Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Holy Dove! Chapel, Flagstaff

Annie and I decided to do a mini-reboot, which requires more organic produce than is available at the General Store in Grand Canyon Village (none). So, we toddled back to Flagstaff, that toddling town. We also stocked up on the most crucial personal hygiene product: clumping litter. Even got some for the cats.

I am naturally clumpy.

Up 180, just out of Flagstaff, is a little building called Chapel of the Holy Dove.

Cute, no? And, how 'bout that church!

Check out the gap under the door. When we arrived, Bibles and literature were scattered around like a bad day at the Kingdom Hall. Annie started picking them up, which made me feel guilty, so I helped.

What's one more sermon from Annie?

All over the walls are inscribed sacred graffiti, like PRAY FOR UNCLE JIMMY. I guess that makes them prayer walls. I wish they were updated more often. For example: THANKS EVERYONE. UNCLE JIMMY RECOVERED! so we could stop getting filtered to God's spam folder.

Can't you feel the snark? Place Prayer Requests HERE, not the walls, you Philistines.
It was the Holy Dove's day off. Meet Sacred Raven.

Department of What Passes for Excitement: we had neighbors last night, for real. These people asked if we minded, told us they would only stay for one night, and wouldn't make noise. Plus, they were European, so we felt like ambassadors. See how friendly we can be, when provoked? I didn't even consider using my ocarina, which is classified by the ATF as an assault weapon.

I'm getting itchy to see the North Rim. What say you?

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Donna K said...

Okay, I admit it, I looked up ocarina. I thought maybe it was a new type of leafy green organic vegetable that you were going to throw at them (or force them to drink) if they misbehaved. Must be the visit to the church - Blessed are the peacemakers!!

The Odd Essay said...

Ah.... I must be in the eternal spam folder of life... I didn't pray for Uncle Jimmy... poor dear probably passed away before I even knew he needed my help. BUT.... that raven... yes! the raven.... He/She is the key... should be called the Chapel of the Holy Raven. Where the heck do you FIND these things, anyway?

Pam and Wayne said...

Thanking you again for the tip on that rolling litter box, but man, do I get tired of buying that clumping litter, which is on my list again today. Stocking up this time! The cats like it so much that somehow they sprinkled my comforter on the bed with it yesterday. No idea.

Sherry said...

Great little church. Annie looks good there sermonizing. Wonder when the "congregation" meets? I like to drop in on interesting Sunday services or neat little chapels every once in a while. You guys are amazing finding all these great places. I want to wander around behind you well no probably beside you so I can find them too.

Speaking of reboot, thanks for the link and for not posting one on the clumping litter.

One vote for the NORTH RIM. But actually make that 2. I can vote for David too, I'm his caregiver and what I say goes.

Harriet said...

Did you run into Frodo there? Holy Dove or not, looks like one could get in the praying mood inside this tiny chapel.

Think green then drink green--it's all good!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Sherry, what you say goes everywhere. I don't know about their regular meeting times, but I'd guess it's on a Sunday?

Oh boy, Pam. I don't really know how they do it. We try not to buy scented litter, because that makes it unavoidably obvious when they are tracking their toilet behind. We get pretty weary of buying litter, too.

Sharon, Uncle Jimmy forgives you, wherever he is now. Try to make your prayers sound less like a Nigerian email scam next time. I like the evil/good, light/dark juxtaposition of your suggestion, and I'm going to drop that into the Suggestion Prayer box.

Don't put it past us, Donna. Okay, European campers, we are going to give you a liver cleansing you won't soon forget! Amen.

Brenda A. said...

Did someone say SACRED RAVEN??? Had I only known they were sacred. It's all becoming clear to me now. Yes....there's a private joke there you're not meant to understand. But it sure as hell made ME laugh. :)

Judy and Emma said...

I think it should be called the church of the optical illusion. It looks so much larger inside than outside.

Be careful. Seems I got some not so good for you cantaloupe the other day. Talk about a reboot! Pass me the clumping litter. TMI, I know...

The Good Luck Duck said...

Harriet, I know that's a LotR reference, but I'm going to confess that I've never seen it. Although the church door did make me think hobbit hole, for no reason that I know of.

I think a person could also meditate there, which may often be the very same thing.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Brenda, this is all that matters, and I can rest well-but-puzzled tonight.

OH boy, Judy! Now I know if you're talking poopy, it was SEVERE. *PASSING the cantaloupe*

intrepid-decrepit-traveler said...

Cat: They say position is everything in life....

North Rim: Go already, yet! (We've not been there yet and need your report and pictures!)

Did Annie break in?

Russ Krecklow said...

Those ravens are just naturally contrary birds. There was one sitting on top of the "no trespassing sign" at the elk viewing area yesterday. And, they always want to sit facing the wrong direction on those "one way" signs. They follow behind the squirrels in our yard, and swoop down and take what the squirrel just diligently buried. I think you should pray for the ravens (or maybe the squirrels).

Gaelyn said...

The European campers are Everywhere. I barely hear English spoken in our campground. Which, BTW, is on the North Rim.

Chuck and Geri from are here right now. At $15/night my friends can camp in the NPS personnel camping area with full hookups. Of course there's also free camping in the Kaibab. That's the North Kaibab, adjacent to the North Rim.

Gaelyn said...

Oh, and I have Wed, Th & Fri off. Except next week I'll be in Yarnell for yet another dentist appt. Keep me posted on your plans for the North Rim.

Teresa Evangeline said...

"Friendly, when provoked." I think that's my new motto. It should be on t-shirts.

I haven't been to the north rim, so go. Then tell us all about it.

Are we there yet?

I wanna be a cat in your RV in my next life.

Teri said...

I think you have to go to the North Rim, it is a great place to visit. Take one of the side roads and the one mile walk to Angels Window, too.

Rick Doyle said...

Strange little church - nice find and fun post!

Anonymous said...

I love that little church and am anxiously awaiting photos from the North Rim.

lesliewhozit said...

what a beautiful little chapel!! Love the pics and you are right, the chapel is almost as cute as Annie!!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Annie and the chapel were mutually charmed, Les.

Okay, Paint! Your wish, etc.

Isn't it, Rick? The design is intriguing. Thanks.

Teri, thanks for that tip. I will look for that.

Ha, Teresa! That would make a great t-shirt. Why do we have to wear hostility on our clothing, anyway?

Gaelyn, we will absolutely be in touch. That FHU offer is very nice (it WAS an offer, right?). I'm afraid we've become unaccustomed to polite society, and might create less embarrassment out in the forest. This is something to discuss!

Russ, it sounds like ravens just generally feel "authorized." I can relate.

Intrepid, we did break in (=opened the door). I think it was set up to be a spiritual respite for travelers, and the door is unlocked.

Okay, then, we'll go to the North Rim! But only for you guys. I don't plan to enjoy it.