Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Just ahead of the law.

We spent a very lovely twenty-three days on Willard Springs Road. This site isn't much of a boondocking secret, but here's the big reveal: it's nice. This is not crazy-remote like some other spots, but it's a quiet, relaxing place where you can relax for, say twenty-three days.

I'm not suggesting you become scofflaws like Annie the Kid and me. Fourteen days is the official maximum stay here in the Coconino National Forest.


And, we were ready and willing to move on if anyone cared. No one did. We stayed.

My noobie instinct tells me that if you look like a squatter, you're going to cause more alarm for the overtaxed rangers than if you look ready to drive away at any moment. We avoided tents, carports, and storage sheds. We kept the terraced patio modest. We hoped two lawn chairs would be acceptable, and they must have been.


We didn't get tired of Willard Springs Road, but it was time to get water so we moseyed up the road.

Annie reports that Munds Park RV Resort is a good place to get water and propane. Easy and clean. While she was taking care of that chore, I headed on to our next site to stake a claim. On the way in I passed Gail (we met at Willard Springs), but she was intent on squeezing through the tiny crevice of road I was leaving her, so she didn't recognize me. Hi Gail! I was the @%#&* pulling a tow dolly!

In this weather, we're using about 0.4 gallons of propane/day. That's our cooking, water heating, and refrigerator. When Annie bakes a lot of bread, that goes up.

We use about two gallons of water/day.

I haven't checked our electric production in a long time. I imagine we're making about 2 kwh/day. Our batteries are filled every day, so that's more than we need.

We watched Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead, and now we're inspired to do a mini-version of what these guys did. Take a look at this film. The second guy was extra-inspiring. It's also available on HuluPlus.

And, if you don't have NetFlix already, go through my link and take advantage of the free month. It's not a scam; they really let you cancel if you don't want it. We use only the instant streaming. We also subscribe to HuluPlus, so one or the other will probably go. I got my free's worth catching up on Sons of Anarchy, so I'm good.

Life is quiet and pleasant here, and where you are, too, I hope.

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Russ Krecklow said...

Hey, those are some pretty funny photos you got falling down and crawling around in the grass. (I know, you didn't say anything about it, but I know from my own experience how that looks in photos!) I liked the one of the tree as you were getting up. Last time that happened to me, there wasn't any tree nearby, so it was lots harder to get up! Glad you're still running free and enjoying the sunshine. We had some here today for a little while.

¡Vizcacha! said...

Russ, i put those photos in backwards. First was the tree that I didn't see until it was too late, and then when I was waking up the grass looked so pretty I took its picture.

Teri said...

Nice Artsy photos

meowmomma said...

just curious... what do you stream your netflix through? we have it here at home and get dvd's, but that's prolly not gonna work when we head out in the adventure buggy! I do not unnerstand this streaming bizness?

¡Vizcacha! said...

Thanks, Teri.

MM, we stream through our computers. So, if we have good reception through our phone we can tether to our computers and watch. Basically, wherever you can surf with good speeds, you can stream.

Bob said...

No netfix or hoola hoops for any of us heathens from across the pond. Not allowed. *freakin' rules*
We still come up with ways to "watch things", but I'm not telling. *Bwaahaahaa*

That reminds me, drive's getting full. Need me a new one. Maybe time to dump all those episodes of "The Twilight Zone". Gave me nightmares anyway.

There's salve you can get for that dry skin in the second photo you know. I'm just sayin'.

Hope nothing broke in the move.

Spotted Dog Ranch: said...

I've always kinda liked the outlaw types, so you guys are right up my alley, even though I actually don't have one.

I watched that movie. It was really inspiring. Since I've already lost 10# from not being able to eat, I decided to switch over to that lifestyle and lose the remaining few. I used to eat like that and it's not half bad. I'm more interested in the health aspects, and you can't beat it.

Outlaw with a Juicer...

Carolyn said...

Do you have one of those unlimited data plans for your phone?

Jeannie and Eldy said...

Scofflaws...what a great word choice! Boy, I'd love to know how to get around the 5 gig a month data plan we are stuck with. I'm a movie watcher and struggling with not being able to download movies. Hate Redbox, not very good choices....

sierrasue said...

Hi Duckies !! Just wonderring. It must be killer hot by now in Arizona. Where are you moseying to now??

Gaelyn said...

I always thought the 14 day limit was bunk and love you being scofflaws. Wonder where you've headed to now?

The Good Luck Duck said...

Thanks, Gaelyn, for condoning our outlaw ways. We're still drifting around central AZ, in the Flagstaff area.

Sue, it's perfect here right now at this elevation (right around 7000'). Did I mention the trees here smell like pudding?

Jeannie, it's such a racket, I know. We're enjoying our "unlimited" plan while we have it, but we suspect it's not long for this world.

Carolyn, we do ... for now. We'll see what Verizon has up its sleeve next.

Aw, Chinle, are our healing vibes not working?? I can't believe what you've been going through. I think green smoothies will be much less painful.

Bob, you should magically send me all those TZ episodes you're tired of. That was a great (creepy) show. Genius. Generally, we don't break things in our moves, we just shake bolts loose. Then there's the motorhome ... [RIM SHOT]

Scottie said...

So, you're vegans? Or close? Anyway, I retired and went vegan April 1, and I'm loving it. You may already be well on the path, but I'm gathering the links to good vegan sites I've found on my blog
I'm happy there's so much free info about this way of eating.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Hi Scottie! Yeah, we're vegan, too. Thanks for linking your website - I'm going to check it out more fully, along with your resources.

Some other RVing gals also set up a vegan resource page that I've been enjoying lately.

Jim and Gayle said...

Guess we need to come to central AZ. We haven't had an internet connection good enough to even watch a short YouTube video here in northern NM.
Didn't know there were so many RVing vegans. (Well, we try to be most of the time, anyway.) Sometimes we feel like freaks!

The Good Luck Duck said...

I know what you mean! Sounds like we have a few things in common. But, ixnay on the onnectioncay! Each time we settle on our next perfect spot, we have to check to be sure our signal is strong.

Sherry said...

Wow in boon dock Arizona you have a strong enough signal to stream and just south of Sarasota with the same old Verizon currently but probably temporarily unlimited, I don't. Now where is the fairness in that??? Seems like if I have to be around all these people tht I should get citified signal.

That grass picture is just OUTSTANDING!!

The Good Luck Duck said...

I know, right? Completely unfair, but what else is new?? I can't believe you can't get a decent signal there. We have been very lucky with our spots.

Thank you!

~^..^~ said...

just to clarify... so you watch the movies on your computers? I'm not sure Hubs is into that small screen ~ I could maybe do it, but not sure....

btw, I made some changes on my blog to facilitate my much anticipated return to the blogosphere and it is now me ~^..^~ meowmomma!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Yeah, we do.

Glad to see you're back in the 'osphere again! I'll check it out!