Wednesday, August 29, 2012

More big-rig boondocking at the North Rim

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No time for words - we have internet and 3G! Here's another great spot for big rigs (and small) to park near the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. This is probably the quietest spot we have ever camped. 

We're in Utah tonight, waiting for some repairs to happen tomorrow. Which means we get to explore Kenab tomorrow, and the Internet tonight! We did get a little antsy amid all the grandeur of the North Rim, wanting to see what was happening on Facebook. Yes, it's very high; I'm losing track of Twitter.

If you were tracking our dwindling groceries, let me assure you we won't have to eat beans tomorrow. We may choose to eat beans.

 I will keep posting dispersed camping sites until my supply is exhausted. If you happen to know of any good boondocking around Kenab that isn't in a service station parking lot, I'd be grateful. Not grateful that you know - grateful that you're about to share.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent sharing!

We did not boondock at Kanab, UT but we had friends who did. They said they found an excellent site two miles north of Best Friends at Peekaboo Trailhead....they described it as level ground, gorgeous scenery and a quiet location. Worth a try?
While in Kanab definitely go visit Best Friends. If possible volunteer with the pigs (Paul did) and do NOT miss the $2 westerns and "Little Hollywood". Here's my few posts on the area:

Enjoy!! IT's a cool little town.


Donna K said...

Utah is a distinct possibility for us next year so I'll be raiding..errr...reading your posts for good places to park. Thanks Nina for the links to your posts too. Gotta do my homework!!

Gaelyn said...

Hope you found the fresh produce man. Wonder about BLM land east of Kanab.

Sherry said...

How am I supposed to find that fine site with that map? I even blew it up and got completely out of breath but it never came up. Directions woman directions - shhhh you can whisper them to me if you want to.

Facebook and twitter......HA!

¡Vizcacha! said...

Gaelyn, he's been closed today. Maybe we'll stay longer until he opens again! We really like this town.

LOL Sherry! Did you click on the hyperlink under the map? It blows it up for you so you don't get dizzy. Directions: 67 south > 22 > 462 to the right > 765 to the left > giant field.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Donna, I think you'd like it here. Very, what's the word, Eugene-ish in the midst of the Southwest.

Good tip, Nina! A local suggested the same spot to us today. And, we spotted a couple of very nice sites, too. It looks like we'll do okay here.