Monday, September 10, 2012

Old friends, Best Friends

I'm so tired I barely put can two together words. If my job on Saturday was plush, today was a blanket on a cement floor. Annie and I both chose Old Friends, the houses (Homer and Dolores) with elderly dogs. Elderly. Aren't they supposed to be mellow? You elderly people are mellow, aren't you?

There were six of us, including the staff caregiver, and all of us flat-out busted tail feathers all afternoon. How does she do it when there are no volunteers? I ask no one in particular. If you want to feel appreciated and useful, I recommend it.


I gave Tango the "special scritch," and at the midway point of her spine, she threw herself down on the ground and kicked. Then I did it to a dog.

I love how dogs are never embarrassed, unless they're caught pooping. Pluto,

 Pluto found our attention uncomfortable, and kept leaving the room. He also found our company irrestible, so he kept returning.

The caregiver, Cherie, told us about Reuben, who lived at Best Friends for ten years. At twelve years of age, he was adopted by a family who built a ramp on their house for him. They loaded up his meds, and away went Reuben on a late-life adventure. It's never too late.

  Hughes and Judy, and Judy are a bonded pair, and must be adopted together. They are personable, friendly, and well-behaved in public.

 The buffet was crowded, and everyone wanted to sit on the deck. Why not - the temperature was a perfect 80° F! Judy and Hughes shared our table and they were excellent company. We're hoping we run into them again around the salad bar this week. They are also travelers, much of the distance by RV, so check out their blog. They disclaim that it's only interesting to family, but they lie. Look how cute they are! You can forgive them.

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Donna K said...

Oh Pluto, you are gorgeous!

That boy is bound to find a good home. So glad to see you giving love to these fur babies.

One of Merriam- Webster's definitions of "mellow" is: "tender and sweet because of ripeness." Perhaps that answers the question of why Russ avoids the shower!

Gaelyn said...

So you're going to the dogs.

Pluto is a handsome gentleman.

TexCyn said...

Awe, I'll bet those pupper dogs enjoyed ya'lls company too! Weren't you going to tend to the kitties there?

Marsha & Joe campers4lifex2 said...

OK, so did all the KITTY CATS go bonkers when you returned to the DUCK smelling of DOGS?

Beginning to sound like a zooooo. :)

Russ Krecklow said...

Donna loves old dogs! I 'm a lucky guy!

Jim and Gayle said...

It's easy to get hooked on volunteering at a shelter, especially one as nice as Best Friends.
Or are you just continuing to go there for the vegetarian buffet???

Rick Doyle said...

Glad to hear you are volunteering to help some needy animals, good for you.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Thanks, Rick. I think it is good for us!

Um, Gayle, can I think about that longer?

You sure are, Russ! I won't ask about the special scritch.

Marsha, would you believe they don't notice anymore? Occasionally, there's a longer-than-usual sniff at our shoes, but they're pretty jaded by our behavior.

Cyn, we do ♥♥♥ kitties (duh), we just wanted a fuller experience of Best Friends. Today we see kitties, tomorrow parrots, and Saturday pigs. Starting with cats was easier for me, because it gave me confidence, and I then felt more comfortable as a volunteer.

Isn't he, Gaelyn? He's just shy, but not at all aggressive.

Haha Donna! Do you and Russ make each other laugh all the time? Annie and I do, so we're imagining us as you guys in a couple of years. I'll be you. Or, maybe I'm Russ. I'll ask Annie.

Anonymous said...

Aw, there's just something about elderly animals, isn't there? Sounds like a beautifully exhausting day for you both. <3

The Good Luck Duck said...

They're very sweet. And compelling, because I want to be someplace compassionate like that when I'm and Old Friend.

Yep! We were plumb tuckered.