Friday, April 13, 2012

Do you feel lucky, punk?

Seeking revenge for all the feet.


If that was too upsetting (sorry), here's some sacred iconography to soothe you.  From the Catholic Church:

What is the symbolism of the woman?

From the Ajo Memory Project:




Ajo Historical Museum

L to R: José Castillo, Annie
José found us and gave us some firsthand history of Ajo.  Born here in 1939, he started working for the mining operation in 1958.

If you're interested in Ajo history, you can find that online, told with more flair than I can manage.  The mine closed down in 1985, and the Indian and Mexican settlements associated with the mine were razed then.  That's why the former residents, and their descendants, found it necessary to create the Ajo Memory Project to collect stories, pictures, and ephemera from the time.

Local artists working on Memory Project mosaic in Ajo.  I think Lonewolf Wanderwolf (Mike Baker) is the creator of the murals we've been looking at, too.

José made sure we each had a geode to take with us.  How did he know??

He gave us some good advice with the geodes:  You go out in BLM land, you find a rock you like, you take it with you. You find money or what money can buy, you don't touch it. Because there are two people watching you - the person who put it there, and the person who wants it.

And, I'm sharing that good advice with you.  Have a lucky day.

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Brenda A. said...

I am crazy for mosaics! And love the purpose behind that mural. Karin and I are kicking around the idea of making a day trip out that way early next week. Let me know if you'll still be in the area. If so we'd love to say "hi" at some point during the day. You can message me @ cherryontop3 at

Levonne said...

Ajo is one of my favorite places in Arizona. I was involved with their development of the artists' live/work space there in the middle of town. It was one of my all-time favorite community accomplishments. Have fun and don't pick up any money!

Jim and Sandie said...

I can't believe that Jim and I haven't made it down that way yet. I really need to rectify that problem. And that is definitely advice we all need to listen to.

Wanderoke said...

I will need to ponder and sit with that advice for awhile. Many thanks to José for sharing it.

Great mosaics! but the pictures of the cute bunnies are far from my Velveteen Rabbit vision.


Yes, it is Mike (Wanderwolf) that has done many of those murals & you can drop in at his Rocalla street studio called, Lizard Flats. Tell him the Bayfield Bunch sent you:))

Spotted Dog Ranch: said...

I like the one about stories. It reminds me of a quote from the Wind in the Willows: The stories we tell have a way of taking care of us.

Steve said...

I believe Bones/Dr McCoy from Star Trek starred in that god awful killer rabbit film.

Karen and Tony said...

We haven't been there yet and just know Mike from his blog but Ajo is high on our list.Thanks for the photographs!

Rubye Jack said...

Never heard of Ajo before, but this is the kind of place I love with all my heart and soul. Seriously.

Lynne said...

I got to visit Ajo for the first time a few months ago and absolutely adored it. Wished I could have stayed there all winter. Love Jose' s quote--- I'll remember that the next time I spot some money in the desert!

Janie and John said...

Great photos. Wish we had gone to Ajo. Ohwell, next time.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Brenda, emailed you. Let's make it happen next time!

Really, Levonne? That's very impressive. It's the Curley School, right - were you living around here?

Jim & Sandie, fire up your engines! Or, possibly, do that in the fall. I think part-timers are about to flee.

A&K, if I get my nerve up I just might do that!

Ish, just don't sit near the money or what money can buy - that's a hot spot.

Interesting connection, Chinle. And, the stories others tell about us not so much.

Well, I'll be, Steve, you're right. from behind the shroud of night they come, a scuttling, shambling horde...

My pleasure, Karen. He seems to be an artistic superstar. Maybe if we spend more time here we'll meet him.

I hear you, RJ. This place resonates.

It's our first time, Lynne, and we love it, too. I'll just keep my hands of the money and the product.

Next time, Janie!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Someone explained that the woman is the Virgin Mary. Who said that?

Sherry said...

Ok Ajo and Jose are on my list; now what time of year do I want to put them in? April?? AKA - how HOT is it???

When you are stuck on your wheels in Florida you make lists:
November in X, March in Y, June in Z

The Good Luck Duck said...

Sherry, it's not hot here at all right now. It has been as high as upper-80's since we're been here, but that's not the same as Florida upper-80's. It's true! But, the last few days it has been in the 70's for the high. I like it here right now because all the RVs have rolled away, leaving the town and José all to us. And, the weather is yummy.

We really just stopped here to visit Sue and cool our heels while letting Sedona remember that it's April. We didn't expect that it was going to be so great.

Karen and Al said...

Ajo sounds like an interesting place..beautiful photos.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Thanks, Karen!

Anonymous said...

I haven't been to Ajo in years and don't remember it being so colorful. Thanks for the great photos and the history of the area. Yikes, scary wabbits! Might have nightmares tonight!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Thanks, Paint. Better think of something less scary than rabbits before bed.

Desert Diva said...

I was in Ajo a few years ago. I remember camping on some BLM land a few miles out from town. There was a big tree on the land with a legend of a woman who had raised her children there...

Roxanne said...

DD, that's very cool. I haven't seen a big tree right around our campsite. How did you hear the legend? There is a bit of old ranch left down the road.