Sunday, April 8, 2012

I still have those knees.

1967, southern Ohio
I didn't grow up celebrating Easter, but my mom did like to buy me Spring dresses.  I liked to get Spring dresses.







Throughout my adult years, Spring has meant my emotional resurrection.  The winter is no time to think about growth, or building, or easy living.  The winter is the time to hunker down, keep track of your gloves, and keep looking down at your boots. Can you see them?  That's good - you're still moving.

I'm not sure what to do with the profane cycle of my rebirth this year.  There was no hunkering down, and no fallow field of winter to reseed.  What that means is I have been happy all winter.  Not every second, because that's just sick and wrong. But, a lot.  

I woke up at dawn, and banged around outside while watching the sunrise.  If there's a more spectacular display of desert anywhere, I want to see it.  I sat still and heard the desert yawn and stretch.  I wandered around, got cactus spines in my leg and screamed three times because I thought it was a snake.  GOOD MORNING!  Annie is disgruntled.  Sue hasn't come out of the Guppy yet, and may actually be too terrified to emerge.  

When I manage to sit still and be exactly where I am, that is when I feel reverence.  Not worshipfulness, but awe.   Annie is rolling her eyes.  "Feelings.  Either you feel like having breakfast, or you don't."

Every time we land somewhere new I say "This is my favorite place!"  And, I mean it.  This time, I REALLY mean it.  

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Page said...

"When I manage to sit still and be exactly where I am, that is when I feel reverence."

Very wise words, Guru Roxieji. More of us should try that.

Page said...

Beautiful cacti picts, by the way.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Thanks, Page!

Brenda A. said...

Love this so much! Finding bliss in all your wanderings is a great thing. And feeling reverence in the moment...even better. :)

Janie and John said...

Well said. Being in the moment is such a wonderful experience.

Wild Blue Yonder said...

Great pics! Hope you weren't hurt too bad by that nasty cactus spine!
I hear Arizona is nice, might have to make my way there someday.

Contessa said...

Beautifully written and so very true!

I remember the dress, the white socks, white shoes, hat a gloves!!! Loved wearing those gloves!!

Rubye Jack said...

Oh gosh, I had forgotten all about the gloves. Ha. Oh yeah, and the patent leather Mary Janes.
I feel much the same with the awe thing since spring came in to being.

Gaelyn said...

Best is being in the Now.

When visitors ask what's my favorite National Park I answer, which ever one I'm at.

EcoCatLady said...

What a beautiful post. We're so lucky to have the chance to enjoy life, aren't we.

Sherry said...

Good grief, I was going off to college when your knees were looking like that. Now why did you want to make me feel so old.

This was my first winter without winter and I really didn't know how to deal with Spring Equinox and the advent of rebirth. I love not being in the cold but there is something about that hybernation that makes me so excited for spring. I don't think there is a spring in Florida so I'm pretty disoriented.

This may be my favorite post of yours. Or maybe the next one. But I like this one pretty much!!

Anonymous said...

okay I said it on facebook at least you have beautiful ankles from all those ankle excersises you did as a teen LOL

Karen Snyder said...

Life is so much happier when we choose wherever we are to be our "favorite" place.

I have similar knees (although mine are MUCH older than yours), and I'm sure I have a nearly identical photo or two someplace! Happy Easter!

Carolyn said...

My one memory of the Mojave desert is of our car breaking down in the middle of it when I was 2 years old. This is helping me to see it differently.

Those are some mighty pretty flowers.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Ms. Anonymous, I haven't been to Facebook yet, but you are most definitely NOT anonymous, lady! Only ONE person remembers I did ankle exercises.

Carolyn, I never used to think of the desert as beautiful. Putting in your 'desert eyes' really makes a difference.

Ain't that the truth, Karen? So much happier. Thanks!

Aw, Sherry, a dozen years is so much at that age, but nothing now. Think how much longer you've been getting smart. Yes, the cold is a real part of that cycle, and I'm also disoriented. I'm willing to get over it!

Thanks, Kat. Life can be pretty darn great here and there.

Gaelyn, I see now how you could say that and mean it.

Rubye Jack and Contessa, my favorite pair of cotton gloves (I remember two) had three tiny buttons sewn on the back of the wrist. I loved them!

Wild Blue, you would have to love it. Have to. The spine did get me, and I had to look all over to show Annie all the blood where it gored me.

Thank you, Janie. it is.

Brenda, thanks. So true!

heyduke50 said...

yep the toughest question we get is what is your favorite place of all...

Andra Watkins said...

Were you the love child of my mother? I think I had a dress JUST LIKE THAT.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Oh no, Andra, really? By the time you got it, it had to be out of style! :D

HeyDuke, what is your favorite place?? I think it's different when you're looking around for a future home, though. The things that are great for 14 days aren't necessary where you'd want to plop down for a few decades.

intrepid-decrepit-traveler said...

OMG - we can't hide from those bony knees and elbows, can we?

Love your cactus photos. I think the desert inspires reverence... glad you think so, too.

Anonymous said...

I love the picture. That hat is going to blow right on away with or without you holding on. But what I like even more is the contrast of the little girl in a Spring Dress (all soft edges) and five prickly cactus pics.

TexCyn said...

Dont forget to stop & smell the cacti. ouch. But really. You don't need to scream at it. You're supposed to talk to plants, not scream. Didn't yo Mama teach ya nuthin'? Well at least she bought you pretty dresses.

Lou said...

Such a great attitude, up at dawn and enjoying the desert...other than that whole mighta been a snake thing. I would have jumped out of my skin fo sho.

heyduke50 said...

favorite place? you say... heck I may just have to save it for a post :)

Soaring Sun said...

I knew you would love it here, Roxanne. I'm so glad you came. I slept right through your screaming. Apparently I intuitively knew you would find happiness despite the trauma.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, springtime in the desert. It's a wonderful thing! Such a well-written post.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Intrepid, I'd settle for a bony anything these days. The desert is a special place, isn't it?

JQueen, I hadn't thought of that, but it is funny. And, that hat probably did blow off at some point that day.

Cyn, that cactus was like a shy kid. Hi, here are some spines for you. Hope you like them ... AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!

Yeah, Lou, that "snake" almost did me in until it made me laugh at myself.

HeyDuke, now that's a good idea! Let's read it!

Sue, I'm glad I didn't jerk you out of slumber with an adrenaline surge. Tra la, it's so peaceful here ... AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!

Thank you, Paint. I appreciate that a lot.

swankiewheels said...

Say HEY to Sue, the Guppy, John and anyone else in TorC.

¡Vizcacha! said...

Sure thing!