Monday, April 2, 2012

Will Robinson didn't KNOW danger.

Photobucket  Please.  You call this DANGER?  I face danger like this beforeWHOA!  I almost fell RIGHT IN!

There are open mine pits all over the place here.  This miner was considerate.

Here are directions:

Walk toward the ocotillo, then turn right.
Danger from wildlife is a constant feature of our adventurous life.


When Topiaries Turn Their Back on You!  next on FOX.
[Hint:  never turn your back on them.]

You can't read this.  It says
Pre-Columbian Indian Trail.  Please keep off trail
 so that it may remain for future visitors.

Photobucket   It was a different trail!  Honest!  This was the Post-Columbian trail not protected by a fence nor prohibited in any way.


Imperial Dunes (Glamis)
These are taken from the Hugh T. Osborne Overlook.  There is designated 14-day dispersed camping in this parking lot, and you are ON THE DUNES.  I think it's free here;  there are no amenities unless you count 'round-the-clock tear-your-doors-off wind that keeps things fresh. Also no iron rangers.

If you Google "Glamis dispersed camping," it will indicate North and South Dunes Glamis campground, but that's not this.  Those are long-term, dusty parking lots filled with other RVers.  You could stay here at the Overlook, without a lot of other RVers, and get the dust and wind for free.  Spectacular view, but I'm not sure how long it would take for the driven sand to take the canvas right off your tent, if you know what I mean.  After half an hour, Annie announced she had sand in her pockets, and I knew what she meant.

This is one of the top 100 things I've ever seen.  You should see it, too.  ATVs are rented right down the road in the "town" of Glamis, if that's your style.

Old Ogilby.  The guy on the right is taking pictures.  Meta!

This hole has garbage in it already!  Get the bags!
This was the former Ogilby schoolhouse.

Ogilby Cemetery

I think this completes the things I wanted to do here, and just in time.  The wind is blowing in some Big Hot, and we're going where it's Not.

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154275 said...

Why does a sign saying "Pre-Columbian Trail" make me think of coins with B.C. on them?
Probably not worth answering, is my guess.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Ha! Well, I hadn't considered it, but now I must.

Brenda A. said...

Are you trying to imitate a member of the Red Hat Society? I hope they don't come after you screaming "WANNABE...You have to EARN the right to wear those colors!!!". Never mind me. It's the hormones talking this morning. :)

michael ultra said...

Onward!(to the redwoods?)

The Good Luck Duck said...

And, I was wearing purple, too, wasn't I! Excellent! I think by anyone's standards I qualify for admission.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Michael, redwoods sound wonderful. Not sure about boondocking ops up around there - I should check it out.

Bob said...

Well of course Will Robinson didn't know danger! That's why that goofy Robot (whose name was "Robot", by the way) kept on saying, "Danger Will Robinson!"

Hm. Red Hat wearing person wannabe.
Lost in Space follower/whatever wannabe.
*harumph* (that one was indignant)

The Odd Essay said...

Interesting that there was litter around but the cemetery plots were pristine.... guess there is some respect left.... Maybe people expect the winds to take care of the litter...

Sherry said...

OK wait - I don't get it. If everyone keeps off the trail so it will be there for everyone else, won't it disappear from lack of use? Or are their designated trail maintainers who go out and walk up and down so no one else can????

If you find boondocking redwoods, notify IMMEDIATELY. I'm IN for sure!!

Sherry said...

No no not boondocking redwoods.........why would they need to boondock....I meant you & me boondocking in the redwoods. I wanna!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Bob, it always seemed to me that the robot was an alarmist. Was there really so much danger? It's not like they were in the US Southwest.

Sharon, you're right - the cemetery was definitely tended. There were no markers on any of the graves, but everything was tidy. I've been a little shocked about the amount of litter, especially glass, here (entire southwest). I think if people had to pay a deposit on their bottles that they got back upon return it might tidy things up a little. It's not a lot, but it made a big difference in NY state when that happened.

Sherry, you and me, redwoods. I'll be looking around, for sure. I think redwoods always boondock. Solar power, water where they find it, make sugar out of air (what a great trick!).

Gaelyn said...

Wildlife and stump critters guard mines. You were fortunate. Just not enough to find the fortune.

Standing in the wind at the dunes has been recommended for defoliation therapy. Some pay big $$, you got for free.

You can boondock in Oregon's Siskyou NF north of the redwoods. Gorgeous and diverse. Also some Hwy 101 stuff, like the shoulder and beach.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Oh, and Sherry, you make a good point about the trail. Maybe they fear that we trail walkers would scuff the stones back into place that the original citizens carefully walked over to the side? Maybe our Merrells and New Balances will taint the antiquity?

Gaelyn, great tip about Oregon! I know I want to see Oregon already, I just need to dry out thoroughly first.

TexCyn said...

DAnger be continued. I think that was the first show that I recall ever doing that! We'd all groan as kids sitting around the tube when they'd get us intrigued, then say that! We watched it religiously, now I'd change the channel ;-)
I don't think I'd like boondocking there with the wind & sand. Yuck.

Tesaje said...

Redwoods drink water from the air! How cool is that? That's why they have to live on the CA coast where's there's morning fog all summer. (yup, my head's full of useless trivia ...)

Donna K said...

Don't worry about drying out thoroughly before you come to Oregon. Chances are you will just get wet again!

Yeah, you got yourselves a bit more sand there than I would be comfortable with. Did you know we have sand dunes in Oregon that you can sand board on? Yup, sand in places you don't want to think about.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Cyn, we didn't think we'd like that constant barrage, either. It's a great thing to look at for a little while, though.

Tesaje, I did NOT know that about redwoods! They're even better boondockers than I thought.

Donna, I did NOT know that about Oregon! I should study up on the state. I once did a report on Oregon in elementary school, probably because I loved reading about the Oregon Trail, and because California and Washington got all the press. I didn't include the sand dunes, because they weren't mentioned in the Encyclopedia Americana.

Peter + Beatrix said...

Couldn't figure out that pic about the topiares. You sure found a lot of things new to us even we've been visiting that area several times.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Did you eventually figure it out? It's a lizard.

Rick Doyle said...

Great pics! Love those ones of the Sand Dunes - amazing.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Thanks, Rick. The Dunes are crazy; I wish my pictures could do them some bit of justice.

sierrasue said...

You are such a funny writer. I enjoy your posts so much. Anyways, the dunes are great but not much to stick around for except getting trailer full of sand. Where is it anyways, and which direction are you headed?

The Good Luck Duck said...

Thanks, Sue. I like to hear that! I think I agree about the Dunes. Maybe if we were into the dune buggy scene, it would be worth it. Definitely worth seeing, though. Plus, the scenery changes all the time! Was that dip there before? Oh, yeah, he just changed his suit.

We took California 78 to get there. There is actually a little bloop on the map called Glamis, and the Osborne Overlook is just a little way past it, on 78. One of those links up there is a link to the Google map, if that helps.

Next: east. Or northeast. Slight chance of west. Heck, I'll have to let you know when we get there.

sierrasue said...

Aha, Now I see the map and how it works. Have you been out west much? California... So much to see. The coast or even Highway 395 straight up to Norhern Ca. has some beautiful terrain. Of course I guess the desert will still be nice for a bit longer with wildflowers starting to bloom. Well it will be fun to see where you are next !

Andra Watkins said...

The Dunes photos are almost mythic. I can imagine it's windy, hot and scratchy, but so pretty.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Sue, not much at all, and never before by land. It's hard to decide what to see first. We have two destinations in mind this spring/summer, but no times attached to them.

Andra, aren't they Saharan-looking? They knocked my socks off, which was okay because they were filled with sand.

Hope you're feeling a little recover-y.

Annie said...

The topiary...The Overlook Hotel. The Shining. Stephen King. I'm stayin' away.

An Unrefined Vegan

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Uh-oh! Is Doctor Smith around??? I think I know what TV show you were watching in the sixties.

Have those dunes on the "Must See" List. :c)

The Good Luck Duck said...

OMG Annie, you're right! This post is terrifying.

I was also watching Johnny Quest, but it was scaring me.

LG61820 said...

Loved the lurking topiaries. Alls I can think is why visit the dunes where wind & sand will take the stripes right off the MH when Florida exists? Maybe that's because you've spent much more time in Florida than I have. . . I dream someday of tiring of Florida, but first I must escape Illinois! LG

Soaring Sun said...

If you have the time and inclination, go to Joshua Tree National Park before you leave California. It's wonderful. You can boondock on BLM land just outside the south and north entrances. I stayed at Jumbo Rocks campground inside the Park itself and it was incredible. The rocks there were jumbo. The road through the park is awesome. You can come around a corner and see a completely different kind of desert than what you just left. Joshua Tree was definitely one of the highlights of the 8500 miles I traveled last year.

The Good Luck Duck said...

LG, aren't they weird? Florida is beautiful, and I won't ever try to deny that. We do love it there, despite the humidity (the coast is better, but saltier). Get outta there and go get tired of Florida!

Sue, blast you, you've tempted us. But, we were headed to Ajo ... wait a minute ... oh, very clever.

Anonymous said...

So you guys headed south to Ajo? When are you going North? We're right in the midst of trying to decide what the quack to do with ourselves this coming month. Likely moving out of San Diego and back on the 15 towards Utah. You going that way?

The Good Luck Duck said...

We didn't actually head anywhere. It takes us a few days of "leaving" to get gone, since nothing in particular is driving our plans. Except heat. Now Sue (see "Soaring Sun" above), from Ajo, is trying to persuade us to go the other direction! What can that mean? She's right, though; it's about to get hot there, too.

So, maybe north? Maybe northeast, heading gently toward hill country and Flag? Utah sounds good, too! Oh quack.

Theresa Kim said...

All of these signs are worthy of "Sign Wave" posts.

¡Vizcacha! said...

Ha, Terri! I had forgotten about "Sign Wave"!

Gaelyn said...

Oregon is a great place for ducks.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Sometimes I hear Duck-cheering coming from that area. Makes me feel welcome.