RVers should have a roll with them, this I believe.

Russ, this is a perfect circle, and I feel like I'm covered either way. I wonder if I can get one of those signs to carry around.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Oh, and YES to general delivery. If the seller would just refuse up-front, that would be easier than learning SURPRISE! We're sending it FedEx! after the deed is done.

Marianne said...

Did the fences make you homesick for CU? Thanks for sharing your burro the pictures! Happy March. ;-)

Jac said...

oh, come on, Roxi, I know you really took those photos in Washington. The first couple of the double burros pix of is obviously you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours. Glad to see something is actually happening there.

I'm jealous. It seems you get better delivery service on the road than I do here, where my packages get delivered to someone else...who opens them & puts them in their shed, never to be seen by me. Truly.

But seriously, very enjoyable read, very funny! Thanks for the chuckle!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Ha! Marianne, it's like we're home. Happy March!

Jac, we just need a couple of elephants and some legislative gridlock in the scene and we'd have the whole story. Sorry about the package ... what package? Look anywhere you like except in our shed.

Contessa said...

We never got to see an ass while there!

But we have had friends get Fed Ex delivery in the middle of the BLM lands near the big Q. The guy calls the rver on their cell once he reaches the entrance and then gets directed in from their. Amazing.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Nice! Were they at the LTVA? We've found the companies themselves to be fairly difficult to communicate and work with, but the drivers have been really helpful.

SwankieWheels said...

Love those little burros. I'll have to make that drive when I leave here. Precious.

Sherry said...

LOVE burros!! For years, we had two rescued from Death Valley. They were a riot!!
Dams, not so much.

As for package delivery as full timers, you sure are having more luck than we have. But then you ARE the good LUCK duck. Nobody will send nuttin' to General Delivery except our mail person so that means if you want a package, pay to have it sent to the address and then pay again to have the address person send it to general delivery. SIGH.........tell me the secret.

Laura said...

I wonder if there would be a limit to the number of ass jokes? Hey - did you see that hairy ass?


Waaaa... we did not get to see the burrows... saw the sign though

pretty funny meeting the UPS behind Safeway.
I like that/
We tried to drive our rig over the Parker Dam..NO GO ... Dam we tried though... Kelly

Teri said...

That's funny that you can meet the delivery man to get your package. I picked up a general delivery package at the post office yesterday and the mailman said there is one package with no name, just says General Delivery. I picked up a roll of Eternabond at Walmart, "just in case".

¡Vizcacha! said...

Swankie, I was sure I wouldn't see any, so it was very cool.

Sherry, maybe it's just beginner duck's luck because we don't know any better. We did have to drive to California today to pick up our UPS packages, if that's any consolation. But ... we saw more good things so it was still lucky.

Laura, there can never be too many ass jokes.

Kelly, we were all indignant reading the "no RV" sign, and then we saw the barriers. Plus, maybe it gets really windy? Maybe RVs can carry too many explosives? I don't know the rationale. Oh wait, the sign said "No rationalizing."


Anonymous said...

Love your blog! The burro bit made my morning and almost caused me to spit coffee on my keyboard. Hoover Dam has the same stupid rules too -

JOJO said...

Just catching up this morning. Love the post it brought a smile for sure. Your comments under the photo's are great.
I was there so many years ago, didn't see the ass guys then.
Keep the laughs coming I home again and need them.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Teri, THERE IS ETERNABOND AT WALMART??? In rolls?? ARG. Did you have to show ID to the postmaster that proved you were "General Delivery," and how you achieved that rank at such a young age?

Anonymous, I am pleased that I put your keyboard in peril. Thanks for the heads-up - I won't plant to relax or enjoy myself at Hoover Dam, either.

Thanks, Jojo! Good luck on your surgery.

Anonymous said...

Nice ass!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Haha! Good one!