Monday, April 16, 2012

A flair for understatement.

Our boondocking spot outside Ajo was hard to leave, and not just because we were stuck. But, temps are rising in the lower elevations, and rising in the higher elevations, too, so we can venture up to see my cousins who live in the tundra.

We left Darby Wells Road by noon, and engined north towards Sedona. In-between the two places are the Black Hills. So cute, hon; we'll be going over hills! And, so we did, although there are no pictures because my hands were clenched onto the steering wheel, and my behind was grasping the driver's seat. Annie asked me to let go, since she was driving.

The Forest Service land we're on is very pleasant, although it's more crowded than we're used to. The temperature is great, and the scenery is beautiful, of course.

This time we remembered to dial down our Sleep Number bed before cresting the top of the pass. Two cats did get dangerously overinflated, though.

These are not cats.

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Spotted Dog Ranch: said...

The Black Hills? Man, you guys are really taking the long way, aren't you?

The image of the cats was, well, kinda inspiring.

Luci & Loree said...

Wow! Great deer picture!!! I always get butts!!

Rubye Jack said...

Is this where the Black Hills gold comes from?
Cute little deer.

Jim and Sandie said...

Loved your description of your clenched hands on Annie's steering wheel. Cracked me up. That picture is WOW.

Merikay said...

First blog I'm reading tonight, and you made me smile! You are appreciated. By the way, I used the boxed silken tofu today and it was just like what you would get in the cold case at the market. This really works for me because I am a very impulsive cook and live far away from the stores. I think it will be great when we are on the road.

Gaelyn said...

I have potato chip bags explode on the way home at the canyon from a grocery store.

I'm laughing about the bed.

sierrasue said...

Ha Ha !! Love your description of the drive over the hills and you havent even hit Jerome yet !Have you ?

Bob said...

Um yes, ricocheting off an overinflated bed into the closet like a stone skipped across a pond is NOT a good thing. Deflating is good.
The "clenching" reminds me of our very first time EVER on a four lane highway in our class A. My lovely companion didn't quite grasp the concept that *yes* we will fit under the overpass. ("Fly-over" for anyone reading from the UK and well, anywhere else.)
"See that transport truck dear?" "He's taller than us, and OH LOOK, he's just went under with lots of room!"
Took some convincing.
I tried not to roll my eyes.
They say that's not conducive to harmonious cohabitation.

Hope you didn't pull anything as a result of all that clenching. That's never fun.

Peter + Beatrix said...

What Bob commented goes for us as well. In 2009 we were venturing down the East coast. Trying to avoid NYC we went through NJ. Bypassed the "all trucks must leave-sign" and were facing 5-6 low bridges coming up on the New Jersey Garden Parkway. Bridges were vaulted so we took center on the road and closed our eyes. All went well, but it was nerve-racking.

Larry said...

Sounds like a nice relaxing drive on a beauty day. A perfect RV day.

Sherry said...

Too funny.........I just think you are too funny. Hey Annie was she sitting on your lap? ENJOY those nice temperatures. Since you LUCKY Ducks get to be where it is cooler than Brandon Florida I COMMAND you to enjoy them enough for me too.

Annie said...

The nice thing about the engine screaming while in low was that it drowned out Roxanne's screaming. Some.

I made an ill-advised joke about mid way down when I suggested we take the runaway truck ramp just for giggles. Roxanne was trying to figure out if that was my trying-not-to-panic-her way of saying our brakes were gone. Oops!

TexCyn said...

Yes. They are cats. You have deer inside of your wheel estate. Do I have to 'splains everything to you??!!

TexCyn said...

Yikes Annie. I can see where that would scare her. Next time, put the cats on the dash in front of her & teach them all do to their bestest, loudest yowls to help drown out the screams. Er uh...I mean the deer...

John Rogers said...

What a wonderful post and picture !

Desert Diva said...

Do you all ever meet up with RV-ing Women, and are you members? I'm curious about that group and would like to find out more about it...

The Good Luck Duck said...

Cheryl, we do meet up with RVing women, but not RVing Women - we're not members. I've heard good things about them, but paying for membership is my devout Thriftian line in the sand.

Thanks, John!

Cyn, this explains why I keep having to trim the cats' hooves.

Sherry, under orders I'll reluctantly enjoy the cool mountain breezes on your behalf.


Haha, Peter and Beatrix! Man, that's living live close to the edge!

Bob, I have my own problems with fly-overs, but it's about being on them. Those skinny, arching, curving, flimsy bits of road in the sky. It ain't right. I can accept that if big trucks can fit under, so can we, until we come to a sign that says "11'5" clearance." That's a problem.

Sue, we have NOT yet gone to Jerome! But, we won't in the Duck, for sure.

Gaelyn, I've never heard of such a thing, and I'm afraid it would surprise my bladder, too.

Aw, thanks Merikay. And, while we're here near "fancy" grocery stores (≠Walmart) we'll look for some shelf-stable good stuff.

Thanks, Sandie! The deer were cooperative.

RJ, I had to look that up, and it's the Black Hills of South Dakota where that gold is to be found.

Ha, L&L, my good luck geting faces and not butts surprised me, too.

Chinle, I think our lives are the long way 'round.

Donna K said...

Sorry I'm late, had a little accident on the way in...
I love your pictures dear and your deer picture.

Hope you unclenched before you got out of your seat or you are going to have a giant wedgie!!