Monday, April 23, 2012

What the cow herd - boondocking in Sedona

We left our boondocking spot down in Cottonwood last week. It's a good spot, with a distant, pretty red rock view. Also an easy landing pad coming into town after a day's drive. Although it was pretty crowded by boondocking standards, everyone was apparently solar-powered, because we heard no generators and no air conditioners. We barely heard voices.

Still, hermity by nature, we moved on to another boondocking site in one of Marianne's guides.

What we see:



What we hear:


You people who grew up with me in the suburbs, did you know cows are early-morning people? Me neither

Last evening, there was a little dust-up.




I wanted to play, too.




The difference between a cowardly duck and an idiot = one electric fence. Which shows you that there may not be burros here, but there's always one jackass.

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Michelle said...

Oh I love cows! They have lovely eye lashes. LOL No mascara needed.

Brenda A. said...

I am suddenly very glad for electric fences. Now quit teasing the cows, okay?

I long for the days of hermit living. One time we had an entire section of the campground at a state park to ourselves. Close as we've ever come.

Carolyn said...

Um, Roxanne... that is not a cow. Back to 8th grade sex ed for you

Judy and Emma said...

Guess you got steered wrong!

Bob said...

Um. Ya. Be sure and keep your shoes on if you happen to touch that fence. Well insulated ones, if ya know what I mean?
Just a suggestion.
And if you think either of those two were "cows"? *Snort!*
Udderly ridiculous.

Michelle said...

LOL How did I miss that!!

The Good Luck Duck said...

How did I miss that!! You mean them.

Bob, I'm not gonna touch it. What am I, dumb or sumthing? I'm going to pee on it.

Oh boy, Judy. The steer was a bum.

Carolyn, I went to school in Florida. Sex ed was Friday night under the bleachers.

Brenda, that's all it takes to be hermity. Someone pulls into your section, you hang out panties. And, according to Nicole and Darlene, play the bongos.

They do have pretty eyes, Michelle. They could use some depilatory, though, and look who's talking.

Spotted Dog Ranch: said...

Uh oh, some of them free range types that don't like boondockers or Levi Dockers or even paradoxers.

Better watch out or you'll be singing the lyrics to Bull Riders in the Sky. :)

Anonymous said...

Word Up, on the sex ed friday nights under the bleachers in Florida! - Downwind

Texas Yellow Rose said...

Cows, or should I just say cattle, have wonderful energy, by the way. :)

Anonymous said...

Looks fully caffeinated. Some things you just don't want to inflame. ~Mary

Janie and John said...

Cows, cows, they got out and caught me parking with my boyfriend in high school. I know exactly what they sound like.:) Even city folk in Iowa know that sound well.

Donna K said...


The Good Luck Duck said...

Donna, the bung is what concerns me.

Haha, Janie! They were patrol cows. I guess that scary honking would be a passion-killer - parents should insist on bovine chaperones.

Full-caffeinated - lol! Yeah, I see the error of my ways.

Yellow Rose, I'll have to notice that. I find them cute and scary - is that the same thing?

DW, we know. We know.

Chinle, they are VERY stern looking, and not just the ones with attachments! The girl cows scare me a little, too.

longdog2 said...

Too funny. I doubt that little strand would hold them if they got real excited.

Terry said...

I will have to comment that someone took liberty with a CLASSIC country song. It is Ghost Riders in the Sky.

Secondly, having an agricultural background, I know that the electric fence only keeps in the cowardly critters and that peeing on an electric fence leads to the gosh-awfulest dancing exhibition that you could even imagine.

Third, I like cows, too. Usually medium well.

Fourth, as usual, a very funny post. Love it!

Gaelyn said...

Nice moooooooove.

Sherry said...

I'm not even going to enter this contest let alone compete in it but I thought you looked real nIce now out there a mooin' to them boys. Flirtin was ya????

What I wouldn't give for those neighbors rather than the ones I'm stuck with. As a certified card carrying Hermit I'm having real trouble being in this place this long.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Oh, LongDogs, don't say such a thing!

Terry, these are four important things for me to know. Wish I could have known them a little earlier *twitch* And, "ghost" sounds even scarier than "Bull," so I don't know about you, but I'm going to forgive the liberties. And, when he breaks that strand or three of wire, I'm going to have to start yelling that I'm vegan.

Thank yooooooou, Gaelyn.

Great, Sherry. Thanks a lot. I thought I was out there looking bullish and threatening, and you're telling me I looked "nice" and "flirty"?

I'm sorry you're stuck there with worse neighbors than ours. :o( Even good human neighbors can get wearisome after a while.

Michael Ultra said...

Bulls, cows, or steers. No in between. BTW, this was a good post.

Michael Ultra said...

Oh, and heifers.(forgot about them)

The Good Luck Duck said...

Thanks, Michael. Heifers, steers, bulls, cow-hens - it's all too much to absorb.

intrepid-decrepit-traveler said...

Aw, who cares - I call 'em all cows, and always try to avoid running over one (or more) when they're moseying across the road (think: open range). I also try to NOT camp too near a cow pasture ... pastoral pee-yew!!!!!!! I do, however, like their pretty-colored earrings!

JOJO said...

You sure are brave. Bulls are not friendly. LOL I leaned that after moving to AZ. 30+ yrs ago and had to dive under a barbed wire fence. Thorns aren't friendly either.

The Good Luck Duck said...

OWWIE, Jojo!! You had to run from a bull? Yikes. That's no kind of welcome.

Intrepid, they do have pretty earrings, don't they? I haven't noticed any big pee-yew here, but they have a lot of range to pee-yew on, and a road for unwary drivers.

Anonymous said...

Between your post and your readers' comments, I am still laughing! What a great way to start a day!

swankiewheels said...

Roxi... I can't believe you were running toward a snorting BULL. That bad boy was a Bull for sure. She sure wasn't a cow, which would probably run from you, but.... sure glad for that electric fence.

The Good Luck Duck said...

I like that as an epitaph: That was no cow. I wasn't actually running, cuz I don't do the run, but I was engaging in other ridiculous behavior like pawing the ground and making eye contact. He didn't return the posturing, probably because he knew how ridiculous I was, but he did follow me just to keep an eye on things.