Saturday, June 30, 2012

NOW what am I supposed to do?


Is this the holiday weekend? Or is that next week? I haven't heard of any community fireworks being planned. That seems wise. 

I'm thinking about food:


 Does it seem suspicious that Annie chose the sushi to match her outfit?

We're still juicing, but not exclusively (see photos above). We returned our loaner juicer - thanks, Lori! - and bought this one, the Jack LeLanne model.


We've only had it a few days, so no vouching for its longevity yet. However, it's a quiet-running, very efficient machine. We're even getting more juice than before. The cram-it-in chute is big, so not a lot of chopping. So far, so good.

We first bought another brand, but it was pulling a lot more than its nominal draw, and kept tripping our inverter. Thank goodness Amazon has an easy return policy.

Amherst Lake
I've been wanting to say something about Flagstaff and RV-friendliness, but I just don't have hard, cold data. The Walmart in the south of town, off Beulah Ave., has RVs parked in it all day. LOTS of RVs. All kinds of RVs, and lots of vehicles who are obviously (to the trained eye) stealthing. The signs posted say '24 hour parking only.' I don't know if it's a 24-hour Walmart, but the signs pretty much give a wink and a nudge to overnight parking, at least.

We also see RVs parked in the evening at the Walmart off 40, as well as the next-door Cracker Barrel. *mmmm... Cracker Barrel ... * Haven't been in there to parse their signage. 

If this is the holiday weekend, hope you're all having a bang-up, yet safe, time. If it's not the holiday weekend, keep calm and carry on.

Edited 2/20/2014: The Walmart signs that used to say "24 hour parking only" are gone, replaced by signs that say "NO overnight parking." Alas. 

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Brenda A. said...

I'm under the impression that with the 4th falling on a Wednesday there really isn't an official holiday weekend this time around. Bummer for those to who it makes a difference. Matters not to us as we only work weekends anyway! :)

Spotted Dog Ranch: said...

No fireworks here in Colorado, for some reason...

WAHOO! I hate fireworks cause they scare the animals. And me, too.

Page said...

I sold my LeLanne juicer. It was a pain to clean. I want a Greenstar. Someday.

Teresa Evangeline said...

Holster that there six-gun there, Belle Star, or is it Star Belle? It was target practicers that started a fire in Utah. Have you been in Utah, perchance? No, I didn't think so, but that sushi sure looks good. I think you may have stumbled on to something: matching our food with the day's attire. Trending now....

Sherry said...

Had no idea you were a pistol packin' mama. Guess I'll be mighty careful what I say from now on lest you come a gunnin' for me.

Tell me Annie didn't make those sushi, she's just eating them right.

Andra Watkins said...

Happy 4th to you and Annie. That sushi looks incredible. Of course, any rice looks incredible to me because I cannot eat it. :)

Harriet said...

Good for you, juice on, ducks! Have you ever heard of "Vitamineral Green"? I use this each morning along with juicing and green shakes during the day. It gives you what you need and the rest of the stuff you do is Lagniappe.

Judy and Emma said...

Okay, I have a question. If all you do is juice, is there anything in your composting toilet??

Levonne said...

Its Canada Day on Monday in Canada, July 1. I was wondering too when 4th of July celebrations will happen in the states. Love that juicer. Is it easy to clean?

Janie and John said...

Instead of juicing we just use a blender (viatmix) and that way we still get all the fiber too. It works great for us, we have a green smoothie almost every day. Its an easy way to get 4-5 serv of veggies and it tastes great!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Janie, that sounds good. We tried blending our veggies, and I thought we'd starve to death. It was hard to get all that in. But, I like the idea of the whole veggie going down the hatch.

Levonne, I haven't cleaned it yet, so I asked Annie. :D She said "not bad!" There aren't crevices to dig pulp out of, and she says it's easier to clean than the first one we used. Happy Canada Day!

Judy, you're asking for Emma, aren't you? Tell her we do eat vegetables and other foods with substance, so we still get to use our composting toilet.

Harriet, I have NOT heard of this miracle substance, but you can bet your bok choy I'll check it out now.

Andra!! No gluten, and no rice, either?? This is horrible. What is there about rice that disagrees with you, if you don't mind saying.

Sherry, Annie did not kill those sushi herself. She bought them fair and square, and then she ate (half of) them.

Okay, Teresa, I'll keep it holstered until monsoon season. I didn't know that about target practice. Of course, out here in the West, I don't suppose it's done to forbid target practice during a drought.

A Greenstar, you say. I don't know that brand. It must be good for cleaning? Bummer the LeLanne didn't work out, but I'm glad you didn't have to haul it with your teeth across the English Channel, or something.

Chinle, I hear there are already fireworks in Colorado. :( Yes, they do scare animals, and they've been known to make my heart beat funny. Must be love...?

Brenda, I guess I've never heard of a no-July 4th-weekend year. Although certainly I worked through some mid-week Independence Days - I just can't remember how it worked.

Terry said...

No SHOOTING?!?!?!?!

Crud, and I just bought another shootin' iron. Guess I'll just have to watch where I am when we finally get to travel further out west. Or, is it that "they" should watch out for me???

Happy 4th. (For several years, I used to deliver fuels such as diesel, gasoline, LPG, etc. to farm locations and to one self service station in town. Fireworks used to make me jump about a foot in the air. Must have something to do with gasoline fumes being so flammable.)

The Good Luck Duck said...

So, I suppose you've heard your fill of comments about "propane and propane accessories"? I don't think my nerves could take much of that kind of employment. It would be like driving around with a load of Arizona on your behind.

Rick Doyle said...

Juice and Sushi? It's the 4th of July soon, go out and buy a great big Cherry Pie with Ice Cream!!

The Good Luck Duck said...

*falls over* That sounds mighty tasty! But, I haven't had any processed sugar in so long that I actually might fall over.

Gaelyn said...

Maybe it's two holiday weekends because the 4th falls on hump day. Should confuse everyone.

I get lost trying to get into the Wallys parking lot on the west end of town.

The Prescott Wallys had plenty of RVs parked far out in the lot. Would have been hot parking at 10am and already 97 degrees. Much cooler around Flagstaff. And even more so on the North Rim were I was Very happy to be after the 8 hour drive.

Nice looking juicer, but even better the sushi.

The Good Luck Duck said...

It is certainly confusing me.

I don't know how to get to that WM yet. I just see it from 40 as we zip past. The one off the Lake Mary exit is pretty easy, though. Talk about Flag's RV-unfriendliness has been going around for a while, so I was surprised to see so many RVs parked.

Sushi was great.

Karen Snyder said...

Have I ended up in your spammy department? My rather lengthy comment last night seems to have fallen off the radar. Not that I said anything particularly earth-shattering, but there was a question in it, so darn..... :(

The Good Luck Duck said...

Karen, it's not anywhere! Someone else said their comment vanished, too. BLOGGER!!! What was your question? And what else did you say? And, then what?

TexCyn said...

Mmmmmm Cracker Barrel is right! Yum! No shooting needed there. (that I know of)

Karen Snyder said...

I had simply written a rather wordy comment about a juicer I once owned; that my late hubby was less than impressed with it; that it took half a produce counter-full of veggies and fruits to get a single glass of juice; and, that it was a pain to clean. Overall, it was used minimally and then relegated to the rear of a cupboard never to be seen again. Not sure what we ultimately did with the thing. My query was more rhetorical musing than actual question, just wondering whether a food processor might make juice if one caused it to labor long enough? I have too few $$ to cover all my "wants" and my sis and I do already own that particular appliance...not sure I want to invest in a juicer to take up more space.

Come to think about it, this comment is probably as wordy as the first -- maybe that's why it was "lost." :)

And then.... Just as a bonus, at 90 degrees it appears to be currently hotter here in northern Indiana than there in your SW sunshine, lucky you two!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Cyn, I think shooting at the Cracker Barrel is optional, but encouraged.

Karen, I think lots of people do "smoothies" rather than juicing their produce. Especially if you have a food processor that will beat the bejeezus out of your veggies. In your shoes, i'd give it a try and see what I thought of the results. What's to lose?

And, it is pretty darn pleasant here right now. I'm trying not to be gloaty, because everyone is suffering.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Oh wait, you said it was rhetorical. Oops! Sorry - retract my answer.

SwankieWheels said...

OK... fireworks are being sold in Colorado, but can't be set off. There is a Stage Two fire ban in the Forests. No campfires allowed. Period. No cig. smoking outside. Violation is a min. of $300 fine... and is classed as a Felony. Forest Service personnel are on the patrol for violators. I have thirty campsites to manage... and was ordered to tape them all shut with CAUTION tape. I have had ONE violator already, day after the ban went into effect on June 22 midnight. I give them a rude awakening at 8:30am and said... I cleaned this out and closed this fire pit yesterday, you can do it today and gave them a shovel and a plastic bag. I have found cig. thrown on the ground still lit and burned until it got to the filter and then went out. Ashes still in tack. This is serious... if a fire starts up there... there is only ONE road out.... so I'll be sitting out in the middle of the lake saying a little prayer.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Alright, Swankie! Give 'em hell! This is not a trivial offense. I didn't realize it was a felony, but rightfully so.

We must be under the same level restrictions; there is no outdoor smoking, no campfires, no fireworks. I think we can still use a propane stove if we want (not sure about that one).

Karen Snyder said...

Might try the food processor route...just would hate to throw out $$ if I only ended up with green mush! :)

Drought conditions here, too. Currently in effect:

(3) Declare an Emergency Burn Ban, during which certain burning activities will be prohibited within the entire unincorporated area of the County of LaGrange, including but not limited to the following: (i) the burning of unattended campfires; (ii) the burning of brush; (iii)the burning of trash fires; (iv) the burning of articles within burn barrels; and (v) the burning of any other open air fires, including the use of fireworks. The above notwithstanding, grilling on gas and charcoal grills is permissible.

Hope all those who would normally be tempted to toss firecrackers this week will take the warnings to heart. My heart aches for all those folks who've lost homes, etc. to the current round of wildfires all over the West.