Monday, May 7, 2012

Thinking of Stinking: a nature story

Thanks, Karen, for finding out this is a Pinacate beetle. I call him Mr. Stinky. You notice how he seems cab-forward. He's about to do a smelly headstand - it has a name in yoga, but I don't know the Sanskrit. Back at home, one of his kin was circling my lazy chair outside. He was pretty aggressive. I went left, he followed. I went right, he was with me. I ran like a little girl, he chased me. I considered going back inside, but he couldn't seem to scale the chair, so I relaxed and sat down with my book. He struggled to get to me, but he failed. I forgot him. I kicked off my shoes. I read.

Later, having read enough and become temporarily too smart, I grabbed my shoe and found Mr. Stinky under it, on his back. MR. STINKY! WHAT HAVE I DONE? I flipped him over, but he resisted and flung himself onto his back again. Okay, Mr. Stinky, this behavior might be okay in the checkout at K-Mart, but we're in the desert now. I'm not buying you Skittles again.

Finally I got him righted, and he stuck his butt in the air. What are you doing, Mr. ... OH! Once all that stink was on the outside of him, he marched away and didn't give me a second look.

Now, you tell me your funniest Pinacate beetle story.

I really wrote this blog post just to give you this information about why Google AdSense smells. If you run AdSense ads, you need to read this. Then I'll stop bugging you. Hint: malware

It's time to move, and we scouted out some sweet piney-wood sites a little norther and a lot higher than we are here. We found a perfect spot, but it was near a tank (water hole) that appears to be permanent. With elk prints all around it. It's not that we mind elk, but apparently a Duck parked that close might inhibit the kind of thorough hydration that piney-wood creatures need. I can't have elk thirst on my conscience. The watering hole is called "Ewe Tank," which sounds like a booth at the State Fair.

This area is still below freezing at night, and we don't like to be. We'll stay low for another couple of weeks.

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Bob said...

So glad I never drank the google adsense cool-aid. Just seems like a heap of trouble. I mean, yes you can make eight to ten cents a month and all, unless you have a gazillion hits a day, but even then they can come along and say you're up to something.
Just as soon avoid all that.
You're mileage may differ. (or suffer as the case may be)

Steve said...

Stink bugs are all over Socal, where I grew up. They were the butt of many adolescent jokes. Pun intended. We used to put them in enclosed places where they would fast be discovered and release their payload. Being 10 was awesome!

Spotted Dog Ranch: said...

Wow, what a malodorous post - stinkbugs and adsense. Rowdy, the cat, first discovered a stinkbug a few weeks ago while we were taking a walk. Even he knew to stay away from it, and he loves chasing bugs!

Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

Interesting post but they should have called the watering hole a "Tank Ewe" punn intended.

Be Safe and Enjoy!

It's about time.

Gaelyn said...

See those dang stink bugs down in the canyon when hiking. And if we hikers don't smell bad enough, ewh.

Yes, still a little chilly up in the high country. Got the heat running this morning.

Russ Krecklow said...

Ewe tank...sounds like a good place for stink bugs to congregate...wouldn't stay there either, if I were you. Thanks for all of the enlightening information about the "cactus back black eyed beetle" ... now you know that's just a fun nick name that I've used for them, since in reality they are so obnoxious! Next time you are attacked by one, take video...I'd love to see it. Sounds a lot more fun than "Hunger Games"!

Michael Ultra said...

When I lived in Santa Fe, we would find hissing beetles. Really! They stand on their back legs and hiss. We also had 'Children of the Earth' bugs. There are some mighty strange bugs in NM.

Anonymous said...

I call them "head in the sand" beetles. Like some folks I know LOL

By the way if you're heading up towards Flagstaff "RV Sue and her canine crew" are boondocking up there in the coconino NF. Check out her blog for the spot.


swankiewheels said...

Tanks... I think there is some law/rule about camping too close to tanks. Interferes with livestock and wildlife getting their hydration fix. I have watched the stunts of that bug but didn't know it's name and didn't smell it's stink. lol

The Good Luck Duck said...

Hi Nina! On our way past RVSue, we thought about a drive-by quacking. We even rehearsed in the car; it sounded like QUACK! QUACK! (quack) QUACK! QUACK! (quack). We got pretty amused, but we were afraid Sue would be less so, and then she's got that pessimistic neighbor who is probably loaded for duck.

Russ, video would have been the beetle's stink. I was truly alarmed, because I've been told most things in the desert aren't aggressive. My only defense was being faster (you might have been thinking "smarter." Right?).

Rick and Kathy, that's a good one! Don't be offended if I delete your post, then use that joke later.

Chinle, I wonder if they stink a little all the time, like skunks, so that animals can be warned off. That's what I do.

Gaelyn, do they come towards you all the time? That's disconcerting.

Haha Steve! Being 10 is still awesome.

Word, Bob. Then there's that whole "we'll pay you when you've made $100" racket. I should live so long.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Yep, Swankie, you're right about that. We were bummed. Annie said "I wish that stupid pond weren't thee." I'm sure the elk would rather have us than water.

The bug is ridiculous, amirite? I read they're called Clown Bugs, which is about the size of it.

Me and My Dog said...

Interesting about the AdSense malware. They aren't my favorite thing, and I have an ad blocker, so I never see the ads on blogs, I hope I can't be infected if I don't click on an ad. Maybe they did me a favor by knocking me off their money-making scheme. My readers won't have to worry about getting infected. :)

I'd never seen a stink bug until this week. I was visiting my neighbors here, and the man got up twice to kill a stink bug (he said that's what it was) on their front window. Picked up a ton of them, he said, and they are still trying to kill them all. UGGGG!

Tesaje said...

That bug is not a stink bug as we commonly know it. It is a different sort of stinky bug, probably more adapted to deserts than ours are. Our stink bugs are also known as squash bugs because they decimate squash plants and transmit viruses to them. Even our Asian invasion stink bugs are different. More shield shaped than that fella. I know several dogs that seem to find the stinky stink bugs tasty. Ya never know what a dog thinks is tasty.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Tesaje, our eastern stink bugs were also different. Kinda angular. And, dogs eat cat poop, so I do not rely on a dog's restaurant review.

Barbara, they haven't seemed invasive here at our campsite; in fact, I've only seen the one here, and he was pretty bodacious! Aside from the stink, or maybe because of it.

Terry said...

Thanks for the heads up on Google's Adsense. I had been considering it, but never did it because I couldn't control what might be put there. In my case, the few cents per year wouldn't justify the possible damage to those reading my posts.

The Good Luck Duck said...

I tried them a few times myself, Terry, but they were so irritating (and the earnings so low!) that I nixed them. That was before they made them so much more enticing with malware.