Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Who is cuter?

A gopher.
My little cousin?

A gopher.

Hard call, right? Before you vote, consider that one of the contestants' moms may be reading this post. And, you know how mean a gopher mom can be. I just mention this so you can exercise good judgment. Learn from my mistakes.

Flagstaff is cool! I wore a sweater! Its downtown reminds me of downtown Ithaca, NY, with a little more activity. Here's some stuff:
Left to right: not my cousins, my cousins.

Unrestrained frivolity is the norm here.

Humphrey's Peak may address me when it is no longer snowy.

We visited Maddox's new home that his parents just bought for him, and when it looked like home improvements might be about to happen, we left and went to the Elden Pueblo ruins.


They are ridiculously easy to visit. Just like you might say "Pull in here and let me get a bottle of Boone's Farm," you can just pull in and look at 800 year-old ruins. We took sticks, but it wasn't necessary; the Boone's Farm was a nice addition, though.

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Karen and Tony said...

They're both too cute!

I added another link on my maps - thanks! This little places are hard to find on internet searches.

Karen and Tony said...

Oops -bad grammar!

The Odd Essay said...

Well, it's a hard decision, but I guess I'll go with the kid. Actually, no problem making this decision... afterall, I'm a mom, grandmom and great-grandmom.... my eyesight just ain't what it used to be.. but my maternal instincts are still intact... (sort of) Now... about that cousin thing... did you notice the dog with the street musicians? Where does he fit in the big picture? Looks like you had a great time!

Merikay said...

I hate gophers! Easy to vote for yourcousin.

Andra Watkins said...

If you're still there, go out to Sunset Crater. It's really interesting. And pretty. Almost as handsome as Maddox.

Sherry said...

OK so this "gopher" is not a Prairie Dog or a groundhog/woodchuck/whistle pig vegetable eating garden ruining varmint. Right? I just want to know exactly how strong my vote against him needs to be.

Maddox is way cuter than any of the above anyway. I might fire you as a cousin for even asking.

Rubye Jack said...

It's got to be between Maddox and your cousin.

Tesaje said...

But did Annie escape with no home improvement helping? She's handy! Isn't that actually a prairie dog? Cute cousin.

Brenda A. said...

TOO MUCH CUTE! I am such a sucker for chubby wittle cheeks. :)

Peter + Beatrix said...

This Flagstaff or Hollywood? Really.

JOJO said...

Cousin wins on my front.

I guess you missed the snow in Flag last week. My friends went a week to early according to her husband he hates it she loves it. I really need to get up there. I am now in Lakeside for the summer and not that far away.
You two sure know how to have fun.
Keep it coming.

Russ Krecklow said...

O.K. so now you're making it really hard on us...trying to decide cute! Cute is always in the eye of the beholder, and since there ain't many that be older than me, I say they're all cute!! Thanks for sharing all the cool photos. Love those old I always say "old rocks"!!

Spotted Dog Ranch: said...

They're both cutest, depending on your species.

And Boones Farm? Ouch - that took me back to my days as a college freshman, which I prefer to forget. :)

Flag's good. Your cousins are all cute. The street musicians would probably be pretty interesting cousins to have, if they were also your cousins, but not as cute.

Happytrails said...

Oh my, the pressure is on....Maddox/gopher, Maddox/gopher???? Pretty easy stuff...MADDOX!!!!

Cheryl (Desert Diva) said...

Flagstaff is nice, but IMO is one of the most unfriendly RV towns in the U.S.A. Now if you have "family connections to park your RV, that's a different story.

Maddox wins the "cute" - hands down! :-)

Gaelyn said...

It's a tie for cuteness.

Flagstaff is great. I'm at the KOA for my unscheduled 3rd night due to truck repairs. Pull out tomorrow for the North Rim. But don't go there, yet, because we don't open until May 15th. Lots of great boondocking in the Kaibab NF.

Donna K said...

Which one is Maddox again??? JUST KIDDING, Maddox's mama, don't hate me. Who could resist those chubby little cheeks? Maddox you're a winner!!

Carolyn said...

You can't compare a kid with a gopher .... not done ... Not kosher

I like gophers and I like lil ol kids...

Flagstaff, eh? I'm heading into Boulder tomorrow I plan on getting healthy... A study showed Boulder to be one of the healthiest cities so I'm going to go get healthy...

swankiewheels said...

OK... archaeologist and rock hound here just has to cast a vote for the rocky ruins... that's the cutest thing on this post. (Chubby cheeks get second place and the furry one will have to fend for himself.)

GiGi said...

I really shouldn't vote as I'm obviously partial to the chubby cheeks. It was great to hang with you two again! :~)

Bob said...

What? That Dude on the left playing the tenor recorder ain't yer cousin? OK sorry, I started to slip into "Hill-billy Speak".
"You can take the boy off the farm.."
Oh never mind.
My choice is NOT for the gopher (or Prairie Dog, maybe?) But ONLY if the human can pay his own college tuition.
We'll need a commitment from him in the next few weeks.

Anonymous said...

Not crazy about gophers and love chubby cheeks, so Maddox wins, hands down. Love Flagstaff too!

Jester Queen said...

OK, I'm hedging my bets here. Maddox is cuter, but the gopher gets points for temerity...

The Good Luck Duck said...

Bob, as far as I know he isn't my cousin. However, he seems to be past the college tuition stage, so maybe I should enter him in the contest? I'll get back to you with Maddy's educational intentions.

L, we had a great time, as always. You were SO great to make that delicious vegan meal. Even Cindy said 'it needs cheese, but it's pretty good.'

Charlene casts one vote for the rocks. Since they weren't officially part of the contest, the rules state I must take your second choice.

Carolyn, I don't see how your plan could possibly fail! :D What makes Boulder so healthy? Report back and let us know.

Donna, aren't those cheeks edible

Gaelyn, I'd say that's high praise for both our contestants. SORRY to hear about the break-down. Man, traveling this pass to Flag on 17 we've seen half a dozen rigs on the side. I'm very nervous about heading north this way. I'll take the flat route, please.

Cheryl, yes, I have heard that myself. Some nice places in the surrounding areas to 'dock (except they're closed now on account of mush), but no overnighting in town. Seems like I've heard of RVers getting hassled going in to shop during the day.

Wise vote, Mike and Gerri!

SDR, very diplomatic vote. Ah, the Boone's Farm days. What's to remember? You open a bottle, you wake up feeling sheepish. I agree the performers would be interesting cousins, if they didn't leave a hat out at family gatherings. Although, I'm a sucker for buskers. I resisted all manner of sales pressure in Mexico, but I gave in to the musicians. My MONEY. I gave in with MY MONEY.

Haha Russ! I saw a candid shot one of the young cousins took of me last night, and it's clear that I'm rocking the old myself.

Jojo, we watched the weather very closely before we traveled this way. We need to keep out of the forced-air-heat zone. The snow is gone now, but some 'docking sites are out of the question because of bad roads.

Seriously, Peter & Beatrix! I was very underglammed for the company I kept.

Right, Brenda? The cheeks get me every time.

Tesaje, it was touch and go, but in the end she escaped. I warned up front that I have no fine motor skills, but could paint a big, wide wall.

Good vote, RJ.

Ha, Sherry! Sarah hasn't fully accepted me as a cousin yet, so you're saying this might not be helping? I suspect that rodenty guy is just who you think he is.

Andra, The Cousins echo your sentiment about Sunset Crater, so we will have to see it.

Merikay, I tried to make it easy for you.

Sharon, sharp eye. The dog is, in fact, my cousin.

It's true, Karen, Google doesn't always come through on these "smaller" attractions. Usually we have to stumble across them.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Paint, your (wise) vote has been recorded. Plus, I found out the gopher's mom doesn't read this blog after all.

Jes, after looking up "temerity," I agree. I'll create a special Temerity category for him.

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Maddox gets my vote! And so does Boone's Farms, a real blast from my wild and mis-spent youth... ;c)

Contessa said...

Maddox of course....lucky guy to get a house bought for him.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Paul and Marti, if you got it, misspend it. It's what I always say. How come no one ever has a misspent middle-age?

Contessa, he is a lucky little guy indeed!