Saturday, August 4, 2012

Grand Canyon: stuck in a rut

I have a preposterous number of pictures of the Grand Canyon, and I think you should see them all. Look away while I park you all in and start the projector.

"Clint" and "Handel"
If you know them by other names, just play along for now. Everyone is entitled to a nom de canard.

These are our very good friends from New York who tracked us down in the forest and brought us cat litter. It's a good friend indeed who can sense when you're running low.

Julie Handel is my better self, without ever making me feel like my lesser self. She is my role model for building a life outside the box.

Clint's first time at the Canyon
Clint is from New Zealand. He likes to practice Americanisms, and has a good ear for accents.

I appreciate your condor. Please carrion.

It's the right-hand side of the photo.

Bright Angel Trail snakes from the lower right corner until it drops out of sight at the end of the plateau in the first quadrant.

Desert View Watchtower. It's a Mary E. Jane Colter design, like several buildings in the Grand Canyon area.

Very involved in gravity studies.
We're on a rock. We're on an island.

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Brenda A. said...

Grand Canyon Love!!! Glad you're enjoying it. And litter delivery. What more could a person ask for??? Not much I dare say, not much. :)

Russ Krecklow said...

Nice photos! You have taken some of the best pictures of the Grand Canyon that I have seen lately. That's an interesting shot of the'd have to be a jackass to go down there!

Maria Meiners said...

Photos are cool... captions even cooler! So did you go down the trail?

Bob said...

Oh, I don't know if I could clench my butt for that long. Even seeing the humans out so close to edge would give me the willies. That's a word, right?
Nice pics.
Enjoy your kitty litter.
Ah yes, fond memories. *gag*

Karen and Al said...

Who knew you could get kitty litter delivery service.

Love the pictures...keep them coming

david said...

Thanks for reviving the trip we took out there 3 months ago...most excellent photos...

BruceandTrisha said...

What gorgeous pictures! You have increased my longing to see this in person a hundred-fold! Thanks for sharing your fantastic adventures!

Steve said...

Fat Lizard: I am a nightmare walking, psychopath talking
Skinny Lizard: What?
FL: King of my jungle just a gangster stalking
FL: I'm rapping!
SL: Why are you doing that?
FL: I am a rap-tile!
FL: You're new here aren't you
SL: Yes.
FL: Who are you?
SL: I'm the lizard of oz


Anonymous said...

"We're on a rock, we're on an island." LOL. Love that pic!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Steve: GUFFAW! Five stars. ★★★★★ You're a funny man.

Bruce & Trisha, it is entirely my pleasure. See you out here!

David, I'm not sure how you left. I'll have to stay until I'm bored, or out of propane.

Thanks, Karen! The kitty litter malls don't like us to know there are delivery services. They want us to come in and get taken in by cute kitty toys.

Bob, it is physically painful to see those people do such things. Annie had to walk away because of some antics. Let's not be here when they fall.

Thanks, Maria. We did NOT go down that trail. The park has descriptions of the sort of people who should do certain things. They indicate we should stay in the gift shop.

Thank you, Russ. That's a fine compliment! Maybe we are having the best trip here of any enjoyed recently.

I know, Brenda. Cat litter, and a big hole to throw it in. KIDDING.

Page said...

Carrion - I groaned.

Jac said...

Great photos! I get to the condor photo and am in awe...we've heard a lot about the efforts to increase their numbers, I'm looking at that awesome wing span, then I read the caption and all I can do is laugh. I try to recover...then I read Steve's "quack", the big hole to throw the litter in, and it's over. Forget being serious, it's a day for laughs! Thanks, I needed that. P.S. The tower has Fred Kabotie's artwork inside, pretty famous Hopi artist--you probably noticed it when you were wandering around inside (instead of being one of the fools on the edge)....

klbexplores said...

They'd have to bungee me to my truck!! I'm a little to daring for my ole bones. Maybe I should join you in the gift shop.

Rick Doyle said...

Great pics of the Grand Canyon!

Merikay said...


The Odd Essay said...

I love seeing shots of the Grand Canyon... when I was there I rode a mule to the bottom and think I had my eyes closed the whole time.

Jim and Gayle said...

The only thing you missed by not going down the Bright Angel Trail was the chance to step in huge piles of mule poop!

Kimbopolo said...

Loved the show - definitely worth the price of admission! Seriously, your photos make mine look like I took them with a Kodak Insta-Matic (remember those?). I saw a pair of condors at the GC too. What a privelege.

Sherry said...

Ok what is the camera taking these far too fantastic pictures of the big rut. I hope you never leave. I want to see more and more and some of Fred Kabotie art. Thanks for the Watchtower photo. Well, really, thanks for them all and the laughs too. I actually want to do a rim to rim hike. Went down Bright Angel Trail and loved it. But couldn't get far enough in one day. Want to schedule it and stay at the bottom. Oh boy oh boy when can I get back out there?? I'm going nuts here.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Wow, Sherry, I'd have to shake your hand after such a hike. I think they said 23 miles? There are actually ultra-marathoners who do that in a day. Gah. Why not make your bottom reservation now - they're taking reservations a year out - and just plan to do it?

I do have a few shots of the art on the first non-store level, but not enough because that big hole in the floor made me woozy. I'll put up what I've got. Maybe Annie took more; she seemed normal-colored.

My camera is a digital Kodak Insta-Matic. Actually a Pentax point and shoot Optio RX18, but same idea. So ridiculously low-tech and amateur level.

And, Kim, remember I offer a double-money-back guarantee if at any time you are not full satisfied with your blog-reading experience.

Well, Jim & Gayle, there's the infarction, too. Sharon, was there snow on the ground? I imagined those mules hauling my carcass down the Canyon, wearing their crampons.

Thanks, Merikay! Thanks, Rick!

KLB, I am not daring enough for my bones. Meet me by the personalized jackknives.

Jac, that building sort of did me in, but while I was clinging to a bench on the outer wall, I did notice Hopi art. Not that I recognized it as Hopi art, but I read that it was Hopi art.

stillhowlyn said...

Absolutely fabulous photos of one of the most beautiful places on earth. It's funny how the desire to take a good picture will push you to the edge!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Dee Jay, thank you!

Page, my work here is done.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Thank you, Stillhowlyn. Then the urge to survive pushed me back to the trail.

intrepid-decrepit-traveler said...

Dang, your pictures are way better than mine. No fair! Actually, you took some damn fine photos. I'm jealous.

Keep having FUN!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Aw, thanks! We'll keep trying!

Anonymous said...

Hi...So how did you decide on the Pentax Optio RX18 'caue I am ready to trash my Kodak! Thanks

The Good Luck Duck said...

First, Annie researched it online, and read mostly positive reviews about it. Then Woot offered it as their daily special, and she took the bait.

I used hers a little, and liked it, but still had my bulky but perfectly fine Panasonic, so I couldn't justify it (although I wanted one). Then Woot offered it EVEN CHEAPER, and I chose to believe it was a sign of some sort. Of my weakness, most likely.

Desert Diva (Cheryl) said...

Beautiful photos - glad you are both enjoying your summer!

Cozygirl said...

WOW just found your blog. Grabbed it from that sweet Ms. Sherry down in FL :O) Anyway just starting to read up...your photography is amazing! I'm so tickled to add yet one more full-timing blog. And can't wait to join the forces next year! Now back to reading your posts...I'm in awe! ~cozygirl

The Good Luck Duck said...

Thank you, Cheryl! And you, too!

Hi Cozy! Nice to meet you! Yeah, I'm a fan of Sherry myself. You guys are planning on a 2013 launch? COOL.