Monday, June 25, 2012

Pack them full of space food sticks.

The winner of the Space Bag to Go giveaway is Sherry! Sherry, at your convenience, give me an address and I'll commission the Space Bag people to ship them out. Space Bags - the Luggage of Astronauts.

We wrapped up our juice reboot last night. We thought non-veggie foods would be ambrosia to our lips. Nectar of the gods. We were disappointed all around. My impression of "regular" food is that I feel worse after eating than I did during the juicing. Each meal sets me back a little. The challenge is to sort out what's ungreat about what I'm chewing. I'm annoyed to have my food fighting back - I want my juice!

Annie noted sweetly that I seemed cranky today. About what? Food. The good news is that we bought our own little juicer and returned Lori's, so now everyone can juice. I like to juice it juice it! I like to juice it juice it! I like to juice it juice it! We like to -- juice it!

Overview: We each lost a few pounds. We lost our morning headaches. I was not stiff and achy in the morning. We were less congested. I felt unimpaired by what I was eating, for a change.

The two of us spent $18/day on produce, a mix of conventional and organic. We sprang for organic for leafy things and soft-skinned fruits, and went organic as much as available otherwise.

I don't want to rush right back to coffee. I like being ready to go with or without a cuppa, or without having to flail helplessly until caffeine has kicked in. Your mileage may vary.

Last weekend we couldn't see the forest for the RVs. One huge group with several RVs and just as many tents showed up and made themselves right at home, laughing into the night and whooping randomly. We thought how happy they must be to have a long weekend to party with friends and forget the crap pile they call "work." Whoop! Ha! Ha! Ha! Yeah! Then another group crammed in close with their three rigs, and immediately began being happy for their own long weekend. Oh! Hoho! Aha! Ha! Ha! Phweeeeeeeeeee! [whistle] Somehow they completely quieted the first jubilant group.

It's interesting that some weekend RVers think because they're in the forest, there's no semblance of "quiet time." YAY! NO RULES IN THE FOREST! PHWEEEEEEEE!" [seriously, whistles. The heck, people.] We didn't get riled. It's all compassion, all the time around here. Don't ask for whom Sunday afternoon rolls. It rolls for thee.

Thanks for tolerating the food talk, you people who hate food talk. Thanks for feedback and reading references, you people who don't.

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Donna K said...

Well, I'm not sure about the juicy talk but I sure do agree that noisy campers can be a big pain in the patootie. What's wrong with listening to the quiet of the forest??

Brenda A. said...

Your campsite sounds like our apartment here that looks out over the pool area. Having the pool so handy is a blessing and a curse. I swear some nights it's like a frat party out there! Our only saving grace is that the pool area gets locked up at 11 pm. We have grown weary of the constant "jubilation".

Russ Krecklow said...

Have you no bears that you can release to liven up the weekend crowds?

The Odd Essay said...

I just got my latest Prevention magazine - an article about Super Smoothies using everything from avocados to kale to cilantro and agave nectar caught my eye. Made me wonder what all was in your drinks. As for the noise and chaos... a little goes a LONG way!

Page said...

Starting a three day juicy fast today, myself. Green all the way. I'm trying not to think about the bowl of quinoa I get to have on Saturday. Right now, in the moment, it is green juice!!


Bob said...

Ah yes, laughter. Not sure what it has to do with medicine.
For us it has to do with football. And no, I don't mean the NFL, or any of those other letters. (CFL, AFL...whatever) I'm talking about EM (Europameisterschaft) Look that one up.
We usually know when someone scores, or if it was at least close, and sometimes nobody is exactly laughing.
No whistle blowing though.
That would result in beer dumped on the whistle blower's head.
Who takes a whistle camping?
Nothing happening until tomorrow night (Wed.). Portugal vrs. Spain.
I can *hardly* wait.

Bob said...

Oh oh! Have to add this.
Did you wave to them as they were leaving on Sunday afternoon?
I mean, I *might* have been compassionate (what... ever) too, but I'm pretty sure I would have been out there to see them off as they all went back to WORK.
Haha! And I would have been laughing maniacally the whole while.
Haha! I laugh in your general direction, as you go back to your slavery! Haha!!
Hasta la vista!

*Dick heads*

Gaelyn said...

The Space Bag folks contacted me to write a review. Are you impressed with the product? Can you save your produce in it? Just kidding about the last.

Rick Doyle said...

I'm glad to hear from someone else who got an email from Space Bag - it just confirms once again that I'm not special!! I think I'll just ignore it though as I don't really want to write a review.

I'm not much of a juicer!

Kimbopolo said...

I admire that you didn't get riled when the Woo-Woo people invaded the forest. Is there a trick to it? Can you teach me?

Merikay said...

I always say "It's your blog you can write what you want, nobody has to read it." I like food talk myself since I do a lot of it. I'm glad to hear your juice experience as a good one. I just hate to think of tossing out all the stuff that is not juice :)

Spotted Dog Ranch: said...

It's a juicy topic, and I've juice fasted before and felt great. Need to get another juicer and a counter to put it on (with electricity).

For some reason your post reminded me of when I lived on a farm adjacent to another where they allowed duck hunting. We got tired of the noise (and worried about the poor innocent ducks) and one day drove down next to where the hunters were set up with their decoys just across the fence on the other farm. We started target shooting on our own land. The hunters finally gave up and went elsewhere. Fight fire with fire, as the hotshots say.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Brava Chinle! I like those tactics! We did get up earlier in the morning than the first group, and began laughing loudly out the window toward them. I laugh toward you! It only took one fake HA! to turn into gales of ridiculous laughter for us.

Merikay, we agree. In fact, Annie made soup out of the stuff that wasn't juice. She doctored it up into something that was pretty edible (and HIGH in fiber!). We tried to figure out how it was we could drink all the juice, then eat all the pulp, but couldn't have sat around eating all those vegetables raw. I guess it's the chewing.

Kim, it's just that I knew we could outlast them. And, I know the feeling of exuberance and glee when the weekend begins, and the sinking feeling when it ends. Yes, Grasshopper, you can learn. Lesson One: don't have a job.

Rick, not special?? What universe am I in??

Gaelyn, I would say it does exactly what it says it does. I mean, I didn't get tingly or anything, because I sort of expected the product to work (I've used those types of bags before). And so, it did. If our bed and closets were bulging with clothes we couldn't contain, I might have been a little more excited. So, what I'm saying is, they work well, and if the product would be useful to you, go ahead and review it. There aren't any requirements that you review it favorably, right?

Produce! Why didn't I think of that? An off-label usage.

Bob, your entire commentary made me laugh. OL. And, you may be right that my reaction wasn't compassion, but schadenfreude. And that Europameisterschaft (whoa, got that through spell check!) sounds like it might be too risqué for ducks.

Ooh, Page, you might not even want your quinoa when you're done. We had quinoa last night (with other stuff), and delicious as it was, I don't feel so snappy this morning.

Sharon, we also used pretty much anything. Kale and spinach were our go-to guys. Also broccoli, beets (once), lettuces, cucumbers, zucchini, CARROTS (I gave them capital letters because they sweeten up the juice, are powerhouses, and are very reasonable grown organically), parsley. Then oranges, strawberries, apples, grapes, kiwis, mangoes, cantaloupe. Not all at once. We used about 70% vegetables, 30% fruits in each batch.

We also ate avocados, but with our teeth in-between juices.

Russ, we ARE the bears.

Brenda, when their jubilation time is supposed to be yours, too, it's harder to be kind about it.

My sentiments exactly, Donna. What's wrong, indeed?

Tesaje said...

Weekends might best be spent in corners of the quiet Walmart parking lot, lol. Gloating over your not having to quit on Sunday afternoon is a good way to bear it.

Ever thought that the grains might be what is making you feel less good? Lots of people don't do that well on grains. Hard to juice grains so assuming you didn't have any during the juice phase. But I could be wrong...

Funny how people start caring what their blog audience thinks. Blogs are all about you. Revel in the me, me, all me of it! Until quiet time, that is.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Yep, very possible. We may stay away from wheat first - the usual suspect - to see if that makes a difference.

You're thinking about therapy. Therapy is all about me, me, me!

Andra Watkins said...

Oh Lord. The food stories I could tell you right now, Roxanne. But I will spare you. It sounds like your approach is helping you, and that's a good thing. I know you've both been down on and off for a while. It's so funny to me how we try to eat the right things and make the right choices only to find out sometimes there are different 'right' choices.

Love the new photo of you two.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Andra, maybe you should write your food stories! And, yes. The number of "best" eating options are astounding. Do you have a celiac disorder, or do you feel systemically bad when you eat gluten?

Sherry said...

Whoopppeeee! I won!! I'm twice as excited!! Especially since I NEVER win anything. Great contest! :-))) I don't have to go into space to use these bags do I? I've never been much of a space advocate. Seems like we shouldn't be leaving our junk up there either and maybe we should spend our money taking care of this planet rathe than looking for another

So the juice made you feel great and regular vegan eating not so much? Can one just juice forever or is there something wrong with that??

I've done short 3 day juice fast before and felt fabulous too. But my version was to use my vitamix, put everything in there and turn it all to liquid and drink that. Thicker I suppose than yours but I didn't have the $$ to buy a special juicer. What did you get so I know what to buy should I decide I want thin, not thick juice.

Oh yes and what was the total number of days of this juice fast? Seems like it went on a long time. I know I'm nosy no no curious but these questions just jump into my mind and out my fingers. Is this comment as long as your post??

Harriet said...

"My impression of "regular" food is that I feel worse after eating than I did during the juicing. Each meal sets me back a little. The challenge is to sort out what's ungreat about what I'm chewing. I'm annoyed to have my food fighting back - I want my juice!"

You don't have to quit juicing. Jucing is a good thing to do everyday -not just for cleansing out (re-Booting). You can juice each morning, make a green smoothie for lunch and have raw foods (any veggie or fruit not heated above 118 degrees F.) in between and for supper.

Also, there is this herbal tea that can replace coffee (non-caffine) it's from and African Herb call Rooibos Tea. Check it out If you can't find it at a local helthfood store let me know and I'll send it to you.

If the food you eat is making you feel bad change the food you are eating.

Love following you guys-food and all. Nice new pics.

Happy Trails, good ducks.

Bob said...

Laughing maniacally. (hm, glad I had spell-check on that one) it's all good.
Who said you couldn't/shouldn't blog about whatever the heck you want? I must have missed that part. Feel free to leave out the bathroom breaks however.
The "flushing" part of the "reboot" is a given. So don't be giving. *snort*

It'll be a cold day in that fire and brimstone place when anyone tries to tell me what the heck I can blog about. I mean, feel free to stay away in droves, but just don't tell me what to do. Or write. Or think.

Of course, the Mother Ship might come along and pull the plug any day, but every last word has been carefully backed up. So neener neener.

And now I'll be signing off from Wienerland.

Good night and good luck.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Sherry, congratulations! You are free to use the Space Bags here on Earth (I think - I didn't check the rules specifically for planetary restrictions).

We bought a cute little juicer that we have to send back because it trips our inverter. We were very careful to get one small enough to avoid that, too. So, I still can't recommend one. The one we borrowed from my cousin was a Juicemann, which worked fine. If we had a big, nice blender, I'd be pushing for us to try that before buying a juicer again.

Yes, our regular vegan diet (which made us feel better than the non-vegan diet) makes us feel worse than the juice. Some people have juiced for months and apparently feel great and dump every ailment known to Homo sapiens. I honestly thought I'd be glad to get back to regular foodstuffs, but I'm disappointed.

It was 10 days. It felt longer to you because I kept talking about it.

Harriet, that's a nice offer - thank you! We're around Flagstaff, which is a good city for finding unusual things. This is the tea Precious Ramotswe drinks, right? Well, I love it when she drinks it, so maybe I'll give it a try.

Changing our food is sensible, but it's hard to know what about our food makes us feel bad. Is it wheat? Is it grains altogether? Is it something else that I wouldn't even think to suspect? I don't know.

Bob, I wouldn't dream of it! I pity the fool who tells you what to write!

Judy and Emma said...

Between juicing everything and composting toilets, how am I supposed to enjoy the lobster dinner I'm thinking of for my birthday??

As for the noisy visitors: Opera at the highest volume!!! I've always had little tolerance for annoying noise. :(

Jeannie and Eldy said...

Congratulations to Sherry, she deserves to have something nice happen to her! thanks you two, for publishing a wide variety of topics with your always wonderful sense of humor that will be of interest to just about everybody from one day to the next. Me, juicing? not so much...eating healthy, well, I claim to want to, but don't.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Sorry, Judy, ixnay on the uicingjay oiletay. When is your birthday?? Opera is a GREAT idea - wish I'd thought of it - except who is supposed to be suffering?

I agree, Jeannie! Congratulations to Sherry! And, thank you for saying nice things. I know what you're saying about eating. No one ever craves discomfort food.

live sports said...

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Contessa said...

Congrats on completing your juice goal. Now you have to stay strongly tuned into you body and listen to what it tells you when you eat certain foods.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Thanks! Yep, you're right, and we're working on doing just that.

MFH said...

Interesting about the morning headache. Hadn't heard of anyone else experiencing that.