Tuesday, March 13, 2012

You're welcome.

That's not helpful.

We're back bumming around Quartzsite with a whole new 'tude.  Things get quiet about this time, and you can't even buy an RV.


Roadrunner Market is an okay place to pick up necessities.  Their produce tastes good, and isn't exorbitant.  Walk by the Snickers.  ... walk by ... walk by ... 


You can still pick up a burger and milkshake at Carl's Jr., although since we re-veganized we're trying not to think about that.


I think there are geoglyphs around that Quartzsiters don't want me to see.  I WILL SEE THEM.


We spent a few pleasant days camping with Charlene of SwankieWheels.   

When was it the Post Office?  



We're excited for Al and Kelly of The Bayfield Bunch on the purchase of their winter home.

This is not it.



Do you recognize this burrow?  It's at the base of a mesquite tree.


A pair of mourning doves are settled around the campsite somewhere.  I love their familiar mourning in the morning.

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Marianne said...

I appreciate your pictures of the desert. I've always thought I wouldn't like to visit AZ but it has a certain stark beauty to it that I think I could like for a short visit. We're going to Utah to the "high-desert" to visit family tomorrow. Cheers, you two!

Wanderoke said...

Vegan Snickers.....

Gaelyn said...

Passmore Gas, teehee, that's just funny. Have seen their signs before.

The Big Q does get kind of quiet this time of year.

The Odd Essay said...

So... what's wrong with a little "fixer-upper"? From their blog, it looks like the Bayfield Bunch could tackle anything! Your photos make QZ look like a Ghost Town... does it only come alive during the gem show/flea market?

squawmama said...

OMG ~ the photo of the moon is fabulous!!! Loved it ... oh and of course the Passmore Gas. LOL LOL
Have fun & Travel safe

Soaring Sun said...



TexCyn said...

Hey, that's my house! Hey, that's my moon. Hey, give me that snickers bar dammit! I'll trade you some rain for it...

TexCyn said...

Or....maybe an RV....

Karen and Al said...

Wow...what a gorgeous moon shot!

Sherry said...

If that's a snickers bar with those ingredients, don't eat it.

LOVE that moon. Looks like you have Q all to yourselves. Lonely yet????

Merikay said...

SOOO ... Were do you eat when you need a quick something and you are in a new place?

I so hope to never set foot in a fast food place agin, but I'm not sure where we will stop if we are driving. Oh, wait a minute, we will have a kitchen along won't we!

Tammy said...

Great pictures Ladies!!!!

Donna K said...

Mooning the public again I see....but it's a NICE moon!!

Judy and Emma said...

Passmore Gas, I'm trying to obey! :)

Me and My Dog said...

The Dollar store is less expensive than the Roadrunner Market, and it has a lot of food and some dairy, but no fresh fruit/veggies. I think Roadrunner is VERY expensive and only shop there for things I can't get anywhere else. Like Cheez-its, which I'm hooked on, and fresh meat and chicken.

Also, fresh fruit and veggies can be bought at the market across from the Post Office. (In case you haven't been there yet.) I haven't compared their prices with Roadrunner, or the amount of things available, but they are another option.

Food shopping is just more expensive than usual here in Quartzsite,I guess.

Teri said...

Lots of great pics today. Ha ha Passmore Gas, make your own propane, save money. Purple Cactus, never saw it that color. Great moon shot.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Marianne, your family raises sheep, I think I remember? Your vacations there always sound so great. We'll only be a state apart!

Ish, if there were such a thing I'd be all around it.

Passmore Gas: I had to look it up to make sure it was real. If you needed more proof that your name matters ... If I could do such a thing and produce propane, well, I'm game.

Sharon, I believe The Bayfield Bunch could make something out of this building, but luckily they don't have to. It looks like they snagged themselves a sweet deal that already looks pretty good.

Sue, I think you must have posted that as incentive to walk by. Not only animal products, but trans fats! Why you got to be like that, Snickers?

Cyn, I believe your house is available, but just KEEP OUT and NO TRESPASSING. Otherwise, you're always welcome there.

I almost said "thank you" to you all about the moon picture, then I remembered that Annie took it.

I know, right, Sherry? Not that I was ever under the illusion it was good for me. I like Q this way much better, no offense to all those other RVers hogging up my boondocking spaces.

Merikay, it's a good question. We carry nuts and fruit around with us for snacks while we're on day trips, and when we're in the Duck we have our kitchen, as you say. The problem is when we really crave something that's not in our best interests. There are very tasty meat substitutes that take care of that pretty well. Morningstar Farms has a lot of vegan stuff. Quorn tastes good, but uses animal protein.

I try to avoid MacDonald's but sometimes I let myself get so hungry I become stupid. I try to remember that I can get a couple of things there, if I'm desperate.

Barbara, we'd go into Parker for a big shop, for sure. The only thing we buy at Roadrunner is produce. They also have some shelf-stable soy milk, which we'd buy if desperate. We mostly found RR to be cheaper than the produce stand, if I'm thinking of the same one you are. Can't remember if they had more variety, though.

Thanks, Teri! You're not all that far from here now, are you? I'm eager to get to NM and stay awhile.

Jerry and Deb said...

So you lady's are still in Q, as we are too. We hope to leave next week after the mail gets here, but it has been a wonderful winter here in the desert. Leaving soon? Already miss that full moon and our nightly walks :(. Safe travels

The Good Luck Duck said...

Also waiting for mail! After here, Yuma to Algodones (on foot), then ... ? I'm still enjoying it here, and our site is really relaxing. I forget - do you guys boondock, or are you in a park?

Andra Watkins said...

Surely, Snickers is vegan..........I know. Milk isn't vegan. Is there milk in their milk chocolate???

I love the pictures. Funny, and the moon shot is glorious.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Andra, if Sue hadn't been all "helpful" by giving us "nutritional" "information," we could just assume Snickers is vegan. "Thanks" "a lot," Sue.

Thanks! And, thanks from Annie, who snagged that big, fat moon.

sierrasusieq said...

Love the Moon shot !! Wow, quartzsite sure looks diff with no people. I am glad to hear you are fellow vegans!! go vegan! I am too, for the most part. Once in awhile I slip up with cheese or even a once in awhile piece of fish. But I do eat 95% vegan. I just found your blog. Short note on why I am interested. I lived in an rv for two years in mid 90's . Loved it !!! Traveled and bought and sold stuff. I only quite because of a major health problem. Am now hoping, planning to go back to RV living in the next year or so. So much is different now with cell phones and internet. I didnt have either in 1994 and 95... I imagine that Quartzsite doesnt have any good vegan restaurants ..Ha ha . Where is Algodones???

The Good Luck Duck said...

Hi Susie Q! I'm interested in your buying and selling stuff - was that to support yourself? How did you sell back in those days before Etsy and eBay?

Vegan in Q - ahahahahaha! Luckily, for our wallets and our health, we don't eat out much, and I imagine we could scour up some iceberg lettuce salad in some restaurant here. Worse was Texas, where vegan means the chicken cordon bleu ate corn.

Algodones is just over the Arizona/California border. Yuma seems to be the easiest place to stay to get there. It's a Mexican town centered on US medical "tourism;" people go there to get dental work done that they couldn't afford in the States, get prescription drugs, buy trinkets, and eat fish tacos.

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Incredible picture of the moon rise! That's a moneyshot for sure.

Nothing left in Q except all the fighting city counsel members. Hope their bickering doesn't spoil the quite of the desert. :cO

sierrasusieq said...

Hi Good luck Duck !! Yes I did the buying and selling to support myself. I sold at flea markets, street fairs, music festivals. Anyplace I could get into with my stuff. I did not so much have a craft but bought stuff wholesale, imported stuff , and looked for stuff to resell at yard sales and flea markets. It is fun and addicting . Sometimes you make money, sometimes not so much. So, when I was going to a new state I usually got info from chamber of commerce on festivals , etc... I hope to go fulltime rv again and may still have to pull in some money. I had to much stuff back then. If I do buy and sell again, hope to narrow it down some. I used to keep all the stuff in the upper bed space in a class c motorhome. Took the mattress out for more room.
Have been to Quartzsite and bought some things there to resell. But, I bought even more at the big gem show in Tucson. Have you heard of it???