Tuesday, April 10, 2012

No, thank YOU.

We've been enjoying Sue and Steve's company while here near Ajo.  They live in a Very Cool Place, and their place is also very cool.  Sue made this for us and framed it;  we have a spot in mind where it can live in relative safety:

I want this on a t-shirt.  So do you.

You might accidentally remember this rock:


Charlene turned it into this:

Two perfect little cabochons.  And a hand.

Remember when the Duck wasn't solarized?  So do Darlene and Nicole.  This was not the first time they got us out of a power jam.

She actually said "I am Han Solar."  Could I make that up?

My friend Pat, back in Florida, took pity on my ragged complexion and gave me not one, not two, but three facials.  The results discouraged her as you can imagine, but I was happy as an exfoliated, moisturized, massaged Duck.

You do a "thank you" post, you're setting yourself up.   You forget that people also drove a distance to visit you, invited you for meals, gave you great camping suggestions, shared their water and ideas, told you things you needed to know, and said nice things to you repeatedly that made your day brighter.  You neglect to mention how many times you've laughed at a joke or been touched by another's loss that felt a little like your loss.  Those are the things that are buoying you up day-to-day.   Those are the things that are buoying me up day-to-day.

You do a "thank you" post without thanking your wife, you're setting yourself up for heartache and cereal-bowl suppers.  This Duck only looks like this.

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Annie said...

I definitely DO want a Good Luck Duck tour shirt.

An Unrefined Vegan

Gaelyn said...

Love the cabochons.

Maria B said...

I don't need a t-shirt, but I'll take a Good Luck Duck needlework sampler in that design :-) or maybe a pillow...

Sherry said...

I'll take the two rocks and the solar panel please and I promise to do a thank you post dedicated only to you!

Soaring Sun said...

It has been very fun enjoying your company and getting to know you both better while you are here in the area. Thank you!

Judy and Emma said...

I just want one more can of beer for summer cooking. :) Will you be coming east any time soon??

Larry said...

Thankyou for a most interesting post. I think

TexCyn said...

Oh print it out on a transfer, put it on a t & give one to Sue & Steve!! Better yet, do them a t'shirt each or they'll look like those siamese birds of yesterday... for the other thank you's, they'd all like monetary gifts :-)
And thank you. $$$$$$$$$$ <--- not in pennies. Thank You.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Ooh, a transfer! How do you do that? Will the others accept payment in duck food? Got any nails? NO! Got any duck food?

Larry, I'm almost sure you're welcome!

*adds one can of beer to list* On our way, Judy! You're a lot easier to repay than that Cyn woman.

Sherry, can I interest you in a 5-pack of beer?

Maria, how about an embroidered Pink Lady jacket?

Gaelyn, they're very pretty in person, too.

Good choice, Anne!

Donna K said...

It's fairly easy to do t-shirt transfers but I bet you could also put that design on a thumb drive and take it to a t-shirt shop. That way the colors might last for more than 3 washings...or you could just never wash it, that would work too! That is a super creative design. Great post today - ya got some super friends!!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Good idea, Donna! Those shops can do some hardier stuff. The not-washing might work for me, but what about those people who do laundry? Not so good.

Andra Watkins said...

I want the shirt AND the rocks.......where do I sign up?...........oh, and three facials.........you and Annie have the most excellent friends.

swankiewheels said...

It was a pleasure to do "the rocks" for you. Maybe by this time next year I can make some money doing it. I hope to take photos of all the finished rocks, and begin putting some finished jewelry together... after I do my taxes... spend all day finding the papers... and getting meds for altitude sickness. I WILL conquer this too. Hey Sue!!! And... I'd have to write a very long thank-you post... which would include Sue, Annie, and Roxi... you all brighten my life so much.

Bob said...

OK so, I go to the flickr photo of "Han Solar", and I'm just having a question of conscience here.
Do I click on "flag as inappropriate"? Is that what that's for? I wouldn't do that to you though, don't want those google police after you. Flickr police? Whatever.

Of course, there are some people who are actually waiting for May the forth.
So it can be, you know, "with you".
Waka waka.

I'm here all day, be sure and tip your server.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Andra, the world is your oyster! And, yes, we do.

Charlene, I'd be glad to see you making some money from your skill, as well as your many other skills. There's medicine for altitude sickness? How high are you? What does it feel like?

No, Bob, it's not for "bad jokes." You have to click a separate "bad joke" button for that. Like "May the forth." Where's my button??

Soaring Sun said...

Steve and I have seen several couples around Ajo that do the dress-alike thing, but it's not for us. So if you seriously decide to do T-shirts, just one T-shirt, please, for me, and I'll be happy to pay for it. XL. Can you do it on a colored T-shirt? White isn't on my palette. Neither is yellow. Anything else is fine.