Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Where we aren't.

I probably have the flu, so please employ universal precautions. Remain 18-24" from your computer screen, and wash your hands after reading this post.

Gratuitous flower shot.

We were going to outrun the heat like the Bandit outran Smokey. I'm assuming that's how it went down. Smokey had his ears on, and the Bandit had to dodge and duck 'im. Beer. Texarkana. At the end they became the best of friends, each better understanding the other's point of view? Well, that's what we were gonna do - Duck 'im out of the heat and up further into the mountains toward Flagstaff.

It turns out that the "heat" here isn't as hot as it sounds. Something about "dry." Breeze blows all day, and we haven't gotten uncomfortable yet.

We did go exploring, and I'm going to tell you about some stuff.  From 17, Schnebly Hill Road is exit 320. Great boondocking spots, and the smaller you are, the better selection you have. You hear about the west side of 17, and that's worth looking at. In fact, that's where these pictures were taken. However, don't discount the east side. Miles and miles of potential boondocking out there, and it's more likely to be private than the Sedona side is. There are some challenges for solar-powered rigs, but that can be overcome, too.

And piney! so piney. We haven't smelled piney woods like that since Florida.
Up close it smells like butterscotch. I'm not kidding. Put your nose right here.
Schnebly Hill Road to the west will take you all the way into Sedona, but I can't recommend it unless you're in a high-clearance vehicle. Probably a 4X4. We got a few miles in with the Prius before I squealed. By the time I quack, we're already further than we would bring the Duck anyway, so we turned around.

Quack?  I swear I just heard a quack.
I don't care how many cookies are in there.

Foxboro Lake Dam
There is a nice pull-in to the left of this place. Pull in.

7/10/2012 update: there is a dumpster at this exit, too. It's here.

Annie has gone to town to get me (and the future her) some homeopathic flu remedy. Please blame the fever for this post. Don't hold it against me or Arizona.

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Kimbopolo said...

I like butterscotch but I didn't want to smell your germs! Nothing personal you understand - it's just a policy of mine.

Feel better soon, Ducky!

Andra Watkins said...

Feel better soon, Roxanne. And, don't share with Annie. Not a good birthday month thing for her.

Jim and Sandie said...

Hard to smell the butterscotch when I'm keeping my 18 to 24 inch distance. I will be so glad to escape this heat. I know it's a dry heat but 106 is just plain hot. And above 100 for the foreseeable future. Need to get to higher ground as soon as possible. Sure hope you feel better soon and that Annie stays well. Love the duck in the grass picture.

Karen Snyder said...

Impossible to keep the recommended distance and put my nose "right here" but then I suspect your illness may have messed up your smeller anyway; I mean really, piney woods that smell like butterscotch? Great photos nevertheless! Feel better soon!

stillhowlyn said...

Well poop...Sorry you're sick. Really like having these boondocking suggestions near Sedona. We always stayed at Dead Horse Ranch SP, but like yours better.

longdog2 said...

Even sick you do a great post. Feel better soon.

Sherry said...

The butterscotch thing is TRUE. I've smelled those piney trees but I'm not smelling yours. Not now, not right after you.

Ok so remind me how big is the Duck if the smaller you are the better spots you have. Can I have my pick at 34' or do I need to squeeze down to RVSue size???

How does anyone get the flu boondocking in Arizona? Germs from where??? Leave it to you! Well feel better immediately - do you hear me???

Janie and John said...

Hope that flu is on its way somewhere else soon! (just not my way). I have as many problems with heat as I do with cold, I try to say in the middle, nice we get to move around. I don't by that dry heat line either. After 90-100 degrees its just too hot.

Brenda A. said...

It makes me sad that you are sick. :( But it makes me happy that you are surrounded by butterscotch pines. :)

Get well!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Sherry, this point you make is valid. How indeed? I haven't been a hermit, though, so it's possible I both received and gave freely (sorry, friends and random strangers!).

The Duck is 38.5', and we tow a car behind. I don't picture you guys with a car - am I right? I think you could have your pick of many nice sites on both sides of 17, especially if you're not restricted from backing up by dragging a car behind. And, truly, RVSue is not that small, all told. She can just break in half easily, and back up, too.

Thanks, LongDogs. Will do.

Stillhowlyn, if you don't need external facilities, i think you will like these areas. And, thanks.

Thanks, Karen! It's probably safe if you sanitize the area first.

Jim and Sandie, you guys are still out AJ way? Yep, that sounds pretty hot, alright. And CONGRATULATIONS on your most excellent news!

Thanks, Andra. That would be pretty lousy of me, wouldn't it? Okay, won't share.

Kim, you medical type people are so fastidious. Here's a moist towelette to clean off your screen first.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Hey Flamingo Folks, hold your breath as we pass by (and not just for germy reasons). We try to follow the weather, too.

Thanks, Brenda!

Donna K said...

Do you think you picked up a germ from sniffing those butterscotch trees? You just never know who has touched those things without washing their hands first.
Feel better soon Roxanne and hope Annie stays well. Echinachea and vitamin C!

Rubye Jack said...

That "something about dry" is what makes Arizona so beautiful. Out here it gets so humid that it is totally intolerable. It's so bad already that I've started thinking of moving over to New Mexico. Seriously.

I'm sorry you're sick and hope you feel better soon and that Annie doesn't get sick.

Cheryl (Desert Diva) said...

Aw Roxie, sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well. I know that Annie will take good care of you. (Annie, don't forget to don the gloves, face mask, etc...)

Dry isn't always good. I went to the ophthalmologist yesterday for a check-in and found that I have "dry eye syndrome." I feel it in the "damaged eye" and he said it will eventually "catch up" to the other. The doctor quipped: "Welcome to Las Cruces."

The Good Luck Duck said...

Cheryl, Annie is a good caregiver.

What do you do about "dry eye syndrome"? I'll have to look it up to see if it sounds like what we suffer.

RJ, thanks. Where is that line of humidity? I didn't notice the dryness until we were in mid-Texas. I wouldn't have thought of Oklahoma as being humid.

The trees, Donna! Someone germy licked them first - I knew it wasn't safe to sniff them without alcohol. I sent Annie out for some.

Texas Yellow Rose said...

I'm not getting close enough to hold anything against you right now and I'm on the opposite (think East) side of the country so I can't hold anything against AZ. I would send chicken soup, but that's too close to duckiness and probably bad Karma in this instance. I can and do empathize, as last month I had what WebMD Symptom Checker told me was flu. I hope you rid yourself of the flu swiftly so you can fly as only a Duck should! :)

Soaring Sun said...

I hope your flu isn't serious, Roxanne. If it's bird flu, you'll need tweetment. If it's swine flu, I understand there is a good oinkment. Get well soon!

swankiewheels said...

Feel better soon. At least it's not Annie's birthday. OK, into the Wild go I.

Terry said...


I would venture that the "dry line" crosses Oklahoma from North to South. We live in Oklahoma City (center of the state) and it gets humid here. We are originally from the Panhandle of Oklahoma (way out in the narrow strip pointing West) and it is a lot dryer out there.

Panhandle: Dry and windy still makes it cold, but tolerable in hot.

Oklahoma City: Wet and not so windy, but the humidity really increases both the cold and the heat.

Get well soon.

The Good Luck Duck said...

AHAHAHAHA! Sue, that was so bad it made us both laugh. Feverishly. Thanks for the medical consult!

Terry, that makes sense. So far, I'm liking the aridity, although it does make my skin look like duck jerky. And, thank you.

Have fun, Swankie! See you when you load up the mule with provisions.

Yellow Rose, I thought about looking my symptoms up, but I was afraid I'd have necrotizing streptococcus. Thanks for the good wishes, and the no-chicken soup!

TexCyn said...

18-24"?? I set my computer in a field, then used a telescope. Feel better soon!

Gaelyn said...

Achoo! Must have gotten too close to the screen. Oh that's the flu.

The pines smell like cookies.

George and Suzie Yates said...

I have been told that my Mac does not get viruses so should be just fine, get well soon. Just love the Sedona area.

Karen and Al said...

I've never been in a no humidity area so it's hard to believe 100 doesn't feel hot.

I second the Echinachea, for both of you.

Cheryl (Desert Diva) said...


Dry Eye Syndrome is most common for women over 50, but can occur at any age.

My ophthalmologist recommended Systane eye drops 3-4 time a day. You can buy them at Walmart...


Contessa said...

You poor duck, hang in there. Thank goodness I have a Mac, no virus in this house.

Does look like a lovely area just waiting for you to get out and enjoy.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Ha, Cyn! Good idea, especially if your field is 18-24" away.

Gaelyn, obviously you are the courageous type who puts their nose RIGHT ON an infectious screen. Or you've smelled pines before.

George and Suzie, you'd think so, but here's what I should have told you: I'm using a Mac, too. You've just been Mac Attacked.

Karen, I suspect 100° feels hot anywhere. But, we've been in the low 90's, and, in that range, humidity matters. I grew up in Florida, and I know what you mean.

Cheryl, in that case it can begin any time now. Glad to know relief is available at the Big W. After you mentioned it, I also Googled, and read that flaxseed oil (or fish oil (not liver)) is recommended, too.

Contessa, my prophylactic Mac didn't help me this time. But, I am feeling much better today, so maybe it's a little therapeutic.

Anonymous said...

Love the butterscotch smell of Ponderosa Pine. Makes we want to be THERE!!
Hope you get better soon.

Tesaje said...

Feel better soon. I use saline nose rinses mixed with a little xylitol and that takes care of germs quite well.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Thanks, Tesaje. I kept reading "saline rose rinses," which sounded so pretty. So, like a neti pot? I keep forgeti my neti. What does the xylitol do?

Me and My Dog said...

You guys have really found some great places to boondock. I've got them all copied into my file for future reference - Thanks! I love it when I have the exit number or mile marker.

Feel better soon. :)

The Good Luck Duck said...

Good, Barbara! I think you'll find more than one site up there that you like. Remember that the roads are a bit ruttier than they are down this way, but still passable.

Thank you!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Barbara, scratch that - it was a ridiculous statement. Roads down here are just as crazy-rutty, so don't fear.