Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Where We Were.

We've left our Mountainaire home. It was a good home, a fine home.

Exit 333 on Route 17, go east, make first right onto Forest Service Road 700. Take left that points to Lake Mary Meadows. Lots of level spots on both sides of the road.

We used eleven gallons of propane over the last 27 days, and all our water, plus what we could beg off family. I blame washing vegetables. From now on, if organic poo is good enough for my carrots, it's good enough for me.

Lori told me I should talk more about using my links. Over here. I'm going to address all your obstacles and concerns, so that you'll feel comfortable about using them, especially Amazon. You are feeling very comfortable. Your purchasing finger is feeling very heavy. You can barely keep your credit card in your wallet.

  • I forget to use your link! 
I know. Click on the box over here (→) and when the page opens, make that your Amazon bookmark. You'll never have to think about it again.

  • I have my own Amazon link!
I have no rebuttal for this. You should use your own link.

  • I don't like people knowing what I'm buying!
I feel you. I can't tell who you are, but I feel you. If I go to great lengths, I can see things that someone has purchased, but I have no way of knowing who.

  • I actively resist consumerism in all its forms, and I do not purchase from Amazon!
Fight the power! No rebuttal necessary; you're good.

  • My good-for-nothing brother-in-law has an Amazon link!
No rebuttal needed. Use my link instead.

  • I don't want to pay more for my stuff by using your link!
Who does? The good news is, you won't. Amazon kicks in my cut from its profit, not your cost.

  • How do I know you won't use your commission on cheap liquor and fast ducks?
You don't. But, let me assure you that Ducks don't drink cheap liquor. And, feeding ducks is good karma.

Mountainaire is on the flight path. It's kinda cool, instead of annoying.
Elk hang out at tanks. [You're welcome]
Back when I talked about Schnebly Hill, I should have mentioned the great public dumpster there. I say "public," because no one hassled us about using it, and it's never locked. Actually, most dumpsters we've encountered around here have been accessible. 

After you've turned west off 17 at Exit 320, turn right toward the ADOT station. On the left is the dumpster. Right about here. Maybe I'll go back and mention it there, too.

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Russ Krecklow said...

"From now on, if organic poo is good enough for my carrots, it's good enough for me." So, I wonder, what happened to the concept of being "no poo"?? Thanks for the mention of the Amazon link, but Donna said I have to use hers...sorry. Perhaps I could just send you some loose change via PayPal and you could feed some ducks with that? I do like good Karma from feeding ducks.

The Good Luck Duck said...

That Donna is such a stickler! Okay, I should mention that: use your wife's link. It's the path to happiness.

klbexplores said...

I shall rename your blog, "The Funny Duck!" You always make me laugh!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Yay! I'm glad to hear it!

Harriet said...

Next time I buy from Amazon, it's your link. Psst I also have a Amazon link,Just saying...


Tesaje said...

"How do I know you won't use your commission on cheap liquor and fast ducks?"

It's ok if you use it on good liquor and slow ducks, tho.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Wow, that's beyond the call of clicking!

LOL, that's EXACTLY the video I linked! My son and I found him funny, but Annie doesn't agree.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Ha, Mary - thanks! That's the way I prefer it anyway.

Anonymous said...

Mine was the chicken book....jus sayin' Not that other thing from the adult toy place, no...that wasn't MY purchase.

Nice tank!


Anonymous said...

P.S. I really appreciate you all listing your utility consumption, it does this two-pronged thing for me - it makes me examine my own water and electricity usage (we don't have propane, all electric) and go hmmmm... AND it gives me some kind of idea of what our future boondocking (10 year plan, you know) will be like. I really need to get more water and power efficient!!


The Good Luck Duck said...

LOL, Les! No, I never even suspected the toy was yours.

There are power pulls in your house that you won't have in an RV. Plus, I'm not counting the ~2 Kwh we pull in from solar.

One gallon of propane=26.8 Kwh. We used 0.4 gallons/day, so that's about equivalent to 11 Kwh/day = 330 Kwh/month. Which is less than most people use, but it's about the useage of a conservative liberal household. :D

Bob said...

Sorry sweetie. Gotta do that "Amazon.ca" thing, otherwise it's get weird/complicated/expensive. Stupid Canadian border. Stupid import duties.
But hey, the next time I order something and have it delivered to my house in Canada, I'LL THINK OF YOU. How's that?

Kimbopolo said...

I forgot to use your link!!! Problem solved! Thanks for the reminder. I see nothing immoral about cheap ducks and fast liquor.

Steve said...

So, I see I'm not the only one who wakes up after a bender to empty courvoisier bottles and down feathers everywhere.

The Good Luck Duck said...

HAHAHA! Steve! That killed me - I'm quacking up here!

Thanks, Kim! Cheap and fast, fast and cheap. We've got it all here!

Do thoughts feed ducks, Bob? Okay, I'll take it. *wonders about getting Canadian link*

Contessa said...

Enough already....I'll use your link PLUS I will find some ducks here on Duck Lake on your behalf. Generous, eh!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Awesome! Thanks! But, don't you have the same Canadian border problem as Bob?

Sherry said...

Gee I feel bad. I haven't bought anything but groceries and medicine in ages. But I loved your FAQ.

Using Roxianne to check my kwh every night here in Hurricane/Tornado Tampa. Do not return here.

The Good Luck Duck said...

So, you would be in category 4 - keep the faith! And, just drop the duck and hold on!

Suzanne said...

What box??? I am not sure I even know what you are talking about, and I have my purchase picked out already, so I need quacks!! There is no box on the right. If I click the link, it goes to Amazon, with a whole lotta rubber duckies in the search results, but I am not sure why it says "Suzanne's Amazon" in the upper left corner?? Am I at the right place?

The Good Luck Duck said...

Hi Suzanne! You're at the right place. It should say "Suzanne's Amazon," because that's where you keep your wishlists, cartsful of stuff, etc. I happened to make that link all about ducks so you'd know you were using my link.

You might be using an ad blocking program (well done!), if you don't see the Amazon box on the sidebar.

Suzanne said...

Okay, done!

One induction cooktop, recommendation compliments of Technomadia

One Amazon link, compliments of the Good Luck Duck.

Now would somebody find me an RV???!!! ;-)

The Good Luck Duck said...

Ooh, nice! [And thank you for flying Duck!] Those things don't get hot on the surface, right?

Suzanne said...

Right. Cherie and Chris have made several references on their Technomadia site, as they are in the process of going "propane free." It is also supposed to use a whole lot less amps (or something of the sort. Anyway, they say it is a good thing!)

I am house sitting for an elderly relative that had to go into assisted living while waiting on my "Perfect Winnie View/Navion" to show up. Since she had Altzeimers, (grateful I don't even know how to spell that) they removed the stove!! So I have no way to cook!

Figured it was a good purchase for the RV when it does finally show up. Only one problem is, it only works with certain pans, but I will let you know how I like it.

The Good Luck Duck said...

I should check that out! What is the wattage of the model you ordered? Yeah, please do report!

Suzanne said...

I ordered the SPT 1300 watt. I'll let you know how it works out.

There is another model, NuWave, "As Seen on TV" that looked interesting, but as with many of those TV things, they force you to buy a second one..."Two for one" (as long as you pay twice the price for it in shipping!!) But they do have an interesting video on their website that tells a bit more about induction cooking. www.nuwavepic.com.

Hope the Stepfather is holding steady!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Thanks, Suzanne. He's home and stable. Greatly-diminished capacity, and using oxygen, but he can move around and do little things. They have helpful and involved neighbors, but I worry that they can't maintain a big house and huge (18 acre) yard for long.

Funny that they think you would need TWO stovetops! I'll watch their video, though.

Suzanne said...

Okay, well maybe I should have said "cooktops" as they are only one burner each, not an entire stove. ;-)

Hope things continue to stabilize. I am in the same boat with 91 yo Dad and 84 yo Mom trying to maintain independence down on the farm. You are in my thoughts!

(Sorry for monopolizing the quack section, fellow Duck fans!)

Bob said...

Hey, the Quack section can be even more fun than the blog. OH! I mean, JUST AS MUCH fun as the blog. Oh geez, better shut up.
(gonna get booted off if I'm not careful)
What was I gonna say? Right.
Um ya. Contessa, bless her heart, can certainly order from Amazon.com, but she will in fact be shipping stuff over the border, unless she plans on having it drop shipped to a US address and then fetching the product on their way through to Mexico?
Just saying.
I have heard that, for example, Canucks can rent P.O. boxes over the border and then just bring stuff back with them. I think it's called "smuggling"? Not something I recommend, and certainly not worth it when the sometimes dire results are taken into consideration.
Now, in spite of there being an Amazon.ca, there are times when I see products on Amazon.com that are NOT available on Amazon.ca. And I don't mean the ones that somehow are deemed "unsafe" or such B.S. by some Canadian bureaucrat. There's just "stuff" that's not available.
It's a mystery,
....and sometimes slightly vexing.

Contessa said...

I usually do a huge order in early October to pick up at a friends place in AZ and then another online order in late March to pick up on our way back from Mexico.

Bob has it all figured out!

¡Vizcacha! said...

Bob and Contessa, that's no way for Amazon to treat our gentle northern neighbors! I did look into getting a Canadian Amazon link to help you help me, but I have to have a Canadian bank. I checked around, and it turns out I don't. Be safe out there! :D

MFH said...

Now THAT's right accomodating. Ah'm gittin' too olde tuh be climbin' in an outta a dumpster.

MFH said...

Ah Haz replaced MY link mit yer link. Now, iffin & wen they lets me hav credit agin, I will sleep well knowinz you-unz iz gittin rich offen me satisfyin' my cumsumerist obsessions. Yee-Haw!!