Saturday, June 16, 2012

It FELT like an emergency.


We visited the "Farmer's" Market in Munds Park. There was nothing farmy here, but I took this picture for Leslie and Gary, who want to operate a traveling coffee shop while they full-time. I wanted to drink a venti mocha choco latte yaya. I wanted to lick the truck where the coffee smells were coming out.

I have not had coffee in 56 hours.

We live here right now.

Make a wish and blow.

Your caption goes here.

I thought I would be wiped out today, but instead I walked a couple of miles. A nearby road leads to a funny little neighborhood...almost. It actually leads to someone's backyard. I know now how to get to a road. It's a well-beaten path, and then you can see where people go wha...where's the trail...I'll just turn around because it gradually turns into a not-so-well-beaten path.

Late afternoon

Reboot update:

We are not especially hungry. 
We didn't nap today.
We spent $38 on produce to replenish leafy things.

Besides feeling a little sleepy, I would say I'm feeling better. I haven't woken up with a headache the last two mornings, and I don't feel sluggish.

Annie says she would feel great if it weren't for her incessant throbbing headache. It is probably a migraine, but isn't responding to her meds. Let's not rush to judgement yet; it's only been 48 hours for the reboot, but I'd be happier if she weren't in, you know, agony. It could be caffeine withdrawal, too.

We're both peeing a lot, ergo, vegetables contain urine.

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Merikay said...

You may have to change you name to Good Luck Rabbits!

We had a wonderful fresh spring vegetable soup for dinner. But it was not Vegan. It had some shrimp and a small amount of Romano Cheese.

I'm down 31 pounds now!

The Good Luck Duck said...

That's great!! Do you feel different?

Spotted Dog Ranch: said...

Hang in there, it will get better. How do I know? I dunno.

The caption: Slow down and smell the trees.

I had a cup of coffee today and it made me dizzy. This is a good thing, as I'm also trying to quit, though I don't drink but a cup a day.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Har! Well, I guess I don't need proof, just reassurance. Sounds like you might be over coffee now. And, good cap.

Carolyn said...

The caption is ... ALL THE OUTS IN FREE!
One of the many times I cut out sugar and caffeine ... I went from lethargic to headachy to reeeeeal grumpy ... to euphoric

All within an hour.

After the 21 days ... I felt like a million bucks. I've been threatening to do that again but then I'd need a more reliable potty situation. It's always something.

Kimbopolo said...

Annie's headache is most likely a symptom of caffeine withdrawal. It appears in the occipital area of the head - i.e. the crown. Quite painful and not alleviated by tylenol,advil etc....

I'm sure it goes away eventually (but I never lasted long enough to find out).

The Good Luck Duck said...

All within an hour. Tee hee! Yes, Roseanne, it is always something.

Kim, she confirms that's where it was, until it lodged behind her left eye. Doesn't respond to drugs: egad!

Diana said...

Caption: Butterscotch or vanilla?

Michael Ultra said...

Yep, caffeine withdrawal. I would suggest a vegan Red Bull. For some reason, barking at the bark occurred to me. Loved your where we live now pic.

Janie and John said...

Hope those headaches get better for her. If I gave up caffeine I would be the one with the migraines - tried it before so I know I would. I love the coffee truck!

Russ Krecklow said...

You may have been out there too long when you start carrying on conversations with the nearest strange tree. Coffee is BAD, Coffee is BAD, keep telling yourself that and ... this is easy, Coffee is Bad, this is easy, Coffee is Bad. If that doesn't work, by all means go back and talk to that friendly tree again, but whatever you might be tempted to do...don't lick the bark!

sierrasue said...

I dont know about giving up coffee. I just love it so much. I had to give it up for a few months when I did chemotherapy. It did not taste good and made me sick but after I was done, I took up the old caffeine habbit again. Still, I only drink two cups in the morning. Dont think it is so bad.
I think I am becomming motivated tho to do a juice fast. Maybe I would cut back to one tiny cup of coffee while juicing. LOL

Contessa said...

For sure it is caffeine withdrawal......drink TONS of water to flush the system....I mean tons.....pee every 10 minutes if you have to....give it another 24-48 hours and all will be well.

Nurse Contessa

Ps been there, done that!

Page said...

I quit caffeine a few years ago by gradually reducing my daily intake. It took about 3 weeks, but I never had any detox symptoms. Still love the smell of coffee, but don't imbibe.

Hug a tree today - don't mind the chiggers!

Harriet said...

Good Ducks you are progressing well hang in there. Contessa is correct, caffeine withdrawal is the issue and TONS of water is the answer. Caffeine restricts the blood vessels and when you stop the blood gorges the blood vessels. A couple of things that might help: take magnesium supplements; drink green tea 30mg caffeine or better white tea 15mg caffeine, (coffee has over 100-190mg of caffeine). Certain headache meds, Excedrin, Tylenol have a small amount of caffeine and work for these headaches. It will be better soon and you will be so glad you did it. A peice of dark chocolate wouldn't hurt either:)

Anonymous said...

Just a follower of your blog! The person by the Ponderosa is "smelling" the tree. It's been said that Ponderosa trees emit a scent similar to a Butterscoth scent and two other scents that escape me. Me...they smell like a tree to me! Bev

Russ Krecklow said...

Trees are very good listeners, too.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Hi Bev! Glad you commented, and you are 100% correct - she was smelling the tree. We've only encountered the butterscotch variety here, but I've heard claims of vanilla and chocolate. These pines - what temptresses!

Harriet, good advice. If Annie doesn't shake the headache today we'll begin some gentler detox procedures. And chocolate.

Page, that would have been wise. Actually, I tried to cut back ahead of this juicing, but couldn't do it. Annie figured she'd sail through easily, and that I'd be the one with the bean on my back.

Chiggers??? No one told me about the chiggers (until now).

Okay, Nurse Contessa, we're hydrating like crazy now!

Sue, I KNOW! I love coffee. I do want to see what life is like without it, but maybe I won't like it out there! Honestly, I think it was easier because of the juice. Maybe the extra nutrition was a buffer against detox?

Russ, the bark is only butterscotch! What could be bad? [Coffee is delicious.]

Thanks, Janie. She says no headache this morning, so we're waiting to see if it grabs her later. So far, so good.

Michael, you too can live here! We'll pull out and give you some space, so you can bark at the bark, also.

Diana, it's like a walk-up pine window! I'll have butterscotch! You're in luck - we've got that!

The Good Luck Duck said...

They are, aren't they Russ? And, if you don't want to talk, they'll sit with you in companionable silence.

Anonymous said...

oooo, great find with the coffee 911, Roxi!! Thanks so much!!

Love your neighborhood again, what you've done with the place is just so green!!

I think you have taken the eating-raw thing to extreme though, if Annie is eating trees now. She's going to get all the tree-nick huggers upset!

Gary's caption for the Annie/tree pic - "HELLOOOOO, wood elf are you in there??".

Leslie *google hates me...or maybe it's your blog*

Campers4Life said...

Yes, Love the neighborhood. As for giving up the coffee? Don't knowthat Icould ever do that,best of luck with it.

EcoCatLady said...

OK... the gears in my brain are grinding so hard that smoke is coming out... why are the words on the truck backwards? Photos don't usually do that do they? Is there some sort of mirror thing going on? Am I experiencing vicarious caffeine withdrawal?

Anyhow, caffeine withdrawal headaches are essentially the same thing as migraines, but really hard to kick. Essentially the caffeine keeps your blood vessels constricted and when they suddenly relax it triggers a headache. Tell Annie to hang in there!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Ha, Cat! No, no mirrors, but I think it's a take-off on the way "AMBULANCE" is always written backward on the front so people looking at them in the rear-view know what's yelling and flashing at them.

I hadn't thought about it being the same cause - no wonder it felt like a migraine. She's feeling good today - thanks!

Campers, I didn't think I could, or even wanted to. I don't say it will be forever, but for now.

Leslie, my blog picks someone at random and hates them. I don't condone it, I just report it. You can always sign in with name and URL, but don't worry about the URL Tell Gary to get with the Chippendale rehearsals if he expects to draw in customers.

Levonne said...

Wow, it sounds as though you are having a hard time! No coffee, bad headache! Not a good combination! I love that black and white evening shot!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Thanks, Levonne! We're doing much better today - felt good, had energy, no headaches. Yay!

Tesaje said...

Coffee is healthy! Not giving up coffee.

¡Vizcacha! said...

I understand!

Donna K said...

Caption - Is this bark edible? I wonder if it would go good in a smoothie?

Coffee - Russ only drinks two cups a day - but you should see the size of his mug!

Sherry said...

Sheesh after reading all the great comments I can't think of anything to add.....maybe "give me a kiss you big Piney".

But I love your pics. Great B/W!! Cool fluff!

Gave up coffee years ago. Finally realized that if you have to put 2t of sugar in one cup then you don't really like coffee. Don't miss it. Don't even like the smell of it now. Fight the good'll make it. You guys are strong!

Glad to hear Annie is feeling better. How long is the jucing thing going on??

¡Vizcacha! said...

LOL Donna - it would! Delicious butterscotch.

I believe it about Russ' mug - I see it in his profile photo!

Big Piney - that's what Annie should call me! And, thanks!

I wish we didn't like coffee. Although, I do add soy to it, so does that mean I don't like it? But, I love it with soy! We've decided to juice for ten days, while also chewing vegetables and fruit sometimes.

DearMissMermaid said...

Caption this photo....

"Honey? I left my eyeglasses inside, now I can't open the RV!"

The Good Luck Duck said...

HAHAHAHA! That's the one!

Cheap RV Living said...

CAPTION: Tree hugger on a first date :)

The Good Luck Duck said...

Tee hee! Chaste little peck on the bark.

LG61820 said...

Coffee is not my preferred method of caffeine delivery, but the symptoms of withdrawal would be the same if I gave up Diet Pepsi.

However, isn't coffee just the juice of the bean? Doesn't that fit right in with your current plan? ;->

The Good Luck Duck said...

Good point, you made it. It's practically a vegetable!