Thursday, April 12, 2012


Annie caught him circling us.  By "caught" I mean "photographed."  By "circling" I mean "menu-planning."
I wasn't even concerned until the mail truck dropped off the Acme Can Opener.

I've got a crush on you, Ajo.


I stood directly across the street to photograph this mural.


A woman came out and showed me where to stand for the best shot.


In case you didn't see this in the photo. I didn't, either.
This is in a big barn called ____ _____ Exports.
I was instantly in fourth grade...
...the time I spent fourth grade in the Sahara.  Excuse me, where are the glass coffee-table grapes?



She's got pigeolettes in there, too.
We browsed through a barn full of old stuff.  At the back were several shelves of 25¢ books.  Put your money in this basket, please.

Annie bought me lunch at Marcela's, where we dined on PBJs and french fries al fresco.  The fries were al dente, and the sandwich al pacino.  Cool breeze, bougainvilleas in bloom, iced tea;  it was a good time.

A shop owner told us Ajo is "Southern Exposure."  I've always said I wanted a town like "Cicely, AK."  Coincidence?  Probably!

We found this saguaro on our hike yesterday.
"Saguaro! Why are you in the refrigerator?"
"Isn't this a Crestinghouse?  Well, I'm cresting!"
Gratuitous Cactus Shot

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Gaelyn said...

Love the way that mural flows into the sidewalk and wall behind the building. Convenient to have footprints.

VtChris said...

Love the photos.....what a magical place!

The Odd Essay said...

Guess we'll have to go back there some day... we lived at Buenos Aires NWR for 3 months, but for some reason never made it to Ajo..... What a fantastic town!


Drive back to the Thrift Store and check out the pink trailer park.... K-dog ( Kelly )

The Good Luck Duck said...

Kelly, which thrift store? I'm itching for a reason to trot back into town.

Sharon, the NWR looks fabulous! Were you volunteers there?

Chris, I really, really like it here.

Gaelyn, I was grateful that she pointed me toward them.

Karen and Tony said...

The beautiful desert scene mural was painted by a fellow fulltime RVer. He has a studio in Ajo but doesn't blog very much -

EcoCatLady said...

OMG! That's my Peanuts lunch box! I can still smell the tuna fish...

The Good Luck Duck said...

Karen, thanks for that info - very cool! Does he live in the house on Rocalla Ave with the lizard on the side (Lizard Flats?)?

The Good Luck Duck said...

Right, ECL? It was like the sight of that box bypassed all my brain's filters and landed me back on that long lunch table across from Dale Anderson, that gross boy.


There are more things in that big mural than what meet the eye. We know the fellow who worked on that mural. You probably drive right by his studio every time you go into town. it's called Lizard Flats. Here's some interesting info on that mural........

The Good Luck Duck said...

Al & Kelly, it's a very cool mural worth a couple of dozen looks. Stopped for a picture of the Evil Bunnies today, too. Yes, we do go by Lizard Flats, and I wanted to get a picture but it looked like there was life about and so I got cold feet.

We tried the old Mica Mine road today, but it's in its "closed" season on accounta pronghorns. Not even any walking, the sign says! So, we U-turned and went on home, dejected.

Didn't know which thrift store was the landmark for the pink trailer park, so haven't seen that yet.

stillhowlyn said...

And there you are...a few weeks behind us but enjoying all the same great stuff. Isn't that mural the best? Check out the Historical Museum if you haven't already!

Andra Watkins said...

I always coveted that Peanuts lunch box. Why didn't you buy it for me?

Sherry said...

Color me out of it. I have no idea where this cool place is. I need me some Arizona time clearly. What fun you are are still in Arizona right? Or was it Texas? Not New Mexico I don't think. Gee why am I so confused?

Contessa said...

Obviously you are ready for MEXICO....come join us in the fall! Meet you in Quartzite.

intrepid-decrepit-traveler said...

LOVE Ajo - neat ol' town. If you have time, drive past Why and visit Kitt Peak Observatories. Why?

intrepid-decrepit-traveler said...

ps: Is that a coyote?

The Good Luck Duck said...

Stillhowlyn, it's great here. We did hit the historical museum yesterday, and it was cool, although the coolest part was our de facto tour guide, José.

Andra, I DIDN'T KNOW! *makes lunchbox note* Or, better still, come to Ajo and caress it lovingly right there in the barn!

Sorry, Sherry - you're right, we're in Arizona. Ajo is about 30 miles north of the border, and maybe two hours west of Tuscon.

Contessa, are you SURE we're ready? We're still quaky ducks.

Ooh, Intrepid, that's a good idea. There's a crater around here, too, right? Yes! It's a coyote who was circling the Duck and sizing us up.

Russ Krecklow said...

I tried to warn you..."they" know where you are! Not to worry, though...coyotes probably aren't used to catching ducks. But...on the other hand...with an Acme can opener...who knows what that one might be able to do? Thanks for sharing...and enjoy your FRIDAY THE 13th. Don't get too quaky!!!

Janie and John said...

Great photos. I love that mural.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Russ, do you think the extra-terrestrials are working with the coyotes?

It's great, isn't it? Artistic people amaze me.

The Odd Essay said...

Love the murals and mosaics! I'd guess that the lady on the right is the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus. And the figure on the left is Christ the King. Yes, we were volunteers at Buenos Aires for 3 or 4 months... Jan-April 2003. There are several trails, but my favorite one is near Aravaca... through an old homestead and up over the hills through a pass. Unfortunately that's also one of the favorite trails of the illegals (or at least was back then)... so you might see more activity than you care to witness. This refuge allows camping (did in 2003) but it's strictly boondocking. Really nice area...

Anonymous said...

I want a Tombstone pizza now.

Ahhh natural menu planning. No fuss. All inextricably connnected, whether we think of it that way or not. ~Mary

The Good Luck Duck said...

Sharon, of course you're right. It wasn't occurring to me that that was Mary. And, BA allows boondocking - that's great to remember. We're strictly boondockers, so that's perfect.

Haha Mary! And, yes, it's true, isn't it?