Friday, April 6, 2012

Little dogies will get along tomorrow.

I don't usually remember birthdays, but I wanted to wish Zee Zahava a very happy one today. She must have a notebook at home where she writes angry things she has held in all day, because I've never heard her say a single discouraging word. Even though Ithaca skies are cloudy all day. Zee helped me find my voice, and now there is finally a place for you to lay the blame;  I asked her to help me find Margaret Atwood's voice.

We didn't leave!  Here we still are!  When I heard the wind and felt the rocking I knew it was time to get up,  take the sail off the hammock, and go back inside.  We'll try this again tomorrow, at the crack of noon. Last night we made definite plans to go someplace, and now we have some different definite plans.  But, they're for sure.  Hardly even open to revision.

You've noticed that Blogger is about to "roll out" a "new""look."  Be warned that as soon as you switch over, Blogger will help you by reverting to word verification, because you forgot you wanted it.  Google is deeply invested in reCAPTCHA, because word on the street says it is now using us to decode Google Earth street addresses.  I'm not saying that's evil.  After all, it's how we get places.  I just don't want to go all involuntary mechanical turk;  thanks anyway, Google.  Offer me 50¢ per translation and we're eating a whole new biscuit.

Nina referred us to a good website for Sedona area parking and camping regulations - thanks!  [The site wants to start playing a folksy audio clip - it's not offensive, just unexpected.]  It looks like the America the Beautiful annual pass stands in for the Red Rock Country annual pass.  A little more expensive ($80 vs. $20), but it will get you a lot more places.  Also, there are free boondocking sites in the area, so you don't have to pay to stay in great places.  Check out yesterday's comments for good ideas.

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Gaelyn said...

Always best not to drive in high wind with big sided motorhome. Sure glad there's some boondocking around Sedona or you both might have to get jobs to stay there. ;)

Judy and Emma said...

When little dogies get along they usually leave calling cards?? hope not.

kim said...

love it, i always say plan, what's a plan. Crack of noon or maybe next week sounds too much like a plan!

stillhowlyn said...

Will be interested to hear of the boondocking near Sedona. High winds and motorhomes are not compatible so stay safe! Lynda

Karen Snyder said...

High profiles and broadside winds...kinda' like trying to steer a brick? Am sure I'd lie low for a day or three to avoid that!! Please share lots of photos (and maybe a few tales of the mystic?) when you finally get to the Sedona area. :)

sierrasue said...

I have a question ! The drive to Jerome got me thinking. Do you travel with a motorhome only?? No car in tow? and if so, does that work for you most of the time? I traveled and lived for two years in a 20 ft motorhome and found it worked out fine for me. I did however also have a bike. Am thinking of going fulltime again and debating what to do. Motorhome, or truck and trailer. So, just wonder what your thoughts are on your current mode of travel.

The Good Luck Duck said...

No kidding Gaelyn, and they wouldn't be high-paying jobs, either.

Judy, we dogies carry our own clean-up bags.

Too true, Kim. We can't seem to stick to our own plans anyway.

Tales of the mystic would be fun, Karen! And "check!" on the pictures.

Sue, we do drag a toad. To my way of thinking, it's the weak link in our set-up, but it's nice to have the car once we're situated somewhere. The Duck is 38.5 feet, and not great for a run into town for anything. If we were much smaller, I think it would be nice not to have the car.

A friend of ours, Chris, drives a mid-size Toyhome and her toad is a bike. It works well for her, because she stays in town in parks, mostly.

Anonymous said...

We lived in Sedona for several years. Enjoy the fabulous red rock country! Everyone should experience it at least once.

Sherry said...

Love the picture today! Very ARTSY!!
Can't wait to hear your take on Sedona and see what a Sedona boondocking site looks like. Glad you are not in any hurry. Crack of noon sounds just right!

Janie and John said...

You are going to love it here. We will probably miss you but have a great time. There are so many hiking trails you could be here months and not get to them all. Ran into a guy who had a hiking map he got at the hiking store called the "Sedona Hiking Map" (good name) and it was much better than the one at the visitors center. If we were here longer I would have gotten it. Boondocking is a great idea, wish we were set up for that. Have a great time!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Thanks, Sherry! Well, you may need to wait a little while to see that, but not too long.

Oh, sorry we'll miss each other, Janie. What was your favorite part?

The Good Luck Duck said...

Paint, I know we will enjoy it. Where is home base now?